Travis Holloway (Farmingdale): Neoliberalism and the Future of Democracy. Noelle McAfee (Emory): Neoliberalism and Other Political Imaginaries. Victor L Shammas (Oslo): Burying Mont Pelerin: Milton Friedman and Neoliberal Vanguardism. Chris Cutrone (SAIC): The Crisis of Neoliberalism and Marxism in the Age of Trump. Thomas J. Catlaw (Arizona State) and Billie Sandberg (Portland State): The Quantified Self and the Evolution of Neoliberal Self-­Government: An Exploratory Qualitative Study. Mitchell Dean (CBS): Foucault and the Neoliberalism Controversy. After neoliberalism, what next? There are economically-viable, socially-desirable alternatives to the failed neoliberal economic model. An excerpt from Neoliberal Horizons in Subjectivity by Jorge Aleman.

How neoliberals weaponise the concept of an ideal market: Simon Wren-Lewis reviews Can Neoliberalism Be Saved From Itself? by Colin Crouch. David Singh Grewal and Jedediah Purdy on law and neoliberalism. Farewell, neoliberalism: Johannes Lenhard and Rebecca Liu interview Wolfgang Streeck, author of How Will Capitalism End? The European centre-left keeps losing because neoliberalism is broken. After some delay, neoliberalism has arrived on the literary scene: Leigh Claire La Berge and Quinn Slobodian review Undoing the Demos: Neoliberalism’s Stealth Revolution by Wendy Brown and Affect and American Literature in the Age of Neoliberalism by Rachel Greenwald Smith.

Trump and the GOP are rigging our tax system for the rich — this new report explains how. Tax cuts benefit the ultra rich, but not the merely rich. The GOP tax bill will make life easier for tax cheats — here’s how. Passing through to corruption: Are Republicans more concerned with their bank accounts than with the country’s welfare? We’re witnessing the wholesale looting of America: Unchecked by norms or political prudence, it’s smash-and-grab time for the GOP. “That’s the story of this bill. It doesn’t even add up in conservative policy terms. It’s really just a heist. Organized looting”. Democrats should tell voters what else they could get for $1.5 trillion.

Briahna Joy Gray reviews We Were Eight Years in Power: An American Tragedy by Ta-Nehisi Coates (and more and more and more and more and more and more). Concepcion de Leon on Ta-Nehisi Coates and the making of a public intellectual (and more). Is atheism the reason for Ta-Nehisi Coates’ pessimism on race relations? Thomas Chatterton Williams on how Ta-Nehisi Coates gives whiteness power. Cornel West on how Ta-Nehisi Coates is the neoliberal face of the black freedom struggle. Cornel West seems to believe Ta-Nehisi Coates is writing from the sidelines, but sidelines don’t exist for black people. Something happened to Cornel West: Whenever a black academic starts getting love from the public, West shows up to knock them down.

Scott L. Cummings (UCLA): Movement Lawyering. Martin Puchner on how Don Quixote’s battles predicted piracy in the digital age. Trump’s national security plan can be summed up in four words: America against the world. The White House says climate change isn't a national security threat — the military says it is. The Senate’s Russia investigation is now looking into Jill Stein. Elizabeth Drew on the danger of reading too much into Alabama’s special election (and more). Doreen St. Felix on how the Alabama Senate election sanctified black women voters. 7 years before Russia hacked the election, someone did the same thing to climate scientists. Turning 50, New York magazine thrives on “insane completism”.

Right nurses Moore wounds by attacking Mueller, Star Wars. Trump is sabotaging the Russia investigation — with Fox News’ help. Emily Stewart on Fox News’s FBI coup conspiracy theory, explained. Nancy LeTourneau on the Trump administration’s use of “kompromat” to undermine Mueller. Firing Mueller is so crazy Trump actually might do it. Andrew Prokop on 4 reasons firing Robert Mueller could blow up in Trump’s face. Why Trump might fire Rod Rosenstein instead of Mueller.

