After bitter campaign, election positions Trump to shape rules on how you vote. Trump threatens to make the GOP the party of permanent voter suppression. Baratunde Thurston: Empathy isn’t a favor I owe white Trump voters — it has to go both ways. Eli Lake on Trump’s coming witch hunt against political Islam. Of 8 tech companies, only Twitter says it would refuse to help build Muslim registry for Trump. How Obama could make it much harder for Trump to build his “Muslim registry”. Why Obama is writing a flood of new regulations for Trump to repeal. Trump says he’ll cancel Obama’s “unconstitutional” executive actions — it’s not that easy. The art of the scam: Prepare for government by bait and switch. The Orwellian nightmare for policy wonks is coming: It's going to be a long four years for technocrats. Daniel Knorr on the president-elect and the Generalissimo. Republicans are actively helping Trump weaken our democracy with his lies. Jack Balkin on how Trump's threat to democracy isn't free speech, it's this. A warning for Americans from a member of Pussy Riot. Loubna El Amine on hoping against hope: A perspective on the US elections from the periphery. Evan McMullin on Trump’s threat to the Constitution: As a C.I.A. officer, I saw how autocrats undermine their countries’ democratic norms — now my concern is at home. Libraries promise to destroy user data to avoid threat of government surveillance. President Trump can send emergency alerts to everyone: The president has a lot of powers — including issuing wireless emergency alerts that can’t be blocked. Trump’s idea of “presidential” diverges from past presidents. Donald Trump’s locker room: This is how he talks about the rest of America when he’s with his buddies. Cheating men get a second life in politics, cheating women get a scarlet letter. Alex Ross on how the Frankfurt School knew Trump was coming. The election has revealed one thing Gwyneth Paltrow and Slavoj Zizek have in common.

A guide to all the ways Trump’s transition is like a reality show. Ben Carson has demonstrated the ability to do two things at a world-class level: Perform surgical operations, and run lucrative scams — he may be the perfect Trump HUD secretary. Who is Wilbur Ross? The “king of bankruptcy” is Donald Trump’s choice for Commerce Secretary. Steve Coll on travelling with James Mattis, Donald Trump’s pick for Secretary of Defense. David Drezner on a concern with having a foreign policy Cabinet consisting of general officers and Goldman Sachs alums. The stunt presidency: Donald Trump plans to replace governing with gimmickry — it’s already working. How the media is abetting Trump’s “Mission Accomplished” transition: Trump's Carrier deal was a public relations coup — but his spectacle-driven vision of the presidency will shatter when hard realities assert themselves.

Simon Beard (LSE): Persons and Value: A Thesis in Population Axiology. A brutal dictator has fallen and his former butler is celebrating. Here's what the hell just happened in Italy and why it's a big deal. Western Europe still without an anti-immigrant populist leader, for now. Suspected Russian interference in elections around the world is spreading. The non-verdict of the police officer who killed Walter Scott is a national embarrassment. The historic victory at Standing Rock: What it means, what the law says, and what comes next. Jia Tolentino on the year we played ourselves. Scott McLemee explores the mysteries of the Voynich manuscript, a centuries-old manuscript that has tested, and defeated, the mental powers of numerous researchers.

Here's what has to happen in the next 14 days.Why I will not cast my electoral vote for Donald Trump: The Electoral College is supposed to determine if a candidate is qualified to be president — Mr. Trump has not met its standards. Rogue electors brief Clinton camp on anti-Trump plan: Kasich emerges as the group's alternative Electoral College pick.

What Thomas Hobbes can tell us about Donald Trump and conflicts of interest. Holy conflict of interest: The firm holding much of Trump's debt may be up for sale. Trump’s stock holdings may give him a personal stake in rules on banks and oil firms. Business since birth: Trump’s children and the tangle that awaits. Beyond self-enrichment: Trump conflicts raise serious concerns. Trump’s business empire isn’t just an ethical disaster. Jonathan Chait on how Republicans justify unlimited Trump corruption. GOP assumptions about Trump’s conflicts of interest put to the test. None of their business: The mogul president’s ethical baggage won’t matter until it becomes political baggage for Republicans.

“Remember when Republicans denounced the idea of first lady Hillary Clinton making health policy, and Chelsea running the family foundation?”

The post-truth world of the Trump administration is scarier than you think. Beyond lying: Jason Stanley on Donald Trump’s authoritarian reality. Orwellian euphemisms like “post-truth” and “alt-right” are perfect for whitewashing fascism. Reflections on the media in the age of Trump and covering politics in a “post-truth” America: Journalism has never been better, thanks to these last few decades of disruption, so why does it seem to matter so little? Eric Umansky on how journalists need to go beyond fact checking Trump. Kathleen Higgins on post-truth, a guide for the perplexed: If politicians can lie without condemnation, what are scientists to do? Faux News Channel: There’s a lot of fake news — including in the mainstream media. The real problem with fake news? Citizen stupidity.

Trump adviser Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn has pushed Clinton conspiracy theories. Gen. Flynn’s rumor-mongering son has been active in Trump transition. Trump transition official is active on white nationalist social media platform: Michael Flynn Jr. hopes to get his father, Trump’s pick for national security adviser, to switch to Gab. How “Pizzagate” evolved from a fringe online conspiracy to a real-life threat. Fake news, real violence: Brian Stelter on “Pizzagate” and the consequences of an Internet echo chamber. Comet employee on life during “Pizzagate”: “If this doesn’t stop someone is going to get killed”. Republicans need to step up and get Gen. Michael Flynn out of the White House.