From PUP, the introduction to Why Wilson Matters: The Origin of American Liberal Internationalism and Its Crisis Today by Tony Smith. Beyond liberal internationalism: Liberal internationalists have spoken admiringly of "the idea that is America", in Anne-Marie Slaughter's phrase, but also betrayed its limits. Hoping for the best against Trump: Is there any reason for liberals to feel optimistic after a year of political disasters and the election of an ignorant, narcissistic, authoritarian loudmouth as US president? David P. Forsythe on the death knell of American exceptionalism under Trump. First on the White House agenda is the collapse of the global order — next, war?

From terrorism to populism, today's sweeping unrest has its roots in brutal competition: Samuel Moyn reviews Age of Anger: A History of the Present by Pankaj Mishra (and more and more and more and more). Liberalism to blame: What are the arguments for seeing liberal triumphalism which began with the collapse of Communism in the 1990s as having produced the backlash we are witnessing today? Francis Fukuyama, the man who declared the "end of history", fears for democracy's future. Garry Kasparov and Thor Halvorssen on why the rise of authoritarianism is a global catastrophe. Deutschland uber us: How's it going over in the last bastion of liberal democracy? Germany's taboos, once a bulwark against the far Right, may now be enabling it.

Kyle Lascurettes (Lewis and Clark): The Concert of Europe and Great Power Governance Today: What Can the Order of 19th-Century Europe Teach Policymakers about International Order in the 21st Century? World on brink of "post-Western age" as influence of Europe and US declines, warns report. Russia wants pragmatic relations with the United States but also is hoping for the creation of a "post-West world order", foreign minister Sergey Lavrov says. Henry Meyer and Onur Ant on Alexander Dugin, the one Russian linking Putin, Erdogan and Trump. What do Trump, Putin, the Presidents of the Czech Republic and Philippines, right-wing anti-EU Europeans and the British Foreign Minister have in common? Their sense of humour. Nick Cohen on how the lunatic fringe conquered world politics.

In a new letter, Pope Francis tells activists to stand up to populists.

Trump family’s elaborate lifestyle is a “logistical nightmare” — at taxpayer expense. Trump family trips cost taxpayers $11.3m in one month — almost as much as Obama’s cost in a year. Paying for Legal Services or keeping Melania Trump in NYC: Choices for taxpayers. Trump’s lavish lifestyle is a drain on taxpayers — and a gift to Democrats. The President’s House is empty: Opting out, as Trump has done with the White House, is a neoliberal habit — but who bears the cost? Membership applications at Mar-a-Lago soar after Trump becomes president. Trump’s “Winter White House”: A peek at the exclusive members’ list at Mar-a-Lago.

Mark Anthony Camilleri (Malta): Corporate Citizenship and Social Responsibility Policies in the United States of America. Christopher M. Bruner (Washington and Lee): Center-Left Politics and Corporate Governance: What is the “Progressive” Agenda? K. Sabeel Rahman (Brooklyn): Shape of Things to Come: The On-Demand Economy and the Normative Stakes of Regulating 21st-Century Capitalism. Sanjukta Paul (UCLA): Uber as For-Profit Hiring Hall: A Price-Fixing Paradox and its Implications. Denver taxi drivers are turning Uber’s disruption on its head. Rana Foroohar on Uberisation and the dangers of neo-serfdom: Platform technologies could enable a return to a more benign capitalism. Ex-Uber engineer Susan J. Fowler says the company has a culture of sexual harassment.

Amazon says it puts customers first — but its pricing algorithm doesn’t. At Trader Joe’s, good cheer may hide complaints. Gaspard Sebag, Dara Doyle, and Alex Webb on the inside story of Apple's $14 billion tax bill. How companies like Apple dodge taxes and their own investors. Angela Allan on how the “evil corporation” became a pop-culture trope. Justin Fox on how boards will never be any good at policing executives. Hershey H. Friedman (CUNY) and Miriam Gerstein (Brooklyn): Are We Wasting Our Time Teaching Business Ethics? Ethical Lapses Since Enron and the Great Recession. W. Robert Thomas (Michigan): When and How Corporations Became Persons under the Criminal Law, and Why It Matters Now. Too vast to succeed: Miriam H. Baer reviews Too Big to Jail: How Prosecutors Compromise with Corporations by Brandon Garrett.

