A new issue of Liberal Arts in Russia is out. Anni Kangas (Tampere): Governmentalities of Big Moscow: Particularising Neoliberal Statecraft. Anna V. Dolidze (UWO): The Non-Native Speakers of International Law: The Case of Russia. Sergei Ziryanov, Aleksandr Vasilyevich Ponedelkov, and Sergey Alekseevich Vorontsov (RANEPA): Problems of Modernization of Modern Russian Elite. Alyona Artamonova and Ekaterina Sergeevna Mitrofanova (HSE): Is Cohabitation an Alternative to Marriage in Russia? Victoria Sakevich (HSE) and Boris Petrovich Denisov (Moscow State): Birth Control in Russia: Overcoming the State System Resistance. Konstantin Moshe Yanovskiy and Sergei Zhavoronkov (Gaidar Institute) and Daniel E. Shestakov (HSE): The Limits of Governmental Intervention: Some Ways How Government Belongs in the Bedroom and Nursery. The Ghosts of Beslan: Anna Nemtsova on why the memory of a mass hostage-taking — and the botched rescue attempt that followed — continues to haunt Russia. Sergey Kuznetsov on when Russians thought the Internet would make them free. Peter Pomerantsev on how Russia is building shopping malls where Stalin held show trials. To Russia, with tough love: Masha Gessen recounts the literary history of Moscow and describes why she’s become disillusioned with the city of her birth; and on the dying Russians (and a postscript). From Russia with love: Mr. Magazine on different media, similar challenges. Are Americans kinder than Russians? Natalie Shure on Russian memes explained. Zack Beauchamp on Russia's bizarre obsession with psychics and the occult. J. Lester Feder and Anton Lysenkov on how the father of Soviet pornography became a crusader against “gay propaganda”. Pavlov’s real quest: Michael Specter reviews Ivan Pavlov: A Russian Life in Science by Daniel P. Todes. Putin gave all Russians the right to carry a rifle anywhere — what could possibly go wrong? Amy Knight on Flight MH17: Will Russia get away with it?

The inaugural issue of Iran’s Globalization Studies is out. Howard M. Wasserman (FIU): Moral Panics and Body Cameras. Eric Anthamatten (Parsons): Visibility is a Trap: Body Cameras and the Panopticon of Police Power. Polly J. Price (Emory): Ebola and the Law in the United States: A Short Guide to Public Health Authority and Practical Limits. Tom C. W. Lin (Temple): National Pastime(s). Nicholas G. Hahn interviews George Will, author of A Nice Little Place on the North Side: Wrigley Field at One Hundred. Eric Garner’s murder is not only about the justice system — it’s about how capitalism creates racialized categories of “surplus” people. Ranjana Natarajan on how racial profiling has destroyed public trust in police — cops are exploiting our weak laws against it. How does aggressive police surveillance transform an urban neighborhood? James Forman reviews On the Run: Fugitive Life in an American City by Alice Goffman. Is “progress” good for humanity? Jeremy Caradonna on rethinking the narrative of economic development, with sustainability in mind. I wish someone had told me this before I became a politician: Michael Ignatieff writes a letter to a young liberal. “In recently democratised countries I’m still a rock star”: World-renowned political thinker Francis Fukuyama on what’s left of The End of History, the crimes of the neocons and having the ear of the Chinese leadership. Pope Francis’s edict on climate change will anger deniers and US churches. Sarah Posner on how Christians are more supportive of torture than non-religious Americans. Conquest is for losers: Paul Krugman on how there is still a powerful political faction in America that hasn’t learned this lesson.

Vinay Harpalani (Savannah): The Double-Consciousness of Race-Consciousness and the Bermuda Triangle of University Admissions. Prasad Krishnamurthy and Aaron S. Edlin (UC-Berkeley): Affirmative Action and Stereotypes in Higher Education Admissions. Richard Lempert (Michigan): Affirmative Action in the United States: A Brief Summary of the Law and Social Science. Peter H. Schuck (Yale): Assessing Affirmative Action. Samantha L Bowden (South Florida): The Myth of “Post-racial” America: Color-blind Racism in the Push to Repeal Affirmative Action in Higher Education. Christine Chambers Goodman (Pepperdine): Net (Race) Neutral: An Essay on How GPA + (Reweighted) SAT - Race = Diversity. Between the oikos and the cosmos: Harry G. Hutchison reviews Mismatch: How Affirmative Action Hurts Students It's Intended to Help, and Why Universities Won't Admit It by Richard Sander and Stuart Taylor Jr. This diversity stuff can kill you: Lawrence Grandpre on what he learned as a black man at America's least diverse elite college. In the summer of 1991, Owen Smith left the blackest county in America for University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, quite possibly one of the whitest places on earth — “Disneyland for white people”. Andre M. Perry and Ivory Toldson on how black colleges are the biggest victims of states’ invasive new funding rules. For recent black college graduates, a tougher road to employment. Andre M. Perry on how the attack on bad teacher tenure laws is actually an attack on black professionals. From the Journal of Pan African Studies, a special issue on the Black Studies Movement. William S. New (Beloit) and Michael Merry (Amsterdam): Is Diversity Necessary for Educational Justice? Patrick McGuinn (Drew): Testing Race: Civil Rights Groups, the Democratic Party, and the Politics of the Contemporary Education Reform Movement. Jennifer L. Hochschild (Harvard) and Francis X. Shen (Minnesota): Race, Ethnicity, and Education Policy. For the first time this year, most public school students are nonwhite. America doesn’t have an education problem, it has a class problem.