Dana Milbank on how the election really was rigged. Dem CO Electors offer to vote for a Republican president other than Trump if GOP Electors will join. Al Gore says the time has come to kill the Electoral College. Scott Lemieux on the indefensible Electoral College: Despite its deep-seated problems, ditching the Electoral College is easier said than done — for now, Democrats should emphasize that Trump was not the people's choice; and on the Democrats' postmortem problem. As we struggle to understand the shock of the 2016 presidential election, we realize how deeply language, on which productive debate depends, has been abused; words matter. Everything mattered: David Roberts on lessons from 2016's bizarre presidential election.

Fake news isn't just an old-person problem — kids are falling for it, too. What a map of the fake-news ecosystem says about the problem. Why fake news is so incredibly effective. How to spot and debunk fake news. An article on information warfare and the progressive's dilemma. Jacob T. Levy on authoritarianism and post-truth politics. If Trump tweets it, is it news? A quandary for the news media. Is there an optimal response to the provoker-in-chief? Trump is trying to distract us from something. The seven techniques that Donald Trump uses to control the media. Washington Post editor Marty Baron has a message to journalists in the Trump era. Jack Shafer on the new rules for covering Trump. Journalists in the age of Trump: Lose the smugness, keep the mission.

How to leak to ProPublica: "We are a team of investigative journalists devoted to exposing abuse of power. If you've got evidence showing powerful people doing the wrong thing, here's how to let us know while protecting your identity".

Roy R. Behrens (UNI): Setting the Stage for Deception: Perspective Distortion in World War I Camouflage. Robert W. McGee (Fayetteville State): The New Prohibitionism: The Movement to Regulate Personal Behavior. Stephen M. Campbell and Joseph A. Stramondo on disability and well-being: Appreciating the complications. Rob Horning reviews Human Programming: Brainwashing, Automatons, and American Unfreedom by Scott Selisker. What's wrong with literary studies? Some scholars think the field has become cynical and paranoid. Helaine Olen on the big problem in charity that Giving Tuesday can’t fix. “The fact that this is an FAQ in this country speaks to what horrible, horrible people we are”. “This story makes me ashamed of our country”.

Trump may not be anti-gay, but much of his senior staff is. Steve Benen on why Trump's choice for White House counsel matters. Why Jared Kushner is Donald Trump's truest heir and most trusted adviser: Two rich bridge-and-tunnel kids out for revenge on a cultural elite that mocked them. ProPublica on the story behind Jared Kushner's curious acceptance into Harvard. Steve Bannon's disturbing views on "genetic superiority" are shared by Trump. Steve Bannon said curbing black vote wouldn't be "such a bad thing". Combative, populist Steve Bannon found his man in Donald Trump.

Why we should worry about Trump's national security advisors. Trump's national security adviser says he's ready to fight another world war: Carlos Lozada reviews The Field of Fight: How We Can Win the Global War Against Radical Islam and its Allies by Michael T. Flynn and Michael Ledeen. Michael Flynn, a top Trump adviser, ties China and North Korea to jihadists. Flynn is a big fan of Milo Yiannopoulos.

Trump said hedge funders were "getting away with murder" — now he wants one to help run the economy. Steven Mnuchin: Trump's Treasury secretary pick is a banker with no known qualifications or views. Goldman Sachs poised for return to power in Trump White House. Former GOP Congressman Joe Walsh: "Mr Trump, this is bullshit. Can you hire someone who doesn't work for Goldman Sachs? What about that swamp? Huh?" (and more) How's that swamp-draining going?

What do Trump's cabinet picks say about his presidency? In picking cabinet, Trump values wealth, inexperience. Donald Trump is assembling the richest administration in modern American history. Donald Trump's "Monster's Ball": He assembles a team of billionaires and bigots. Frightened by Donald Trump? You don't know the half of it — many of his staffers are from an opaque corporate misinformation network.

Bryce Covert on how Trump abandoned campaign promise to penalize outsourcing, offers tax breaks instead. Don’t fall for Trump’s bait and switch saving 1,000 Carrier jobs — he’s screwing over millions of workers. Don’t miss the fine print in Trump’s Carrier news. In Carrier deal, Trump is taking credit for some blatant crony capitalism. Jacob Levy on the Tea Party, Occupy and opposition to crony capitalism/bailouts for influential businesses. Picking losers isn't a great industrial policy. “Every savvy CEO will now threaten to ship jobs to Mexico, and demand a payment to stay. Great economic policy”. The farce of the deal, Carrier edition: Donald Trump can't micromanage his way to a manufacturing revival in America.