Matthew Lister (Penn): Fixing the Cracking in the Global Liberal Order: Thoughts on Making the Case for Progressive Immigration after Brexit and Trump. An argument for (more) open borders: Mary Kay Magistad interviews Chandran Kukathas, author of The Liberal Archipelago: A Theory of Diversity and Freedom. Hrishikesh Joshi on how there's no moral difference between a wall and a migrant visa. We should all be citizens of the world: Horatio Clare on how national borders cross a line of decency. Atossa Araxia Abrahamian interviews Branko Milanovic on the economist's case for open borders. Opening up borders: An idea economists tend to love and politicians detest. David Miller on why liberals should resist the call to open borders.

Frontiers of sex discrimination law: Jessica A. Clarke reviews Gender Nonconformity and the Law by Kimberly A. Yuracko. Transphobia redefined: A much-discussed essay in The American Conservative is an attack on trans people masquerading as an exercise in good faith. Thread: “Trump admin's withdrawal of the Obama admin's guidelines on transgender students and bathrooms may be getting misunderstood”. Trump will lose the fight over bathrooms for transgender students. Trump’s White House is for “states’ rights”, except when it’s against them: Sean Spicer took three different positions on states’ rights in one press conference (and more: “Why, it’s almost as if ‘states’ rights’ is not a principle”).

From Daily Intelligencer, Eric Levitz on how Trump’s immigration policies have already taken a toll on the U.S. economy (and more); and Trump to tackle deficit with imaginary growth, elimination of popular programs (and more). Why is federal government data disappearing? Rescuing government data from Trump has become a national movement. Trump loyalists gumming up the works in federal agencies. How federal civil servants are waging bureaucratic war against Trump. Is Donald Trump’s paranoia sabotaging his own cabinet? An inability to tolerate dissent has left the Trump administration dangerously short-staffed.

Trump wasn’t a real CEO — no wonder his White House is disorganized. The D.C. think tank behind Donald Trump: Alex Shepard on how the Heritage Foundation is shaping the president's playbook. When will Trump announce a policy agenda? Maybe never. Maybe Trump is just a weak president.

Andrew Lindner and Ziggy Schulting (Skidmore): How Movies with a Female Presence Fare With Critics: A Research Note. Hylke Dijkstra (Maastricht): Collusion in International Organisations: How States Benefit from the Authority of Secretariats. Trump wants to make sure U.S. nuclear arsenal at “top of the pack”. Police remove last Standing Rock protesters in military-style takeover. Inside Uber’s aggressive, unrestrained workplace culture. Democrats try to transcend symbolic divisions in DNC race. Listen to controversial White House terrorism adviser Sebastian Gorka’s angry call to a critic. The human toll of naval shipbuilding is staggering. Lost essay reveals Winston Churchill was almost certain aliens exist.

“The rallygoers were the perfect audience for the president”: Ishaan Tharoor on how the Trump presidency exists in a bubble. “Demonic activity was palpable” at Trump’s rally, pastor says. At town halls, more crowds face off against Republican lawmakers. Angry constituents are saving America from Trump and we are here for it. The massive wave of town hall protests ruining the GOP’s week, explained.

Trump forgets his Obama criticisms: The new president, who attacked Obama for golfing and personal travel, spends his first month outdoing his predecessor. Conservative activists refuse to believe Trump is spending more on travel than Obama. The art of Don’s con: Clancy Martin on what Trump shares with America's best swindlers. Russ Choma on Donald Trump's mystery $50 million (or more) loan: The president of the United States might have a secret creditor. This obscure news story, which should be huge, shows how Trump gets away with corruption: “The House of Representatives has refused to investigate either one of the two massive ongoing legal and ethical violations involving the Trump administration”.

CPAC, explained: A conference for ideologues has become a celebrity experience. Is Trump taking over conservatism, or is conservatism absorbing Trump? CPAC will be the latest litmus test. Conservatives can't figure out whether to embrace or denounce the alt-Right: The annual Conservative Political Action Conference began with a condemnation of the movement with close White House ties. Outcast no more: As the far Right goes mainstream, what will happen to their grievances? Stephen Bannon’s nationalist call to arms, annotated. Steve Bannon’s not-so-subtle threat to the media. “Steve, just say Jewish, this is taking forever”. Laurie Penny is on the Milo bus with the Lost Boys of America’s New Right.

"A conclusion in search of evidence to support it after being blocked by the courts": White House effort to justify travel ban causes growing concern for some intelligence officials. Muslim-American travelers are quietly having Global Entry privileges revoked. Sarah Lyons-Padilla and Michele J. Gelfand on the social scientific case against a Muslim ban. Why do so many Americans believe that Islam is a political ideology, not a religion? There has never been an America without Muslims: Shabana Mir reviews Muslims and the Making of America by Amir Hussain. Rumana Ahmed: "I was a Muslim in Trump's White House: When President Obama left, I stayed on at the National Security Council in order to serve my country — I lasted eight days".

Donald Trump plans to bypass the courts to deport as many people as possible. Under Trump, fear is a feature of immigration policy, not a bug. In Mexico, Trump administration promises there will be "no mass deportations" (and more). Yes, mass deportations are coming — and we know why. Here comes the GOP attack on legal immigration.

Jacob T. Levy on how the free society is an open society.