Francesca De Vecchi (UniSR): The Existential Quality Issue in Social Ontology: Eidetics and Modifications of Essential Connections. Nathan J Robinson (Harvard): The Necessity of Social Philosophy. L.A. Paul (UNC) and Kieran Healy (Duke): Transformative Treatments. Colin J. Beck (Pomona): The Comparative Method in Practice: Case Selection and the Social Science of Revolution. Joseph Carroll (Missouri), Mathias Clasen, Alexandra Regina Kratschmer, Felix Riede, and Jens-Christian Svenning (Aarhus), Emelie Jonsson (Gothenburg), Luseadra McKerracher (Simon Fraser) and Peter C. Kjaergaard (Copenhagen): Biocultural Theory: The Current State of Knowledge. Samuel Ely Bagg (Duke): When Will a Darwinian Approach Be Useful for the Study of Society? Drake Baer on a novel theory for why humans evolved selves. The first chapter from Individuality and Entanglement: The Moral and Material Bases of Social Life by Herbert Gintis.

“American values are at stake”: Barack Obama speaks out against his successor — and in support of the protests opposing President Donald Trump. Is it time for the Democrats to wage all-out war against Trump? With their base angry and fired up, they may not have a choice. As Democrats take to the streets, lawmakers rush to keep up. The alt-majority: How social networks empowered mass protests against Trump. How will the power of the pussyhat endure? Emily Kalah Gade on why the Women’s March may be the start of a serious social movement. It’s time for a new kind of resistance: Traditional opposition won’t work in the Trump era — here’s what principled patriots need to do. A simple guide to how you can throw sand in the Trump administration’s gears: You can resist from the comfort of your own desk.

Democrats’ secret weapon: Republicans own everything now.

Maria Rosaria Marella (Perugia): The Commons as a Legal Concept. Rich Juzwiak interviews Timothy B. Tyson, author of The Blood of Emmett Till. Deborah Lipstadt on the Trump administration's flirtation with Holocaust denial. Dystopian novels are all the rage: Readers will not forget — literature is a form of resistance. Amazon is running out of dystopian books that eerily reflect our present political moment. We are informed that Donald J. Trump won an Ig Nobel Prize. The last unknown man: He appeared out of nowhere, he had no name, no memory, no past, he was the only person the FBI ever listed as missing even though they knew where he was — how could B.K. Doe remain anonymous in the modern age’s matrix of observation? After truth: Terms like post-truth and post-blackness distort the past and the present.

From Public Seminar, Sanford Schram on the political psychology of the president: Freud not Orwell on Trump and his lying. The snake: Donald Trump's favorite story perfectly describes his first 10 days in office. Mark Graber on the normal politics of abnormal presidents. What will America look like after four years of Donald Trump? The emerging picture is ugly. Radicalizing American politics is part of the game plan for Team Trump. President Bannon's hugely destructive first week in office: The puppet master is leading the Trump administration down a road of carnage. Thread: "We are just seeing the beginning of the damage Steve Bannon is able and willing to cause to America's position in the global order".

From The Atlantic Monthly, David Frum on how to build an autocracy: The preconditions are present in the U.S. today — here’s the playbook Donald Trump could use to set the country down a path toward illiberalism. Lawrence Lessig on rules for a constitutional crisis. The inevitability of impeachment: Given the sheer danger to the Republic as well as to the Republicans, Trump's impeachment will happen — the only question is how grave a catastrophe America faces first. Republicans have one big incentive to stick with Trump. Michael Kinnucan on why Republicans are impressive — their disciplined commitment to a clear ideology has yielded results.

Paul Ryan is not spineless: He would never stand silent if Trump attempted to implement even a tiny tax increase on the highest-earning one percent. Trump labor pick Andrew Puzder: 52% of country is dependent on government, "votes benefits to themselves". Meet the "New Ted Cruz": He was supposed to battle Hillary Clinton for the White House — now, he's playing nice with the GOP establishment he once scorned and making friends with Donald Trump. What does the billionaire family backing Donald Trump really want? The Mercers are enjoying more influence than ever with their candidate in the White House — but no one seems to know how they intend to use it.

From Vox, why Trump's "Muslim ban" is a moral failure: Sean Illing interviews Joseph Carens, author of The Ethics of Immigration. Is President Trump's immigration order a "Muslim ban"? From Cultural Anthropology, Atreyee Majumder interviews Darryl Li on the travel ban. Trump’s travel ban will ignite a sustained legal fight. Trump's immigration fiasco might be more premeditated than we think. Trump says his travel ban will make America safer — research shows it will do the exact opposite. Trump’s immigration order could have a big impact on sports. Trump’s immigration ban is already harming American science. Silicon Valley’s ambivalence toward Trump turns to anger (and more and more). Silicon Valley is letting Trump get away with it. Just two of Trump’s 19 CEO advisers publicly condemn order targeting Muslims.

Officers “just following orders”, confused children, fearful parents: With Trump’s vile ban, Islamophobia has finally burst its banks. How Trump changed Americans’ view of Islam – for the better. The more Trump hates, the more America rejects his hatred: Whites and men elected him — but polls show they didn’t support his attacks on immigrants, Muslims, and women. From TNR, America now looks like the past, not the future: Trump's refugee ban abandons America's claims to moral leadership; and Trump’s refugee ban isn’t as un-American as you think. Republican senators are criticizing Trump’s immigration order but not doing anything about it.

The Trump camp is using the attack on a Quebec mosque to prop up its Muslim ban: The suspect currently in custody is actually white French Canadian with a history of making anti-immigrant remarks.