From LRB, Sidney Blumenthal on a short history of the Trump family. President Trump is openly using his office to become the billionaire he always wanted to be — and now his Press Secretary has said as much. Donald Trump has found a way to make money directly off of the U.S. government. Trump continues to cash in on the presidency. Trump can intermingle his public and private roles as he sees fit, and can enjoy all the financial upside of the arrangement, but should not have to suffer any of the downside. Democrat moves to force House debate on Trump's alleged business conflicts and Russia ties.

Legal scholars James C. Nelson and John Bonifaz on why Congress should impeach Donald Trump (and more). There's a simple legal reason Trump is probably going to get away with his conflicts of interest.

Jason A. Cade (Georgia): Judging Immigration Equity: Deportation and Proportionality in the Supreme Court. Sofya Aptekar (UMass): Constructing the Boundaries of US Citizenship in the Era of Enforcement and Securitization. Karina Moreno and Byron Eugene Price (CUNY): The Social and Political Impact of the New (Private) National Security: Private Actors in the Securitization of Immigration in the U.S. Post 9/11. Spencer E. Amdur (Yale): The Right of Refusal: Immigration Enforcement and the New Cooperative Federalism. Judith Resnik (Yale): “Within Its Jurisdiction”: Moving Boundaries, People, and the Law of Migration.

From the Congressional Research Service, a report on Temporary Protected Status: Current immigration policy and issues. David Russell (Cornell): The Shadow Immigration System. Kerry Abrams (Virginia): Family Reunification and the Security State. Anita Ortiz Maddali (Northern Illinois): Left Behind: The Dying Principle of Family Reunification Under Immigration Law. Beth Caldwell (Southwestern): Deported by Marriage: Americans Forced to Choose between Love and Country. Sherally K Munshi (Georgetown): Race, Geography, and Mobility. Brian Culp (Kennesaw State): "Illegitimate" Bodies in Legitimate Times: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Movement.

Cathryn Kriewaldt (RMIT): Ignorance is Bliss: Why Dementia is a Useful Metaphor for Society's Coming Energy Descent. Elysa Darling and Alice Woolley (Calgary): Nasty Women and the Rule of Law. In call with Putin, Trump denounced Obama-era nuclear arms treaty, had to ask his aides in an aside what the New START was. David Corn on the mysterious disappearance of the biggest scandal in Washington: Whatever happened to the Trump-Russia story? The Mattis-Bannon race for shadow president may be the most important election of our lives — and it will be decided by a single vote.

Even the best case scenario for Trump's stolen Supreme Court is a progressive dystopia. The GOP has turned against democracy, and Neil Gorsuch is their champion. The Gorsuch confirmation just got much more interesting. Gorsuch v. Trump: It's worth thinking about the possible calculus that would lead to withdrawal of the nomination — the political damage would be immense, but it would have some logic, at least under the non-Euclidean principles of the Trumpian universe.

Derek Stanovsky (Appalachian State): Remix Racism: The Visual Politics of the “Alt-Right”. The Trump administration is showing white nationalists it won’t fight them at all. “Trump is setting us free”: White supremacists celebrate reports that Trump will dial down scrutiny. Trump promised white supremacy — now he’s delivering it. Government by white nationalism is upon us: It’s not just rhetoric anymore — it’s a political program that could set American democracy back 150 years. It’s already happened here: Trump is a familiar figure, a manifestation of deep-seated will-to-white-male power. Edging closer to militancy, the neo-Confederate League of the South says it's forming a Southern Defense Force to combat the “leftist menace to our historic Christian civilization”.

Steve Bannon carries battles to another influential hub: The Vatican. Steve Bannon believes the apocalypse is coming and war is inevitable — “the great Fourth Turning in American history”. Bannon film outline warned U.S. could turn into “Islamic States of America”. Steve Bannon claims U.S. Jews are behind the “Muslim invasion”. How did Sebastian Gorka go from the anti-Muslim fringe to White House aide? National Security Council staffer Michael Anton derided Islam, immigration and diversity, embraced an anti-Semitic past.

House Republicans avoid voting on a resolution stating that the Holocaust targeted Jews.

The key thing to understanding the debate over health care policy in the United States is that it's not really about health care policy, it's about money. Trump suggests GOP needs until 2018 to craft “wonderful” Obamacare replacement. Obamacare repeal is failing because it was based on a lie. How Republicans can save themselves from their Obamacare trap. Trump’s infrastructure plan looked like an easy bipartisan win — not anymore: “You can't work with a president who is eroding the Constitution”. Red-state Democrats not rushing to help Republicans just yet, so it is beginning to look like Republicans need a reboot for their 2017 legislative strategy.

The Republicans are off to a pitiful start: They control the government, but their Faustian bargain with Trump has been a miserable failure thus far. We are seeing a return of the Mayberry Machiavellis: Conservative rule is going to end disastrously if both Trump and congressional Republicans don't spend a little more time on policy analysis and implementation issues. Bracing for Trump's revenge: Some conservatives unequivocally opposed his election — now he’s the president, with all the levers of government at his disposal.