From Balkinization, David Super on the strange world of “reconciliation”; on how reconciliation works; and on what the new majority will do — and how they will do it. If Democrats want to win, they should filibuster Trump early and often. GOP senators are anxious about nuking the filibuster. Are Republicans crazy enough to go after Social Security? The Republican Obamacare repeal plan comes into terrifying focus. Hospitals: GOP may create “an unprecedented public health crisis”. Democrats, don’t repeat Obama’s biggest mistake: To save Obamacare from Republicans, the opposition party must heed the lesson of 2011’s debt limit standoff.

The Left are now strangers in their own land: How Trump redeemed alienated conservatives and cast liberals into the political wilderness. Trump is a great storyteller — we need to be better. “You people think you’re better than us”: It’s easy to see how the sense that liberals look down on regular folks might arise, and be fanned by right-wing media — the question is, what do you do? Democrats hone a new message: It’s the economy, everyone. The way forward for Democrats is to address both class and race. Don't stop arguing, complaining and fighting for “identity politics”. Standing with the victims of Trumpism might make it harder to build a majority against him — it’s worth it.

Aziz Z. Huq (Chicago): The Predicates of Military Detention at Guantanamo: The Role of Individual Acts and Affiliations. Nqobizwe Mvelo Ngema (Zululand): Polygamy Versus Equality Rights: Is Polyandry a Solution? Patrick Nichols on freedom as marronage as anti-capitalism. Inside the nearly impossible quest to translate “Make America Great Again” into Spanish. Truther love: Uncovering the dating habits of conspiracy theorists and the challenges they face. Why are we so quick to take offence? Orwell, Trump and the death of debate in post-truth politics. Charles M. Blow on patriotic opposition to Donald Trump.

How much money has ISIS made selling antiquities? More than enough to fund its attacks. The woman standing between Isis and world heritage: At Unesco, Irina Bokova fought to protect ancient artefacts from jihadi violence — can she prevent another Palmyra? Ingrid D. Rowland on breakfast in the ruins. Keeping art away from ISIS sledgehammers: Former museum director reveals struggles with blood artifacts from terrorists. Erasing Isis: How 3D technology now lets us copy and rebuild entire cities. ISIS retakes UNESCO heritage site Palmyra — so where is Putin’s army now?

From Vox, Russian hackers, Donald Trump, and the 2016 election, explained: A growing political firestorm about the future of US foreign policy. Former CIA chief Michael Morell calls Russia's meddling in US elections "political equivalent of 9/11". Donald Trump's new party line: The hacking was done by everyone but the Russians. Top Republicans respond to Russia news with ludicrous and dangerous spin. Thread: "It's important to emphasize how destructive it is for political leaders to use conspiracy theories to dismiss news they don't like". The Russian conspiracy on behalf of conspiracy theorist Donald Trump. The Russia House: Max B. Sawicky on the Right, the Left, and the thing about Russia. Evelyn Farkas on what America needs to know about Trump and Russia. It's time for President Obama to talk to the American people about Trump and Putin.

The danger of politicizing intelligence: Donald Trump will try to bend the CIA to his will — America is still recovering from the last time a president did that. Flynn deputy raises more doubts about Trump team: Former Fox analyst K.T. McFarland, out of government for three decades, is the unlikely choice for the pressure-filled job of No. 2 at the National Security Council. Why Trump makes this small country so nervous: Russia is always a threat, but now they’re worried the U.S. won’t back them up. Europeans debate nuclear self-defense after Trump win. China flies nuclear bomber over South China Sea as a “message” to Donald Trump. Trump is trying to use Taiwan as a bargaining chip with China — bad idea. Trump risks war by turning the One China question into a bargaining chip.

“Reminder: 39 days until Trump (and his ‘friends’) gains access to an army of flying killer robots and codes to 6,970 nuclear warheads”.