A tax plan to turbocharge inequality, in 3 charts. The GOP tax bill may be the worst piece of legislation in modern history. Why are Republicans pushing such an unpopular tax bill? From Vox, the Republican tax bill is an American betrayal; and top Republicans are already talking about cutting Medicare and Social Security next. Brad DeLong on an appeal to the Republican-supporting plutocrats of America; and an appeal to the Republican-leaning entrepreneurial, enterprising, and lucky white Christian upper middle class of America. “It is time for polite, respectable, rational people to start saying what has become painfully obvious: It is time to stop respecting the rich, and start stealing from them. In earnest”.

Maxine Eichner (UNC): The Privatized American Family. Modern family: James Chappel reviews Family Values: Between Neoliberalism and the New Social Conservatism by Melinda Cooper. Lionel Smith (McGill): Parenthood Is a Fiduciary Relationship. We invest far more time and money in raising our children than our parents did — Ryan Avent wonders whether we’re doing it in their best interests or in ours. The U.S. already has a high-quality, universal childcare program — in the military. Why your children’s day care may determine how wealthy they become. Parenting is not a “job,” and marriage is not “work”: Yes, they’re hard to do — but our narrow moral vocabulary for describing non-professional pursuits is making our lives worse. Is American childhood creating an authoritarian society? Patrik Chougule on how overprotective parenting is a threat to democracy.

A new issue of the Journal of Practical Ethics is out. Omar Lizardo (Notre Dame): Pierre Bourdieu as Cognitive Sociologist. The Pentagon’s secret search for UFOs: Funded at the request of Harry Reid, the program probed a number of encounters military pilots had with aircraft they believed didn’t operate like anything they had seen before (and more). Anita Hill chosen to lead Hollywood sexual harassment commission. The final version of the G.O.P. tax bill is a corrupt, cruel, budget-busting hairball. Here’s why Republicans are hellbent on passing an unpopular tax bill. Little black girls are killing themselves — does anyone care enough to figure out why? CDC gets list of forbidden words: fetus, transgender, diversity.

“Devastating blow”: Puerto Rican governor turns on Trump, slams GOP tax scam. Puerto Rico: On top of everything else, GOP tax bill is racist. Life without power in Puerto Rico — and no end in sight.

Collusion doesn’t have to be criminal to be an ongoing threat. Collusion doesn’t have to be criminal: The possibility that Trump is in Putin’s pocket is scarier than any crimes Mueller might uncover. Brian Stelter on how Fox News and President Trump create an anti-Mueller “feedback loop”. Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro embodies a kindergartener’s idea of justice — no wonder the president loves her. Are Trump’s transition-team lawyers attempting to discredit Mueller? “Hilariously, the Trump Administration now hangs in the balance over a question of email server management”. If Trump fires Mueller, we must impeach. The outcome is the same whether Trump fires Mueller or not.

“DOJ should appoint a second special counsel to look into Russian involvement in Congressional campaigns. Mueller doesn't have time to look at all of them. We could have a House full of compromised members and not even know it”.

From Konturen, a special issue on Triumph of the Will: A New Era in American Politics, including Jeffrey S. Librett (Oregon): Sovereignty and the Cult of Immediacy; Dawn Marlan (Oregon): “Broad-Shouldered” Rhetoric: The Trump Era and the Peculiar Contempt for Words; and Sonja Boos (Oregon): No Joke: Trump and Humor. William Mazzarella (Chicago): Brand(ish)ing the Name, or, Why is Trump So Enjoyable. A recipe for coping in Trump’s America: Randle Browning reviews The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President by Bandy X. Lee. Daniel Drezner on four thoughts on the story that almost broke the #ToddlerinChief thread. Trump has out-lied Obama nearly six-fold in just 10 months.

The year in class war: Donald Trump’s first year in office can best be seen as an all-out assault by the rich against the rest. The “death tax” cargo cult: With its assault on the estate tax, the GOP is demonstrating that it’s not even under the thumb of the 1 percent, but the 0.2 percent. The Republicans despise the working class: Unless you own a business or live off assets, you’re a second-class citizen in their eyes. Republicans have lost touch with Blue America. Republican tax bill is a poison pill that kills the New Deal. Law professors just published a delightful, 34-page list of ways people will game the GOP tax plan.