Ben Saul (Sydney): Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism and International Humanitarian Law. How perpetual ignorance shapes the never-ending war on terror: Ali Gharib reviews Spiral: Trapped in the Forever War by Mark Danner. Does killing terrorist leaders make any difference? Scholars are doubtful. Aziz Z. Huq (Chicago): The Uses of Religious Identity, Practice, and Dogma in “Soft” and “Hard” Counterterrorism. The problem with the effort to de-radicalize jihadis: Islamic extremism is a phenomenon that that may lie beyond the reach of the state. Refashioning patriotism: Maria Christoforou on selling fear as part of the war on terror. How discrimination against Muslims at airports actually hurts the fight against terrorism.

From CJR, how should journalism cover terrorism?; and Rafia Zakaria on how media coverage of terrorism endorses a legal double standard.

From the Brookings Institution, Norman Eisen, Richard Painter, and Laurence H. Tribe on the Emoluments Clause: Its text, meaning, and application to Donald J. Trump. Democrats are paving the way to impeach Donald Trump. Charles Schumer is leading Democrats to their doom, continued. John Cassidy on nine ways to oppose Donald Trump. Mark Lilla criticized the Clinton campaign for being fixated on diversity — and the critics pounced. What is the Left without identity politics? Walter Benn Michaels, Charles W. Mills, Linda Hirshman and Carla Murphy consider the question dividing the Democratic Party. Democrats need to get a grip if they want to win next time.

Paul J. Larkin (Heritage): A Proposal to Restructure the Clemency Process: The Vice President as Head of a White House Clemency Office. Austria’s far Right signs a cooperation pact with Putin’s party: Austria’s Freedom Party leader also reported, on Facebook, that he had recently met with President-elect Donald J. Trump’s pick for national security adviser. Locked on the psych ward: Lock them in, bill their insurer, kick them out — how scores of employees and patients say America’s largest psychiatric chain turns patients into profits. Of Marx and media: The current paroxysms in trade media were foretold by Karl Marx 150 years ago. Original sin: Paul Finkelman on the Electoral College as a pro-slavery tool. “On and around November 8, 2016, American history changed”: Rhian Sasseen on HillaryLooks, and the surreal world of conservative Instagram.

Govand Khalid Azeez (Macquarie): Beyond Edward Said: An Outlook on Postcolonialism and Middle Eastern Studies. Mark Griffiths (Oulu): From Heterogeneous Worlds: Western Privilege, Class and Positionality in the South. Julian Go (BU): Social Theory beyond Empire. Fuck you Zizek: Hamid Dabashi draws a sharp line in the sand between European and post-colonial philosophers in this provocative introduction to Can Non-Europeans Think? Steve Paulson interviews Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak on her friendship with Derrida and the tragic family story that sparked her interest in the subaltern, the responsibility of intellectuals and the crisis in the humanities.

The long and brutal history of fake news: Bogus news has been around a lot longer than real news — and it’s left a lot of destruction behind. The NRA was waging war on facts way before the “fake news” boom. David Uberti on the real history of fake news. Sarah Kendzior on the fake war on fake news. The only antidote to the poison of fake news. Fact-checking 2016: Trump dominates annual review of political falsehoods. Trump’s own “truther” act is frightening. The problem of the lazy brain: The first step in confronting the “post-truth” era is recognizing that we are all susceptible to lapses in critical thinking and motivated reasoning. Francis Fukuyama on the emergence of a post-fact world.