Pao-chen Tang (Chicago): Of Dogs and Hot Dogs: Distractions in Early Cinema. Can a cat make a community? Animals bring people together — and more sociologists should study them. Feral cats are an ecological disaster. Good thing cats are adorable, because they get away with a lot of crap. Colin Dickey reviews Cat Wars: The Devastating Consequences of a Cuddly Killer by Peter P. Marra and Chris Santella (and more and more and more and more). Michael Cholbi (CPP): The Euthanasia of Companion Animals. The case against pets: A morally just world would have no pets, no aquaria, no zoos, no fields of sheep, no barns of cows — that’s true animal rights.

Taylor Shelton (Kentucky): The Urban Geographical Imagination in the Age of Big Data. A new typology of global cities: The seven types of global cities driving the world economy. Megacities will gobble up the best farmland, leaving humans hungry. Why we should build our cities upward, not outward. From Vox, Bogota closes its roads every Sunday — now everyone wants to do it; how Barcelona is taking city streets back from cars; and economists are underestimating the costs of letting small Rust Belt cities shrink. How to build the better cities of tomorrow? It takes careful planning — and political science research.

From Literary Hub, a symposium on President Trump, One Month Later. Nixon's former attorney sees "echoes of Watergate" in President Trump's first month. The story of the week is Trump, Russia and the FBI — the rest is a distraction. What lay behind Russia's interference in the 2016 election and what lies ahead? Evan Osnos, David Remnick, and Joshua Yaffa on Trump, Putin, and the new cold war. Daniel Bessner on why Michael Flynn's foreign policy ideas will live on in Trump's White House. Sebastian Gorka is the Islamophobic huckster in the White House (and more). Senior Trump aide Sebastian Gorka forged key ties to anti-Semitic groups in Hungary. H.R. McMaster breaks with administration on views of Islam. McMaster has the Islamophobes worried, and that's a good thing. We looked at the new national security adviser's writings — turns out he's the anti-Bannon. Will Trump take "brutally forthright" advice from McMaster?

Donald Trump can do a lot with the "deep state": Even if the deep state isn't real, the idea of one could do real damage. Why the leaks won't stop: President Trump may rage and fume, but as long as there are holdouts in the government who disagree with him, there's very little he can do to stop them from leaking. In sweeping move, Trump puts regulation monitors in U.S. agencies. Trump's big agenda: Reagan started it, Bush expanded it — now conservatives are poised to privatize everything in sight.

Trump will likely sell out his working-class white base — here's how. Trump voters, your savior is betraying you. At least so far Trump has needed to sustain a pretty continuous level of just batshit crazy stuff to keep his numbers in the 40% approval range. Nate Silver on why polls differ on Trump's popularity. Trump is unpopular, but not as unpopular as liberals think.

President Trump wants to put on a show — governing matters less. Michael Kennedy on the conflicts and contradictions shaping Trump's legitimation crisis.

Thijs Van de Graaf (Ghent), Benjamin K. Sovacool (Vermont), Arunabha Ghosh (CEEW), Florian Kern (Sussex), and Michael T. Klare (Hampshire): States, Markets, and Institutions: Integrating International Political Economy and Global Energy Politics. Roger Berkowitz on Ted Lowi and The End of Liberalism. Emily Carroll interviews Richard Kirsch, author of Fighting for Our Health: The Epic Battle to Make Health Care a Right in the United States. Inside the recount: Jill Stein and a ragtag team of computer experts decided to take America’s elections to court — here’s how it all went wrong. Why Trump is skipping the White House Correspondents' Dinner. “This gets to the white bubble. Some hate filled bumpkins in Kansas don't even know what the people they hate look like”.

Christian Caryl on the two words Donald Trump can’t bring himself to say: “Freedom” or “democracy”. Trump's dangerous anti-libertarian nationalism: Promises to cut domestic regulations or shake up the system do not a tolerable libertarian make; Trump is indeed a major threat to core libertarian values — ask Ludwig Von Mises. “The conservative movement is Donald Trump”: Trump’s takeover of conservatism is faster and more decisive than anyone expected. Trump offers conservatives the world — in exchange for their principles. Peter Wehner on the battle for the soul of conservatism. Big tent or circus tent? Elizabeth Williamson on a conservative identity crisis in the Trump era. Conservatives are so confused about the alt-Right: This year's incoherent CPAC conference epitomizes the identity crisis facing conservatism today.

How Steve Bannon conquered CPAC — and the Republican Party. What does Steve Bannon want? There may be good reasons to worry, but they’re not the ones everyone is giving (and more). Where did Steve Bannon get his worldview? From Neil Howe’s The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy. Bannon and Trump are out for revenge. Neil Howe on Bannon, Trump, and the possibility of civil war in the US. Manipulating terror to end democracy: Timothy Snyder on the Reichstag warning. Experts on authoritarianism say Trump’s presidency “has gotten scarier”.

B. Jessie Hill (Case Western): The Identity of the Public University. