From De Ethica, Michel Bourban (Lausanne): Climate Change, Human Rights and the Problem of Motivation; Robert Heeger (Utrecht): Climate Change and Responsibility to Future Generations: Reflections on the Normative Questions; Casey Rentmeester (Finlandia): Do No Harm: A Cross-Disciplinary, Cross-Cultural Climate Ethics; and Norbert Campagna (Luxembourg): Climate Migration and the State’s Duty to Protect. Harvard’s David Keith knows how to dial down the Earth’s thermostat — is it time to try? Renzo Taddei (UNIFESP): Alter Geoengineering. Tobias Boes and Kate Marshall on writing the Anthropocene. People don’t work as hard on hot days — or on a warming planet. James West on 2014 was the year we finally started to do something about climate change. How much is climate change going to cost us? David Roberts investigates. Is a climate disaster inevitable? Adam Frank on what astrobiology can tell us about the fate of the planet. If we’re all headed for extinction anyway—AND WE ARE—won’t it be a lot more enjoyable to run out the clock with everyone looking a little more pleasant? Welcome to the latest exciting opportunity in the sights of investors: the collapse of planet Earth. You can download Tropic of Chaos: Climate Change and the New Geography of Violence by Christian Parenti (2011). You can download Minimal Ethics for the Anthropocene by Joanna Zylinska (2014).

From Edge, the latest Annual Question 2015: What do you think about machines that think? Jen Larsen on a cultural history of satirical cartoons and censorship. Hey France, don’t do what we did after 9/11. Roberto Orsi on Europe’s future and jihad. From The North Star, where did Spain’s Podemos party come from, and where is it going? Louis Proyect investigates; and Matt Hoke on an American Podemos (and part 2). Ron Rosenbaum on the radical paradox of Martin Luther King’s devotion to nonviolence: Taylor Branch makes a timely argument about civil right leader’s true legacy. What, to the black American, is Martin Luther King Jr. Day? Chris Lebron investigates. Happy Robert E. Lee Day: Jamelle Bouie on why some states can’t celebrate MLK without remembering the Confederate general, too. Scott Beauchamp on fear, the ultimate trump card: America has a long legacy of dressing up its xenophobia in the cheap costume jewelry of law and order. The real state of the union, in 33 maps and charts. Graeme Wood on why we fear and admire the military sniper: Since long before American Sniper, we’ve had deeply conflicted feelings about the man who shoots to kill. Quad Partners, a New York private equity firm that is invested heavily in the for-profit college industry, and whose founder has aggressively opposed regulation of that troubled industry, has acquired a controlling stake in Inside Higher Ed, which often reports on for-profit colleges and the policy disputes surrounding them.

Frank Harris (SDSU) and Shaun R. Harper (Penn): Beyond Bad Behaving Brothers: Productive Performances of Masculinities among College Fraternity Men. Joel Robert McGregor (Newcastle): Hegemonic Masculinity and Humour in Prison Work. Is a bunch of bearded hipsters dressing like loggers really a crisis of masculinity? Terry Crews says modern day masculinity can be as damaging as the Taliban. How to be a man: Richard Benson on why men need to stop hijacking the feminist debate and carve out a modern definition of masculinity. Caterina Rohde (HSRW): The Male Au Pair: “Doing Masculinity” by Performing Housework and Providing Childcare. Why don’t men care? Caregiving is neither a male nor female responsibility, it’s what helps to make us all human — it’s time we reshaped society and social norms to make equality possible. I do, if you will: Women prefer their husbands to be the breadwinners. The mysterious rise of the non-working man: The economy is not leaving men behind — but it is perhaps leaving manliness behind. Duck Dynasty's success is entirely based on selling a fantasy: Sarah Marshall on the enduring, commercial fallacy of the “authentic” man. Madeleine Schwartz reviews Men: Notes from an Ongoing Investigation by Laura Kipnis.

Jessica Valenti on the male birth control: If you build it, will they come? Harlan Frazier on why male birth control is a million disasters waiting to happen. Testosterone overload: A surplus of men leads to violence, right? It depends on how you look at it, say Ryan Schacht, Kristin Rauch and Monique Borgerhoff Mulder. A study finds men are much more likely than women to take truly idiotic risks that cost their lives. Male brains wired to ignore food in favour of sex, study shows. Will climate change make men extinct? A Japanese study links increasing temperature extremes to a declining proportion of male newborns. Nicky Hudson (DeMontfort): Where Are All the Men? The Marginalisation of Men in Social Scientific Research on Infertility. How did the straight, white, middle-class Default Man take control of our society — and how can he be dethroned? Aaron Ash on the history of bromance, the rise of its popularity, and the divergences between bromance and homosexuality in the human mindset. RIP “mansplaining”: Benjamin Hart on how the Internet killed one of our most useful words. From “mankind” to “mansplain”, the descent of “man”: Britt Peterson on why marking things as manly now means something so different.