Eric N. Johnson and Linda A. Kidwell (Wyoming) and D. Jordan Lowe and Philip Reckers (ASU): Who Follows the Unethical Leader? The Association between Followers' Personal Characteristics and Intentions to Complying Committing Organizational Fraud. Domestic violence is making headlines around the world — now it’s time for the world to start taking it seriously. The Trump administration proposed deputizing some National Guard units to arrest immigrants (and more). Will Meyer reviews The Attention Merchants: The Epic Scramble to Get Inside Our Heads by Tim Wu and Black Ops Advertising: Native Ads, Content Marketing, and the Covert World of the Digital Sell by Mara Einstein. Michael Novak, Catholic scholar who championed capitalism, dies at 83.

How the tea party transformed American politics: Less than a decade ago, the tea party emerged as one of the most unified and effective oppositional forces in U.S. politics — in the age of President Donald Trump, how they did it matters more than ever. Popular domestic programs face ax under first Trump budget: The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, AmeriCorps and the National Endowments for the Arts and the Humanities could be eliminated. Conservatives want to slash FEMA's disaster budget — will Trump comply? Paul Ryan’s dream of tax cuts for the rich will not be denied. Thread: “Trump is the ultimate test of whether politicians within a party are ultimately interchangeable”.

How many chances do you get to be an American hero? John McCain (ambivalently, agonizingly) takes on the president. John McCain just systematically dismantled Donald Trump’s entire worldview. “How often GOP ‘mavericks’ have voted with Trump so far: Graham: 100% Rubio: 100% McCain: 94% Paul: 90%”. I don't want to hear another fucking word about John McCain unless he dies or actually does something useful for once. Are Republicans shielding Trump from special prosecutor and Russia inquiry? Republicans, protect the nation: G.O.P. leaders knew about Trump’s link to Russia and the danger it posed — now they must own it.

Emily Nussbaum: “Does a video need to emerge? Or some terrifying international incident? The real culprits here are Ryan McConnell Comey Sessions Chaffetz”. You can’t understand the mess we’re in without appreciating not just the potential corruption of the president, but the unmistakable corruption of his party — a party so intent on cutting taxes for the wealthy, deregulating banks and polluters and dismantling social programs that accepting foreign subversion is, apparently, a small price to pay. “The debasement of [much of the] American right, in one tweet”.

Journalists stand up to Trump, declare that media is "not the enemy" (and more). Trump hates the press? Take a number. Chris Wallace suggested that Trump's attacks on CNN and other outlets go beyond any of Obama's Fox News criticisms. David Remnick on Donald Trump and the enemies of the American people. James Warren on the real threat of Trump's press bashing. In Trump era, censorship may start in the newsroom. Follow the mendacity: A dogged press is our best hope to check executive power. Here's one billionaire's plan for safeguarding American journalism: With tensions between the Trump Administration and the media already high, a vigorous press is more critical than ever — that's where the Institute for Journalism in New Media comes in.

Gregor Noll (Lund): Nostalghia: A Nordic International Law. Marlene Wind (Copenhagen): Do Scandinavians Care About International Law? Why Scandinavians care more than Americans about inequality. Robert H. Nelson (Maryland): Economics and Religion, What is the Relationship? A Case Study of Nordic Social Democracy. The UBI bait and switch: Finland's UBI experiment serves as a cautionary tale for basic income proponents on the Left. The happiness of the Danes can easily be explained by 10 cultural rules. Keep Norwegian weird: How do you preserve a language while still letting it grow? Iceland's no. 1 dating rule: Make sure you're not cousins.

Eva Schomer (Lund): Sweden, a Society of Covert Racism: Equal from the Outside: Everyday Racism and Ethnic Discrimination in Swedish Society. Reid Standish on how Sweden is pursuing its "feminist foreign policy" in the age of Erdogan, Putin, and Trump. Imagining a cashless world: Sweden shows us what life without paper currency might be like. Sweden opens first atheist cemetery to cater to growing non-religious population. "Last night in Sweden"? Trump's remark baffles a nation. Donald Trump is right, there was a recent attack in Sweden — by neo-Nazis on a refugee centre. Trump's invention of a Swedish terrorist attack was funny — but it likely comes from a dark place.

