Arno Tausch (Innsbruck): Global Catholicism in the Age of Mass Migration and the Rise of Populism: Comparative Analyses, Based on Recent World Values Survey and European Social Survey Data. Nicholas Chesterley (Oxford) and Paolo Roberti (Bologna): Populism and Institutional Capture. Danny Quah and Kishore Mahbubani on the geopolitics of populism. Against (the concept of) populism: The longstanding western fear of the people is central to representative democracy as it is understood today. Welcome to the age of anger: The seismic events of 2016 have revealed a world in chaos — and one that old ideas of liberal rationalism can no longer explain. Virtuous reality: Robert Westbrook on the politics of character in a post-liberal age.

Why are we voting for the worst characters of capitalism? Francesc Badia i Dalmases interviews Quentin Peel on how we risk repeating the mistakes of the 1930s. The Brexit-Trump Syndrome: Michael Jacobs and Mariana Mazzucato explain why and how we need to rethink contemporary capitalism. The German economist calling time on capitalism: Aditya Chakrabortty interviews Wolfgang Streeck on Trump's election, why we should be happy about Brexit and the crises facing western democracy. You can download Capitalism and Political Power by Krzysztof Wasniewski.

Glenn Beck’s regrets: His paranoid style paved the road for Trumpism — now he fears what’s been unleashed. Trump’s worst enablers are establishment Republicans: His conspiracy-mongering will be fine by them so long as he signs their legislation. Republicans admit it: Okay, yes, we really are big hypocrites. Donald Trump has finally killed the pro-science wing of the Republican Party. Fakes, news and the election: A new taxonomy for the study of misleading information within the hybrid media system. Carl Bernstein says Nixon's lies were nothing compared to Donald Trump's. Steve Benen on Trump, his supporters, and the persistence of the “reality gap”. Donald Trump is gaslighting America: Lauren Duca takes on Trump's systematic attempts to destabilize the truth and weaken the foundation of American freedom.

Clark D. Cunningham (Georgia State): Apple and the American Revolution: Remembering Why We Have the Fourth Amendment. Frankfurt Schooled: The Frankfurt Book Fair and the world of ideas. Irin Carmon on what women really think of men. Can art save us from bullshit? Stephen Duncombe and Silas Harrebye on the practice of making political art that works. “There’s nothing better than a scared, rich candidate: Molly Ball on how political consulting works — or doesn’t. Low social status “can damage immune system”: Simply being at the bottom of the social heap directly alters the body in ways that can damage health.

The story behind Trump's tweet attack on Chuck Jones of the United Steelworkers. This is what happens when Donald Trump attacks a private citizen on Twitter. Trump tweets stir debate about intimidation. Donald Trump’s tweets fit a pattern of harassment Twitter has banned before. Donald Trump has weaponized Twitter — with dangerous consequences. Critics of Trump's nasty Twitter attacks miss the point: He simply cannot stop even if he wanted to.

After savaging Goldman Sachs, Trump stocks his admin with Goldman alums. Goldman Sachs alumni will likely have the two top Trump economic policy jobs. Economists are out — Goldman is back in. At Goldman Sachs, Trump’s new economics advisor Gary Cohn outsourced thousands of US jobs to India. Trump’s anti-immigration fans are furious at him: His pick for secretary of labor isn't only raising alarm on the Left (and more). Hey, white working class, Donald Trump is already screwing you over: The Carrier deal was a sham, Ivanka’s moving her shoe production out of China and into Ethiopia — wake up, people, you’ve been played. Trump’s populism is a sham: His cabinet picks prove he's going all in for corporate America — can Democrats take advantage?

Jonathan Chait on Donald Trump’s shiny Marxism. Lawrence Glickman on Donald Trump and the anti-New Deal tradition. Trump’s distractions will provide Republican cover to rip apart the safety net. The dangerous myth that Hillary Clinton ignored the working class: To many white Trump voters, the problem wasn’t her economic stance, but the larger vision — a multi-ethnic social democracy — that it was a part of. Despair and hope in Trump’s America: Americans are optimistic about the communities they live in, but not their nation — why? Sarah Kendzior on Donald Trump’s shakedown of the American dream.

From NYRB, the shadow world: A review essay on Russia, NATO and Trump by Robert Cottrell. When the Soviet Union collapsed 25 years ago, Russia looked set to become a free-market democracy; Arkady Ostrovsky explains why that did not happen, and how much of it is Mr Putin's fault. Russian propaganda is state-of-the-art again: As in the 1930s, Moscow is a beacon for an international movement. Putin has sown confusion and conflict around the world the past two years — but his short-sighted meddling isn't the work of a mastermind. Russia and the threat to liberal democracy: Larry Diamond on how Vladimir Putin is making the world safe for autocracy. Treat Russia like the international poison it is.

What it really means to be a "Friend of Putin": Reported Secretary of State frontrunner Rex Tillerson is close to Vladimir Putin — here's what that costs these days. Tillerson might be the worst secretary of state contender on Trump's list. Rex Tillerson: An appointment that would confirm Putin's US election win. Steve Coll on Rex Tillerson, from a corporate oil sovereign to the State Department: "It will certainly confirm the assumption of many people around the world that American power is best understood as a raw, neocolonial exercise in securing resources" (and more). Trump, Putin, and ExxonMobil team up to destroy the planet.

Thread: "Let me see if I can try & remember all the blatant Russia/Trump things are out there". How Russian hackers can blackmail Donald Trump and the GOP. The CIA concluded that Russia worked to elect Trump — Republicans now face an impossible choice. The alarming response to Russian meddling in American democracy. Trump, McConnell, Putin, and the triumph of the will to power: When all the smoke has cleared away and the outrage dissipated, the bottom line will be that Russia set out to influence the U.S. election, and Republicans in Congress decided not to speak out against them, and both their calculations were rewarded. Democrats and America vs. Trump and Russia: This is a fight for who controls America.

Intelligence figures fear Trump reprisals over assessment of Russia election role. Intel world struggles to crack the code of an untrusting Trump: How do you brief a president who refuses to believe what you tell him? (and more) As Trump skips intel briefings, questions intensify: The fact that Trump has no idea what he's doing is alarming — the fact that Trump doesn't seem eager to learn is almost certainly worse. Trump once (wrongly) criticized Obama for not attending intel briefings (and Republicans).

Scott Shapiro: "GOP is the Party of Projection: everything they said about Obama and Clinton is true of them"; and "It makes no sense to be angry at Russia, whose economy we are trying to crush. GOP's complicity in their meddling, however, is unforgivable".