From the Congressional Research Service, a report on the Islamic State and U.S. Policy. What ISIS really is: Omer Aziz reviews The Way of the Strangers: Encounters with the Islamic State by Graeme Wood. Andrew Rice heads to the airport with the New York Times' ISIS expert, Rukmini Callimachi. Not "lone wolves" after all: How ISIS guides world's terror plots from afar. Face to face with an ISIS killer: In a nameless prison in Baghdad, an ISIS terrorist confesses to killing dozens — and destroying his own family. The desperate battle to destroy ISIS: A swat team of Iraqis, all of whom have suffered at the hands of terrorists, join the fight to retake Mosul — and plan to exact revenge.

Andrew Silke (East London) and Katherine Emily Brown (Birmingham): "Radicalisation": The Transformation of Modern Understanding of Terrorist Origins, Psychology and Motivation. Education alone doesn't prevent terrorism — here's what else you need. What Trump doesn't understand about jihadists and counterterrorism will make America less safe: Glen L. Carle reviews Radicalized: New Jihadists and the Threat to the West by Peter R. Neumann. The wrong way to stop terrorism: Claire L. Adida, David D. Laitin, and Marie-Anne Valfort on what the data show about attacks and immigration. Robin Wright on how to lose the war on terror.

Will Trump use the next ISIL attack to sweep away our liberties? Allison Beth Hodgkins wonders. Trump’s dangerous ploy to preemptively blame his opponents for terror attacks. Blaming Trump for the next big terrorist attack: The president is accusing the courts of making America vulnerable to terrorism — here's how the opposition should respond. Thomas Nagel reviews Does Terrorism Work? A History by Richard English.

Will this man take down Donald Trump? They’ve been squaring off for years — now New York’s attorney general Eric Schneiderman is emerging as the leader of the Trump resistance. The Trump era is Al Franken’s time to shine: The Minnesota senator has emerged from the shadows to make life hell for Republicans — now he should do the same to Trump. Why “Al Franken for president” isn’t as crazy as you might think. Democrats can save critical regulations if they slow down the Senate: Congress has the ability to junk many crucial Obama rules, but there’s a ticking clock. Mini-filibusters show mood of Democratic resistance to Trump. Democrats will never lead the resistance against Trump, but they can join it: This is a war for America’s soul, not a legislative tussle.

The anti-Trump Left is now the only hope for moderates: Conservative and liberal values alike are threatened without the safeguards the Left demands. Once again, the ACLU takes its place on the front lines of a liberal resistance. In his own words: Heather Havrilesky on why it’s time to use Trumpspeak against him. The big lesson of Trump's first 2 weeks — resistance works: Protests, phone calls, and mobilization are making a difference. Just as Trump forged his coalition with a nationalist, xenophobic message, opponents have now found their common cause. Your guide to the sprawling new anti-Trump resistance movement: An explosion of new activism offers a ray of hope in these dark political times.

S. Erdem Aytac, Susan Stokes and Eli Rau on how people who protest almost certainly vote. This is what democracy looks like: Research suggests the Women’s March has potentially lit the political fires of a new generation of activists and reactivated the political activism of others. Will the anti-Trump protests expand? That’s more likely than ever before. How protesters plan to get under Trump’s skin wherever he goes. How far can protesters go before the government steps in? Women of America: We're going on strike — join us so Trump will see our power. Whose strike? There is no royal road to revolution, or even to a true mass movement for social change.

Adam Hill (UC-Berkeley): Why We Misjudge the Nudge. Donald Trump should not be allowed to speak in UK parliament, says Speaker. Trump's refusal to condemn Putin as a “killer”: The real significance has nothing to do with Russia. Scott Pruitt hasn’t even been confirmed and EPA employees are already protesting: Facing an uncertain future, the EPA is under revolt. From the Baffler, Jennifer C. Berkshire on holy warriors against the welfare state: A dispatch from the dark heart of DeVos-land; and Chris Lehmann on why it’s an odd time to be evenhanded: Fred Hiatt’s courtier-like difference trimming is something of a tour de force in meaningless meritocratic posturing. Bill McKibben reviews The Revenge of Analog: Real Things and Why They Matter by David Sax.

Rihan Yeh (COLMICH): Visas, Jokes, and Contraband: Citizenship and Sovereignty at the Mexico-U.S. Border. The introduction to On the Move: Changing Mechanisms of Mexico-U.S. Migration by Filiz Garip. One of Trump’s policies could spark a boom in immigration from Mexico. Forget the wall: If you want less illegal immigration, go after employers. If immigration can’t be stopped, maybe it can be managed: Eduardo Porter on “A Blueprint to Regulate U.S.-Mexico Labor Mobility”. The fact is that while we mock President Trump’s wall on the US-Mexican borders, we have simultaneously built our own wall to keep the Other out of our own front yard. In Mexico, Trump triggers a surge in patriotism, anti-American sentiment.

Blake Edward Brookshire (Mississippi): Building the Trade Wall to Mexico: What NAFTA, Brexit, and TPP Mean for the Future of U.S. Trade. Building a wall of ignorance: A Mexican standoff that epitomizes Trumpism. Revoking trade deals will not help American middle classes: The advent of global supply chains has changed production patterns in the US.

From Lawfare, Quinta Jurecic on President Trump, Quebec, and the dismantling of CVE; and does Trump want to lose the EO battle in court or is Donald McGahn simply ineffectual (or worse)? Trump just declared the “court system” a threat to national security. Is this Watergate? President Trump’s showdown with the federal judiciary feels awfully familiar. What’s next in the legal battle over the travel-ban block? Trump Muslim ban executive order violated executive order about executive orders. Basically the entire tech industry signs onto a legal brief opposing Trump's exec order. Anti-Muslim laws risk inciting acts like Quebec mosque attack, says Charles Taylor.

Welcome to Trumperica: Donald Trump’s chaotic signing of grandiose orders has the air of a deluded despot’s last days, not his first. Does Trump actually want to succeed? Jim Baker on how to run a White House that works, why the world is so scared right now — and how the new president could stop screwing up. Jonathan Chait on the true purpose of Trumpism: To create a blood-and-soil American nationalism, an identity from which Asian, Muslim, and Latin American immigrants are excluded permanently. “This is where we are as a country: any commercial that celebrates American values is interpreted as an insult to the President”.