From the New Yorker, Adam Gopnik on Trump’s radical anti-Americanism: As the President rejects our foundational principles, all we can turn to is our instinct for shared defiance; and Andrea K. Scott on how New York museums signal their resistance to Trump. What is political resistance? William E. Scheuerman on an exploration of the word and its political connotations. The resistance is the majority of Americans — not a new tea party. Millennials aren’t the problem: Millennials aren’t destroying society — they’re on the front lines against the forces that are. Why the Left needs to keep protesting Trump and Co. Progressives want tax day to be the next Women's March protest.

As leaks multiply, fears of a “deep state” in America. Are deep-state leakers defending democracy or corroding it? There’s a showdown coming between Trump and the “deep state” and none of the outcomes are good: Jefferson Morley interviews Michael J. Glennon, author of National Security and Double Government. What is the deep state? Even if we assume the concept is valid, surely it’s not useful to think of the competing interests it represents as monolithic. Rafael Khachaturian on ditching the deep state: There is no unified “deep state” pulling the strings behind the scenes — the state itself is a site of struggle. There is no American “deep state”: Experts on Turkish politics say the use of that term misunderstands what it means in Turkey — and the ways that such allegations can be used to enable political repression.

One day after denouncing "hate-motivated violence", Spicer refuses to denounce Islamophobia. Another Donald Trump failure is not calling white supremacy "terrorism": Re-branding CVE programs to focus solely on Islamic extremism would be a profound mistake. CVE was doomed to fail — under Trump, it will get worse. Benjamin W. Goossen on how to radicalize a peaceful minority. Five ways Donald Trump is wrong about Islam: The White House's approach to the world's second largest religion isn't just bigoted — it's a strategic disaster. As tensions rise, Steve Bannon and ISIS get closer to their common goal: Civilizational war.

Trump's counter-jihad: How the anti-Muslim fringe conquered the White House. Flynn's firing is a scandal — but his hiring was, too. Flynn is gone, but there are still a lot of other Islamophobes in this administration. For Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka, an odyssey from the fringes of Washington to the center of power.

From the forthcoming Routledge Handbook of Archaeology and Globalization, edited by Tamar Hodos, here is the entry on Economic Aspects of Globalization in the Past Material World by Gary Feinman. Why was it so darned hard to get Trump to condemn anti-Semitism? Several answers suggest themselves, none of them good. Anne Frank Center: Anti-Semitism has "infected" Trump administration. Jeffrey C. Isaac on Trump and his recent denunciation of anti-Semitism: 11 theses. Sarah Larson on the Librarian of Congress and the greatness of humility. The age of rudeness: As the social contract frays, what does it mean to be polite? David Trotter reviews Orwell's Nose: A Pathological Biography by John Sutherland and Or Orwell: Writing and Democratic Socialism by Alex Woloch.

Noah Smith on the myth of the U.S. immigration crisis. An unintended side effect of Trump's border wall: Since the Great Recession, more Mexicans have left the United States than migrated there — constructing a barrier along the southern border may discourage more from going. Trump's border wall ignores a long history of U.S. cooperation with Mexico — that's a problem. Trump's version of a lawless US-Mexico border is being disputed by the people who live there. What happens to undocumented immigrants once they fall into ICE's hands? In New York, undocumented immigrants can languish in abominable detention centers for months or even years.

Trump administration issues new immigration enforcement policies, says goal is not "mass deportations" (and more). New Trump administration rules target far more people for deportation and prosecution. The government just put out the blueprint for President Trump's immigration crackdown: Almost everyone in the US without papers is now a priority for deportation. Trump Plan is to deport to Mexico immigrants crossing border illegally, regardless of nationality. Jeremy Neifeld on why Republicans should want to expand protection from deportation. Borderline delusion: Siddhartha Deb on the Bannon-Miller alternative history of immigration.

From Boston Review, beyond cynicism: William E. Scheuerman on why the GOP made peace with Trump. The Claremont Review of Books published “The Flight 93 Election”, an incendiary case for Donald J. Trump — can it now help pilot the American government? From National Review, a cover story on For Love of Country: Rich Lowry and Ramesh Ponnuru on how conservatives should embrace a sensible and moderate form of nationalism (and responses by Jonah Goldberg, Ben Shapiro, and John O’Sullivan). The anti-anti-Trump Right: For conservative publications, the business model is opposing the Left — and that means opposing the people who oppose Trump. Brendan Nyhan: “Anti-anti-Trumpism is the false balance of the conservative media”. Conservative talk radio stands by Trump despite turmoil.

4chan is the skeleton key to the rise of Trump: Trump’s younger supporters know he’s an incompetent joke; in fact, that’s why they support him. Ben Howe on how evangelical leaders enabled the rise of Milo Yiannopoulos. Milo Yiannopoulos just tasted the hypocrisy of the American Right: The fact that Milo's new friends weren't fine with pedophilia means that they were fine with racism, sexism, transphobia, etc. Trump’s America will be on vivid display at annual conservative gathering, CPAC. Sean Illing interviews Evan McMullin, former #NeverTrumper candidate, on why America needs a new conservative movement.

From CJR, what does Trump have in common with Hugo Chavez? A media strategy. "This is an emergency": Left-leaning sites grapple with Trump's defiant attempts to undercut the media. In Trump’s volleys, echoes of Alex Jones’s conspiracy theories. Has the White House press office’s silence become a weapon in its war on the media? A dangerous time for the press and the presidency: Trump’s branding of the press as an "enemy" seems less an attempt to influence coverage than an invitation to repression and even violence. Could reporters be hunted down if Trump goes after leakers? The best response to Trump’s press-bashing: Do your job. Chill with the "journalists are heroes" thing.