A lower nuclear threshold: It’s time to start worrying about the bomb again. No one can stop President Trump from using nuclear weapons — that’s by design. Keep the future in mind: Trump’s wisest strategy is to stay out of Putin’s way as Russian power decays from within. Does NATO missile defense have a future? Donald Trump’s team is trying to have it both ways on its Taiwan controversy. To explain Trump’s Taiwan move, there are 3 alarming possibilities (and more). Donald Trump keeps confirming fears about his diplomatic skills. How scary is Trump’s foreign policy? Trump says he doesn’t want military interventions — so did Bush. Matthew Walden: “Since Trump picked Mike Flynn to be his national security adviser, I decided to read his book. It's unsurprisingly racist & disturbing”.

GOP wagers Americans don’t care about Trump’s conflicts. While everyone frets over Trump’s specious threat to strengthen libel laws, it is his perfectly lawful use of Twitter than will damage the press more than anything else — an age of personalistic politics is upon us. How to know what Donald Trump really cares about: Look at what he’s insulting. Trump’s political lesson: Humiliate, or be humiliated. Jesse Singal: Reading Michael Lewis’s new book made me more worried about Donald Trump. Will our democratic institutions contain Trump? All the pieces are in place for the abuse of power, and it could happen quickly. “Trumpism is all this writ large: conspiracy thinking as insight, violence as mastery, nihilism as vision - all gestural & imagistic”

Renisa Mawani (UBC): Law, Settler Colonialism, and “the Forgotten Space” of Maritime Worlds. Michael Littlewood (Auckland): Taxing Sugary Drinks. Does the Pentagon really waste $125 billion on pencil pushers? Life in Obamacare’s dead zone: Excluded from the Affordable Care Act because of politics, thousands of poor Americans grapple with the toll — physical and psychological — of being uninsured. Kevin Drum on how to save Obamacare. Lessig, lawyers to offer support to anti-Trump electors. What makes someone a conspiracy theorist? The question of "trans" is at the heart of a new culture war, but the line between male and female has always been clouded.

The rage of 2016: Western democracies are in the midst of an upheaval they only dimly grasp. The dangers of disruption: When leaders use a democratic mandate to enrich themselves and crack down on the opposition, no one wins. The clock is ticking on a global shift to the far-right. Confronting Trump: Timothy Snyder on twenty twentieth century European lessons for Americans to consider. Francis Fukuyama says Donald Trump could signal a shift from the liberal world order. Why I still want to be an American citizen: The rise of Donald Trump is terrifying — but the U.S. remains the world's best hope for realizing the ideal of a liberal, multiethnic democracy.

Goodbye to the West: The new course US President-elect Donald Trump will chart for his country is already discernible; we just don't know how quickly the ship will sail, but we should not harbor any illusions — Europe is too weak and divided to stand in for the US strategically, and without US leadership, the West cannot survive.

Carrier, fresh off Trump talks, increases prices on higher costs. Why Trump would struggle to punish companies that offshore jobs. Republicans have a double standard when it comes to Trump’s threats of “retribution”. Republicans don’t care about keeping jobs in America. A poll finds Republicans are now more “anti-free market” than Democrats. Trump’s Carrier deal is a hit with voters. Larry Summers: Donald Trump is practicing presidential extortion of companies for symbolic political gain. Did Boeing get out of line? Trump tries out his strongman act on another private company. Donald Trump shoots down Boeing’s stock price.

“The presidency's market-moving power is another kleptocratic opportunity for a tweeter-in-chief with no blind trust”. “A scheme where Trump/family short a stock, plan a tweet to crash it would be a sure-fire way to cash in. We'd never know if they're doing it”.

The press has to stop echoing Trump’s talking points without checking them.