Matthew J. Parlow and Anne-Louise Mittal (Marquette): Are the Green Bay Packers Socialists? Lisa Uperesa (Hawaii): Fabled Futures: Migration and Mobility for Samoans in American Football. Defenders of the Washington Redskins name sound exactly like defenders of the Confederate flag did. John McWhorter on why “Redskins” is a bad word. How does the NFL’s Roger Goodell stay in power? By acting like a dictator. Peter Whoriskey on how one in six NFL players file for bankruptcy. Is the “Madden Curse” real, or just amazing bad luck? From the latest issue of Bookforum, Matt Hinton reviews Billion-Dollar Ball: A Journey Through the Big-Money Culture of College Football by Gilbert M. Gaul; and Tribal: College Football and the Secret Heart of America by Diane Roberts. Stuck-up twerps against doofus hicks: Ben Mathis-Lilley on how in-state college football rivalries became a form of class warfare. Diane Roberts on college football’s big problem with race.

From TNR, Jamil Smith on the necessity of football: America’s game is a fun-house mirror for our national character. Jason M. Breslow on how 87 deceased NFL players tested positive for brain disease. Adam Chandler on Frank Gifford and the NFL’s concussion crisis. Brain damage study shows student-athletes may risk same injuries as NFL players. Why does anybody play football anymore? Football has never been more popular — and it has never felt less like a game. Sean Gregory on why we need hit counts in football: We count pitches in baseball to save arms — it’s time to track hits in football to save lives. Ban “guarantee” games in college football, or else. Alone among our sports spectacles, American football kills our children.

Serkan Benk and Bahadir Yuzbasi (Inonu) and Robert W. McGee (Fayetteville State): How Religions Affect Attitudes Toward Ethics of Tax Evasion? A Comparative and Demographic Analysis. Paul Krugman on Republicans’ climate change denial denial. Is Lamar Smith, TX State Rep and climate change denier, the worst man in the world? Ellie Shechet investigates. Does Apple ruin your iPhone on purpose? Sam Biddle on the conspiracy, explained. Ian Bogost on how Apple’s transcendent Chihuahua killed the revolution. Meet the middle children of the world’s countries: Joshua Kurlantzick on how to market a nation. Jared Bernstein on full employment, a bipartisan goal that’s missing from the candidates’ debates. Lydia DePillis on how Obamacare helped millennials chill out: Being able to stay on a parent’s plan gives kids the breathing space to figure out the future they want most.

Victor Williams (CUA): Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and a Disrupted Electoral College: High Unfavorable Ratings, Multi-Candidate General Election Ballots, and Pursuing the “Art of the Deal” with Free-Agent Electors in December 2016 (“The 2016 election year may be the beginning of the end for the antiquated, malapportioned Electoral College - described by Donald Trump November 2012 tweet as ‘a disaster for a democracy, a total sham and a travesty.’) What happens if Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination? Annie Lowrey on why President Trump would destroy the economy. Jeffrey Kluger on Donald Trump’s very strange brand of narcissism. 95,000 words, many of them ominous, from Donald Trump’s tongue. Ed Kilgore on what Trump has in common with Stalin and Kim Jong-il. David Atkins on why the Left must defend secular liberalism from fascism of all stripes. Donald Trump may not be a fascist, but he is leading us merrily down that path (and more). Donald Trump’s destruction test of the Republican Party continues apace: Trump is probably frustrated — he’s basically dialed it up to 11 already, and the crowds are still swooning.

Johannes Zachhuber (Oxford): Who Loves? Who is Loved? The Problem of the Collective Person. Beenish Ahmed on what we know about the 300 ISIS sympathizers in the U.S. Almost impossible to stop all terrorism: Homeland Security chair. Andrew J. Bacevich on the folly of World War IV: Assume that the hawks get their way, that the United States does whatever it takes militarily to confront and destroy ISIS — then what? This week is the Superbowl for America’s leading white rights activist. Jeet Heer on how the GOP battle over identity politics has already been won. Shorter Salon: So what about the dead people, let’s concentrate on my ego. John Pavlus on how email became the most reviled communication experience ever. For 40 years, computer scientists looked for a solution that doesn’t exist. Shame on you, Niall Ferguson.

From Al Jazeera English, Muslims fear increase in Islamophobia after San Bernardino shooting; and US Muslim forced off plane cites Islamophobia: Being told to get off plane in front of passengers was “humiliating”, says Kameelah Rasheed, who alleges discrimination. Bilal Rana, president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA’s Youth Association, detained on a flight: “I’m your biggest ally”. Severed pig’s head thrown at Philadelphia mosque door. Muslim sixth grader allegedly attacked by schoolmates who called her ISIS, tore at her hijab. Sohaib Sultan, the Imam and Muslim Life Coordinator in the Office of Religious Life at Princeton University, on 5 reasons mainstream Muslims reject ISIS. Muslims in America condemn extremists and fear anew for their lives. Anti-Muslim rhetoric has gone from fringe to mainstream, report says. Christopher Bail on how fringe attacks on American Muslims became mainstream. Omar Mouallem on 5 women quashing preconceptions about Islam on social media.

Donald Trump first says racially profiling Muslims should be the country’s response to San Bernardino; then he calls for barring all Muslims from entering U.S. (and more) GOP candidates respond: Trump’s plan “unhinged”, “downright dangerous”, “not my policy”. From Vox, German Lopez on how Donald Trump’s Islamophobic rhetoric resonates with many Republicans; Donald Trump has a base: 76% of Republicans think Islam is un-American; and it’s not just Trump: Islamophobia in America is spiraling out of control. Nevada GOP Assemblywoman Michele Fiore says of Syrian refugees: “I’m about to fly to Paris and shoot ‘em in the head myself”. Fox News analyst Ralph Peters called the President “such a total pussy, it’s stunning” and Fox talk show contributor Stacey Dash says the president “could give a shit” about the threat posed by the Islamic State. Arianna Huffington on on Trump: We are no longer entertained. Dear Islamophobes: Your racism is putting us all in danger.

Republicans react like silly children to the San Bernardino massacre, showing why we need grown-ups like Obama in charge. With his speech on San Bernardino, Obama is confronting a problem he’s long feared; the hardest problem in counterterrorism is how to prevent an overreaction (and more). Whether he intended it or not, President Obama implied in his address on ISIS that the country should brace for a new normal of small-scale, periodic terrorist attacks. Jack Jenkins on why it matters that the president rejected Islamophobia and why more politicians should. On the President’s speech on Sunday: Is it really responsible to be so responsible that it does nothing to check demagogic and Islamophobic responses?