From the latest issue of Bookforum, Christian Lorentzen reviews Never Enough: Donald Trump and the Pursuit of Success by Michael D’Antonio. Jeffrey A. Tucker on Trumpism: The low art of fear and fanaticism (“In the 19th century, this penchant for industrial protectionism and mercantilism became guild socialism, which mutated later into fascism and then into Nazism”.) McKay Coppins on how Donald Trump courted the Right-wing fringe to conquer the GOP. Molly Ball on the ecstasy of Donald Trump: As the public’s fear and loathing surge, the frontrunner’s durable candidacy has taken a dark turn. Timothy Egan on Donald Trump’s police state: The Republican front-runner has outlined a series of measures that would make the US an authoritarian nightmare. Catherine Rampell on why Donald Trump may look like a savior. Adele Stan on how Donald Trump is evidence of our degeneracy. Barrett Holmes Pitner on how Donald Trump is our Jean-Marie Le Pen. French philosopher Roland Barthes is the only one who can explain the Donald Trump phenomenon.

There’s nothing Trump has said in recent weeks that you couldn't hear any given Monday on the Rush Limbaugh Show, from various backbench House conservatives or a million other places in conservative media; Trump, in his current incarnation, is no more than Right wing politics turned up to eleven.

From the Journal of Economic Perspectives, Ali Hortacsu and Chad Syverson (Chicago): The Ongoing Evolution of US Retail: A Format Tug-of-War; and Bart J. Bronnenberg (Tilburg) and Paul B. Ellickson (Rochester): Adolescence and the Path to Maturity in Global Retail. Indian man “divorces wife with text message after she was gang raped”. Richard Kreitner on the Blue and the Gray zone: Your average reenactor tends to worship war. The Leo Frank lynching: Steve Oney on how a century-old crime foreshadowed today’s polarized politics. Robert Reich on the perils of circus politics. Red states begin to see the light on Medicaid expansion. Maria Bustillos reviews Death by Video Game: Tales of Obsession from the Virtual Frontline by Simon Parkin and A Brief History of Video Games by Richard Stanton. Spike Lee says it’s time to stop taking violence lying down.

“Lots of domestic terrorism in the U.S. this week. All angry, armed white guys”. Welcome to the Crack-Up: What is happening in White America? Right-wing terrorists are killing more Americans than jihadists are, and now the DOJ will act. Sarah Frostenson on three charts that show homegrown terrorists are a bigger threat than refugees. Tom McKay on 6 actual acts of terrorism that occurred while everyone was panicking about refugees. America’s domestic terrorists: Laurie Penny on why there’s no such thing as a “lone wolf”. Alice Dreger on terrorism: When the Second Amendment kills the First. Did “whiteness” save the life of the alleged Planned Parenthood shooter? Juan Cole on the top ten differences between white terrorists and others; and on abortion clinics, white Christian terrorism and GOP candidates.

Dean Obeidallah on how the GOP ignores the bigger terror threat — from the Right: They slam Obama because he won’t say “radical Islam” — but why won’t the Republicans acknowledge radical white terrorists? Scott Timberg on why white people aren’t called “terrorist”: The media accepts that “people who resort to violence are left-wing or Arab or both”. We blame minority groups for individual crimes — why do white conservatives get a pass? If every Black male 18-35 applied for a conceal and carry permit, and then joined NRA in one day, there would be gun control laws in a second. An American voice: He showed them his gun, he spoke of doing “something crazy” — why do the friends Dylann Roof stayed with before the Charleston church shooting shrug about their inaction?

Yehonatan Givati (HUJI): A Theory of Whistleblower Rewards. From NYRB, Christopher de Bellaigue on the Sultan of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Turkey and EU seal deal on cutting migration flows into Europe. The global economy is a Ponzi scheme: Joe Romm on Black Friday, the Pope and the Paris climate talks. Human rights advocacy costs Canadian Anastasia Lin a shot at Miss World. Randall Kennedy on black tape at Harvard Law. Jim Sleeper on how we, the people, remain filled with rage: Race, Yale, p.c. and a nation spinning apart. What book would you recommend for a beginning Pagan? From the New School’s Research Matters, Urmila Venkatesh interviews Miriam Steele on breaking cycles of neglect using attachment research. Are we different people in different languages? Ana Menendez on being a multilingual writer in the 21st century.

