Obama’s lost army: He built a grassroots machine of two million supporters eager to fight for change, then he let it die — this is the untold story of Obama’s biggest mistake and how it paved the way for Trump. Democratic Socialists are building on Bernie's momentum: Membership in the Democratic Socialists of America is way up — now, can the group become a major force against Trump? This philosopher predicted Trump's rise in 1998 — and he has another warning for the Left: Sean Illing on why Richard Rorty’s critique of the Left is as relevant as ever. Can the Left win? Clio Chang interviews Zephyr Teachout on grassroots politics, the future of the Democratic Party, and Super PACs.

Can the Left weaponize Russia? Anti-Soviet sentiment used to be a powerful political unifier for the Right — fifty years later, some liberals think they can replicate that model. Top Putin critic Garry Kasparov on how to oppose Trump: “Making him look like a loser is crucial”. Trump has made us all conservatives: The president has unified the people around protecting the institutions of liberal democracy.

Swarming crowds and hostile questions are the new normal at GOP town halls. Help, my constituents are after me: Republicans afraid to buck President Trump play cat-and-mouse with angry voters. Congress has a responsibility to engage with constituents: As legislators shut off communication, we need to find new ways to engage.

Republican men say it’s a better time to be a woman than a man. An unabashed misogynist is in charge of our country — now what? Post-Hillary feminism: Clinton carried the hopes of American feminism on her shoulders — now it’s time for a different approach. The failures of mainstream feminism: It wasn't America's rampant misogyny that doomed Hillary Clinton. Jia Tolentino on the case against contemporary feminism. Where is feminism now? We could do worse than to start building a sisterhood with that vast swath of women who may need feminism the most, whether they know it yet or not.

Whose feminism is this? If today’s feminism has a different starting point, it also has a different challenge. How a fractious women’s movement came to lead the Left: Feminism brought the opposition together — but how long will that last, and how many converts can it win? The problem with “pussy”: Feminism under Trump must remember the body, but not be limited by it. Trump meets Socrates and they talk about women.

“Unbelievable turmoil”: Trump’s first month leaves Washington reeling. Upheaval is now standard operating procedure inside the White House. Conservative scholar Christopher DeMuth: Donald Trump is a managerial genius. Trump’s team of weaklings: He promised that his administration would be tough — instead, it is weak, rudderless, incompetent, and plagued by backbiting. Trump said he would hire the best people — instead we got the Trump administration. The rudderless ship of state: The departure of Michael Flynn leaves the administration with a feuding crew, and no one at the helm. Donald Trump wants to know who's causing all these problems — it’s Donald Trump. A staff shake-up won’t save Trump’s flailing presidency: As long as the president is in charge, his administration will remain chaotic. Bannon in Washington: A report on the incompetence of evil.

Trump ran a campaign based on intelligence security — that’s not how he’s governing. These pathetic tweets are just how our government works now. President Trump has done almost nothing: Tune out the noise coming from the White House — so far, very little has actually happened. Ignorance is strength: What they don’t know can hurt them, but also us. Sorry, FDR: Trump is about to make America awful again. Trump is proving to be the embodiment of everything Republicans have stood for. One thing is certain: Republicans won't stand up and stop President Trump. Mark Tushnet on the 25th Amendment option: Law and politics. Is Trump mentally unstable? He’s not a super-genius, and he’s not crazy; he’s just in over his head.

Is Trump finished? Not yet — but it’s hard to see how Trump can last even one term. Will Trump’s approval rating be a problem for Republicans in 2018? Daniel Drezner on what could cause Donald Trump to lose his base: Trump is a polarizing president but remains popular with his base — how long will that last?

“For the next generation, whenever a republican invokes the Constitution, Freedom or National Security, the response should be: Donald Trump”.

Aidan J. Beatty (TCD): The Gaelic League and the Spatial Logics of Irish Nationalism in Comparative Perspective. Christopher Buccafusco (Cardozo) and Jonathan S. Masur (Chicago): Intellectual Property Law and the Promotion of Welfare. Adam J. Kolber (Brooklyn): Punishment and Moral Risk. Russia deploys missile, violating treaty and challenging Trump. Congress had a chance to get Trump's tax returns — Republicans voted it down (and more). Why you cannot defend orcas and Donald Trump simultaneously. Can Megyn Kelly escape her past? Fox News's former star has downplayed her full role in an ugly election. Rapid warming and disintegrating polar ice set the stage for "societal collapse".

“weird how trump and his minions never ‘accidentally’ RT someone pro-equality and civil rights and its always some nazi”.

What exactly is Ivanka Trump doing? It is not normal for a First Lady and Daughter to try to sell you stuff. Shopping becomes a political act in the Trump era. Sears and Kmart are ridding themselves of Ivanka Trump merchandise too. Trump sons forge ahead without father, expanding and navigating conflicts. Timothy O’Brien on trickle-down ethics at the Trump White House. Thread: “1/Trump's use of Mar-A-Largo for a visit by a foreign head of government is an abomination”. Thread: “The corruption is breathtaking and also it's happening right out in the open”. A legal breakthrough: How Trump can be held accountable for violating the Constitution, even if Congress doesn’t care.

Trump impeached? You can bet on it — the prospect that the president won't make it through his term is big business for bookmakers.

What’s behind the decline of American unions? Organized labor is getting weaker — the result is Donald Trump. Can Trump break the Democrats’ grip on the union movement? For generations, Republican presidents have tried to woo organized labor, with mixed and halting results — Donald Trump might be the first to actually do it more permanently. The unions betraying the Left: By embracing Donald Trump, the building trades are selling out the movement for greater equality for all working people. Trump launches war on unions: Labor leaders said after the election they’d give him a chance to deliver on his pro-worker agenda — but the ceasefire appears over. Donald Trump can kill the American union: His election is "an extinction-level event for American labor" (and more). Iowa union shocked to learn that Republicans are anti-union. Steve Greenhouse on what unions got wrong about Trump.

The Trump Way: Trump’s infrastructure and jobs proposals might ruffle some establishment feathers, but he’ll still be terrible for workers. Workers don’t need Trump to give them a voice — they need unions. Donald Trump's Rust Belt promises are about masculinity, not the economy.

The Trump White House is screwed, big league: Michael Flynn's resignation is just the beginning of this major national security scandal involving Russia. Rand Paul on Flynn: "Makes no sense" to investigate fellow Republicans. Here are 3 ways Republicans are dodging the Flynn scandal. Jeff Sessions has the power to investigate Flynn's departure — will he? Flynn is only the appetizer — Trump is the entree. Who told Flynn to call Russia? Let's stop focusing on the resignation, and start focusing on the real issue here — the mystery of Trump's Russia ties. The Kremlin is starting to worry about Trump: Vladimir Putin's entourage cheered the outcome of the U.S. election — until they saw exactly what they were dealing with. Julia Ioffe on how Trump's Russia reset will survive Flynn's ouster.