From Philosophy Now, a special section on human rights. Evan Fox-Decent (McGill): The Authority of Human Rights. Catherine Buerger and Richard Ashby Wilson (UConn): The Practice of Human Rights. Grainne De Burca (NYU): Human Rights Experimentalism. Adam S. Chilton and Robert Golan-Vilella (Chicago): Did the Creation of the United Nations Human Rights Council Produce a Better “Jury”? Larry Chartrand (Ottawa): Indigenous Peoples: Caught in a Perpetual Human Rights Prison. Ronan McDermott and Dr Patrick Gibbons (UCD): Human Rights and Pro-active Displacement in Natural Disaster Settings: Determining the Appropriate Balance between the Duty to Protect and the Right to Remain.

Masa Galic, Tjerk Timan, and Bert-Jaap Koops (Tilburg): Bentham, Deleuze and Beyond: An Overview of Surveillance Theories from the Panopticon to Participation. Mary Anne Franks (Miami): Democratic Surveillance. Richard M. Re (UCLA): Imagining Perfect Surveillance. Valsamis Mitsilegas (Queen Mary): Surveillance and Digital Privacy in the Transatlantic “War on Terror”: The Case for a Global Privacy Regime. Kirsten E. Martin (George Washington) and Helen Nissenbaum (NYU): Privacy of Public Data. Manon Oostveen (IViR) and Kristina Irion (Amsterdam): The Golden Age of Personal Data: How to Regulate an Enabling Fundamental Right? Even bugs will be bugged: Exploring the next frontiers in surveillance. William Gibson on the future of privacy. Cory Doctorow on how the privacy wars are about to get a whole lot worse.

Panos Theodorou (Crete): Evil, Unconscious, and Meaning in History: Outline of a Phenomenological Critique of Utopian-Historiodicial Politics. Busra Nisa Sarac (Yildiz): How Have Post-9/11 Wars Been Gendered? Here’s how Trump’s anti-abortion rule will affect women worldwide. From the Congressional Research Service, a report on the Smithsonian Institution: Background and Issues for Congress. Chase Madar on Chelsea Manning’s existential threat to American innocence. Raphael Pope-Sussman interviews Matt Taibbi, author of Insane Clown President: Dispatches from the 2016 Circus, on Trump, Humpty Dumpty, and “tremendous havoc”. The white nationalists come to Washington: Matthew Heimbach spent inauguration weekend taunting demonstrators, feuding with fellow members of the alt-Right, and meeting the GOP.

Andy Grewal (Iowa): The Foreign Emoluments Clause and the Chief Executive. Trump promised to resign from his companies — but there’s no record he’s done so. Trump has violated his oath to the Constitution — his first act as President. It does not matter one single iota that Donald Trump resigned from his businesses. Donald Trump’s conflicts of interest leave him vulnerable. Watchdog group to sue Trump over foreign business profits. We don’t gradually glide into corrupt behavior — we jump head first.

Trump names his Inauguration Day a “National Day of Patriotic Devotion”. Sources say Trump’s CIA visit made relations with intel community worse (and more and more). This is how Donald Trump engineers applause: The tradition of manufacturing applause for public performances goes back to the Roman emperor Nero. Trump struggles to shake his erratic campaign habits. Rocky first weekend for Trump troubles even his top aides. You may have thought that last weekend’s temper tantrum was bad — but there’s much, much worse to come.

CDC abruptly cancels long-planned conference on climate change and health. Team Trump is launching a frontal assault on the EPA (and more). Dana Nuccitelli on how Trump supporters don’t like his climate policies. Trump pledged to reverse Obama’s executive orders — here’s how well past presidents have fulfilled that pledge. The most dangerous bill you’ve never heard of just passed the House. Trump is taking action without sharing basic information with the public. In the Trump administration era of “alternative facts”, what happens to government data?

Dear media: The Trump White House has total contempt for you — time to react accordingly. Put on your big-boy pants, journos: President Trump’s lies don’t call for extraordinary media measures — just do your jobs. What Trump could mean for journalism: How reporters around the world cover leaders hostile to them. The Trump administration’s lies have already ruined its credibility: The president has made the wrong bet, and it will sink him.

From LRB, from lying to leering: Rebecca Solnit on Donald Trump’s fear of women. Jill Filipovic on Ivanka Trump’s dangerous fake feminism. “You focus on the good”: Women who voted for Trump, in their own words. How unconscious sexism could help explain Trump’s win. Jennifer Gerson Uffalussy on how sexism affected the presidential election. It's time to take sexism seriously as a political force. From Interviews for Resistance, Sarah Jaffe interviews Erin Mahoney of National Women’s Liberation. Massive Women’s March turnout shows Trump’s opponents are done underestimating him. Emily Eakin on the crowds that mattered.

“Stop looking to the left or right”: After the march, 500 women learned how to run for office. The future of the Left is female: Women’s rights are human rights, and women leaders are progressive leaders.