Paula L. Abrams (Lewis and Clark): The Bad Mother: Stigma, Abortion and Surrogacy. Katherine Shaw and Alex Stein (Yeshiva): Abortion, Informed Consent, and Regulatory Spillover. Michael C. Dorf (Cornell) and Brandice Canes-Wrone (Princeton): Measuring the Chilling Effect. At least 100,000 women have attempted self-induced abortions in Texas. From Dissent, Katha Pollitt on reclaiming abortion rights; and Dorothy Roberts on reproductive justice, not just rights. They’re coming for Roe v. Wade: Amanda Marcotte on how one swing justice might now control your legal right to an abortion. The war on women is over and women lost: While you weren’t watching, conservatives fundamentally rewrote abortion laws. Kevin Drum on how Republicans may be shooting themselves in the foot over abortion; and on why abortion supporters need to start fighting back. Jess Colarossi on why it matters that yet another state has cleared Planned Parenthood of wrongdoing.

We who provide abortions do so because our patients need us, and that’s what we are supposed to do: respond to our patients’ needs. Chloe Angyal on the subculture of embattled abortion workers. Being a doctor who performs abortions means you always fear your life is in danger. Even before shooting, Colorado abortion clinics were a battleground. Judd Legum on the political motivations of the Planned Parenthood shooting suspect, revealed (and more). Anti-abortion supporters celebrated Planned Parenthood shooting on social media (and more). John Nichols on the deafening silence of the Republican field in the wake of the Planned Parenthood shooting: Republican contenders who have had so very much to say against Planned Parenthood were largely mum after Friday’s deadly violence. GOP candidates condemn Planned Parenthood shooting but dismiss link to antiabortion rhetoric.

#is100enough: How many cases of antichoice violence, threat and incitement do you need to admit clinic violence is real? Jessica Valenti on how violent anti-choice rhetoric must end, or anti-abortion violence never will. Dani McClain on 4 ways you can support Planned Parenthood right now.

A new issue of the International Journal of Yoga: Philosophy, Psychology and Parapsychology is out. Kvetoslav Minarik on yoga in general. Court tells millionaire yoga troll Bikram Choudhury that poses can’t be copyrighted. Jessica Rizzo on how prison yoga is helping inmates transcend their cells. From the New York Observer, Jordyn Taylor on how a 40-year-old yoga journal keeps up with yoga’s newfound fanatics; and from Adele to aerial: Margaret Abrams on the Yoga Survival Guide. Student leaders have pulled the mat out from 60 University of Ottawa students, ending a free on-campus yoga class over fears the teachings could be seen as a form of “cultural appropriation”. Eugene Volokh on how multiculturalists succeed where Christian conservatives failed. Michelle Goldberg on the history behind a misguided campus debate over yoga and “cultural appropriation” (and more). Marlynn Wei on four reasons for why health insurers should help us pay for yoga. Choire Sicha on the one cool trick all men need to know to do yoga.

Marilia P. Futre Pinheiro (Lisbon): Lucian’s Satire or Philosophy on Sale. From n+1, Barbarians at the Gates: Bruce Robbins on an irresponsible speculation. Dawn Chatty on the aid crisis for Syrian refugees: As the war is prolonged, families are exhausting their savings — without a massive re-thinking of how aid is delivered and distributed, refugees in the region are going to look for ways to leave. “These are the cities of tomorrow”: Governments should stop thinking about refugee camps as temporary places, says Kilian Kleinschmidt, one of the world's leading authorities on humanitarian aid. Obama: Syrian refugees are like pilgrims on the Mayflower. A new question has emerged, one that anyone with any sense of recent history ought to be shocked to hear: Why can’t Barack Obama be more like George W. Bush? Ezra Klein on why Bernie Sanders isn’t a Democrat. Jackie Calmes on Steve Deace and the power of conservative media. A meeting of psychologists becomes a moment of soul searching.

