Joshua G. Mausolf (NYU): Sexual Privilege: The Effect of Private and Elite Campuses on the College Hookup Scene. Colleges want students with character, but can’t measure it. Allison P Davis is live from the front lines of College Party, USA. Katy Waldman on the Wellesley man: In the era of transgender rights, women’s colleges are struggling to figure out where their loyalties lie. No, college is not the best time of your life. White people problems: Douglas Greenberg reviews Excellent Sheep: The Miseducation of the American Elite and the Way to a Meaningful Life by William Deresiewicz (and more). Bill Gates on how, online, all students sit in the front row. A solution in search of a constituency: Claire Groden on how forcing frats to go co-ed won't fix them. College in a box: Textbook giants are now teaching classes. College life ain’t what it used to be: The dream of escaping Loserville and meeting Miss Perfect has been shattered by nerdy needs. BYU students fight for the right to grow beards. From Vox, Libby Nelson on how the college graduation rate is flawed — and hard to fix; and on how master's degrees are as common now as bachelor's degrees were in the '60s. Study finds that students themselves, not professors, lead some to become more liberal in college. Making a splash on campus: College recreation now includes pool parties and river rides. Emily Yoffe on the college rape overcorrection: Sexual assault on campus is a serious problem — but efforts to protect women from a putative epidemic of violence have led to misguided policies that infringe on the civil rights of men. Jason Zengerle on how the UNC scandal exposes the “student-athlete” lie once and for all. Can campus galleries save the art museum? Alana Shilling-Janoff on the rise of the university museum. Issie Lapowsky on why free online classes are still the future of education.

Joseph Raz (Oxford): Normativity: The Place of Reasoning. Loren Abell and Gayle Brewer (Central Lancashire) and Minna Lyons (Liverpool): The Relationship between Parental Bonding, Machiavellianism and Adult Friendship Quality. Ubaldo Lugli (UWED): The Concept of Myth. Jared Bielby (Alberta): The Heritage of WikiLeaks: A History of Information Ethics. David Cay Johnston on how Google and Apple make their taxes disappear. Richard Vedder and Joseph Hartge on the fight over football funding: Universities with middling football teams decide how to balance athletic budgets with student needs. College athletes of the world, unite: Basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar writes in Jacobin on the exploitation of college athletes. Brando Simeo Starkey on college sports aren't like slavery — they're like Jim Crow. Mark Schlissel, University of Michigan president, laments how athletics often trumps academics. Livia Gershon on making college work for student-athletes. Dennis Mersereau on how the National Weather Service, the most important and effective federal agency, needs a total overhaul. Tamara Keith on the fleeting obsessions of the White House Press Corps. David Brooks hands out his annual Sidney Awards (and part 2). A dangerous question: Does Internet advertising work at all? James Carden and Jacob Heilbrunn on The Washington Post and the most reckless editorial page in America. Rich Juzwiak and Aleksander Chan on unarmed people of color killed by police, 1999-2014. Carimah Townes and Dylan Petrohilos on who police killed in 2014. German Lopez on why 2014 could be a turning point for America’s racist criminal justice system.

From Island Studies, a special section on islands and the borders of Southern Europe. Luca Petruzzellis (Bari Aldo Moro) and C. Samuel Craig (NYU): Separate But Together: Mediterranean Identity in Three Countries. Gracia Trujillo (UCLM) and Ana Cristina Santos (Coimbra): “The First Revolution Is Survival”: Queer and Feminist Resistances to the Crisis and Austerity Politics in Southern Europe. Angeliki Vourdaki (LSE): Do Greek Voters Want More Grassroots Politics? Inside the voter’s mind: Perceptions and Understanding of Golden Dawn’s activity. Why can’t Greece shake its corruption problem? Thanassis Cambanis on a country where everyone knows a thousand ways around the rules. Franco Viviani and Alessandra Locati (Padua): Preliminary Insights on the Mental Representation of the Body in Italians. Simone Natale (Columbia) and Andrea Ballatore (UCD): The Web Will Kill Them All: New Media, Digital Utopia, and Political Struggle in the Italian 5-Star Movement. From LRB, Perry Andreson on the Italian disaster. Roberto Orsi on why Italy will not make it. Juan Rodriguez Teruel (Valencia): Does Leaders' Radicalization Make More Radical Voters? Party Elites, Outbidding Competition and Secessionism in Catalonia. Catalan and its discontents: The problems of a multilingual Spain. Jose Luis Marti (Pompeu Fabra): Democracy, Indignados, and the Republican Tradition in Spain. Ernesto Castaneda (UTEP): The Indignados and Occupy Movements as Political Challenges to Representative Democracy. How has Podemos gone from inception to Spain's most popular political party in less than a year? Gabriel Paquette (Johns Hopkins): Liberalism in the Early Nineteenth-century Iberian World. Mauro Rodrigues on being a Portuguese returnee on his own country.