Orly Lobel (San Diego): The Gig Economy and The Future of Employment and Labor Law. Andrew Elmore (NYU): The Future of Fast Food Governance. How did Walmart get cleaner stores and higher sales? It paid its people more. Amazon's new 30-hour work week will change your job, too. The state of American jobs: How the shifting economic landscape is reshaping work and society and affecting the way people think about the skills and training they need to get ahead. Inside jobs: Hear what American workers have to say about their jobs. America’s lost workers: Jeff Madrick reviews Men Without Work: America’s Invisible Crisis by Nicholas Eberstadt.

Reverence for hard work is not simply a decorative gimmick, but core to the WeWork philosophy; Neumann and McKelvey discovered they could turn a profit by exploiting one of the defining features of work’s so-called future: isolation. Fuck work: Economists believe in full employment, Americans think that work builds character — but what if jobs aren’t working anymore? We’re going to need that $4,000 back: What it’s like to get a raise thanks to the Obama administration’s overtime rules for American workplaces — and then have it taken away.

How not to make America great again: The secret isn’t factories — it’s giving ordinary Americans some bargaining power. Workers of the world: The potential for workers to resist capital is as strong as ever. The way to a better work-life balance? Unions, not self-help. Workless, or working less? John Quiggin reviews Why the Future is Workless by Tim Dunlop. Vacations are good for us and good for our employers — so why don’t we take them?

Where is Rex Tillerson? Top envoy keeps head down and travels light. Out of the loop: Rex Tillerson finds state department sidelined by White House. Michael Flynn resigned — here's why he still needs to be investigated. What does Flynn know about Trump? If craven congressional leaders have their way, the nation will never know. Bannon wins, as Navy officer rejects national security advisor job. Scott Pruitt deserves as much outrage as Betsy DeVos: The incoming EPA chief is as unqualified as Trump's new education secretary, and as morally outrageous as Jeff Sessions. Senate Democrats are battling every Trump nomination — here's how that can hurt Trump's policies: When the Senate is consumed with every nomination fight, it is not debating Republican legislative priorities.

Congressional critics do check presidential power — by leading public opinion. Without more facts about Trump's Russia dealings, he isn't going anywhere: Presidents don't just quit — investigations must happen first. Duck and cover: More than 200 Republicans in Congress are skipping February town halls with constituents. G.O.P.'s grand visions for Congress now look like a mirage. Remember how Trump was going to erase Obama's legacy overnight? Yeah, not so much. Does Donald Trump hate his new job? In his first extended press conference at the White House, the president railed against his critics and unspooled a series of bitter complaints. When governing beckons, Trump keeps campaigning. Philip Elliott goes inside Donald Trump's White House chaos.

We are on numerous fronts in an unprecedented and perilous situation: When leaks are this damaging and this tied to the fundamental operations of government, it's not about the leaks or the motives — it's about what we're learning and what we need to know. No, it really is that bad: The United States is facing a major institutional crisis. "We're facing the gravest threat to our institutions and our government since 1861": Sean Illing interviews CIA vet Glenn Carle on Trump's feud with US spies. Actual intelligence officials are laughing at the idea of the "deep state". Susan Hennessey and Helen Klein Murillo on the laws surrounding government leaks, how the White House might seek to investigate and remedy its major information control failings, and what the nature of leak investigations and enforcement mean for executive information control.

Dario Maestripieri (Chicago): Assessing People's Interest in Images with Violent or Disgusting Content: A Functional-Evolutionary Analysis. Kremlin tells state media to cut back on pro-Trump propaganda. U.S. allies conduct intelligence operation against Trump staff and associates, intercepted communications. Pax Trumplandia: Hannah Gais on what to expect at the 2017 Munich Security Conference. Patrick Iber reviews Finks: How the CIA Tricked the World’s Best Writers by Joel Whitney (and more). Kara Swisher interviews Mark Zuckerberg on his manifesto on the future of Facebook and the rest of us (and more). “Fast-forward spring”: America’s February warmth is extreme, and it’s just getting started.