From Slate, Joshua Keating on the People’s Republic of Plymouth: The strange and persistent right-wing myth that Thanksgiving celebrates the pilgrims’ triumph over socialism; and if it happened there: How the U.S. media would cover Thanksgiving if it were in another country. Philip Bump on why you can’t convince your uncle he’s wrong about politics. “I never understood why the Lions & Cowboys get to play on Thanksgiving — shouldn’t the Patriots play the Redskins, then steal their stadium?”

Oludamini Ogunnaike (Harvard): From Heathen to Sub-Human: A Genealogy of the Influence of the Decline of Religion on the Rise of Modern Racism. E. Diaz-Leon (Barcelona): In Defence of Historical Constructivism about Races. David Ludwig (VU): Against the New Metaphysics of Race. Roberta L. Millstein (UC-Davis): Thinking about Populations and Races in Time. Adam Hochman (Macquarie): Unnaturalised Racial Naturalism. Duana Fullwiley (Stanford): The “Contemporary Synthesis”: When Politically Inclusive Genomic Science Relies on Biological Notions of Race. Duana Fullwiley (Stanford): Race, Genes, Power. Victor L. Shammas reviews The Myth of Race: The Troubling Persistence of an Unscientific Idea by Robert Wald Sussman. Born that way? W. Carson Byrd and Matthew W. Hughey on how “scientific” racism is creeping back into our thinking — here’s what to watch out for. The introduction to Nature, Human Nature, and Human Difference: Race in Early Modern Philosophy by Justin E. H. Smith.

From the Dallas Morning News, an anti-Muslim group that brought guns to an Irving mosque has published the home addresses of dozens of Muslims and “Muslim sympathizer[s]” in the city. “I’m frightened”: After Paris attacks, New York City Muslims cope with a backlash. Viral selfie of so-called terrorist presents a clear picture of prejudice and fear. White U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown says terrorists “look more like me”. Tommy Christopher on the footage Donald Trump thinks he saw on 9/11 (and more). From New York, Jonathan Chait on terrorism in the age of Trump; and is Donald Trump a fascist? Eric Levitz investigates. Jamelle Bouie on how Donald Trump is a fascist: This isn’t a partisan attack — it is the political label that best describes what the GOP front-runner has become. Donald Trump is running the most explicitly racist campaign since 1968. Is the 2016 election truly unprecedented? Sort of.

From Vox, Ezra Klein interviews Alan Abramowitz on how Donald Trump might actually win; and a look at how Donald Trump beats Marco Rubio in a head-to-head matchup among Republicans. Dear Nate Silver: The media (and the GOP) should absolutely be “freaking out” about Trump’s poll numbers. Plan A for GOP donors: Wait for Trump to fall — there is no Plan B. The GOP is finally emerging from Trump denialism — but is it too late? David Frum on how to beat Donald Trump. "You're gay! — No, you're gay!": Brian Beutler on a play in one act brought to you by the GOP primary. To understand Donald Trump, you have to understand where he's getting his information. Donald Trump has added a new item to his growing list of presidential campaign firsts: mocking a person’s physical handicap (and more). Matt Taibbi on how America is too dumb for TV news: Trump and others are proving it.

Sean Redmond (Deakin): The Passion Plays of Celebrity Culture. The military is making you fat: Cara Parks reviews Combat-Ready Kitchen: How the U.S. Military Shapes the Way You Eat by Anastacia Marx De Salcedo. What’s wrong with the people who read celebrity magazines? An awful lot, judging by the plethora of adverts for illnesses and ailments littering this week’s People magazine. Donald Trump says he’s a liar — we should say he is too. Marco Rubio says “God’s rules” trump Supreme Court decisions. From Daily Nous, philosophers and political theorists contribute some brief remarks on the Syrian refugee crisis. To hear the current debate, you’d think the United States is a hermetically sealed immigration Ziploc bag — here are some numbers for just last year. Katha Pollitt on how the refugee crisis is Europe’s chance to atone for the Holocaust — this time, let’s do the right thing. Lobbyists, in strategy session, conclude that refugee crisis “helps us” defeat regulations.

From the Economic Policy Institute, Josh Bivens updates an annual tradition: Arguing economics at the dinner table. From the Wall Street Journal, here are 5 facts to silence your smug millennial nephew this Thanksgiving.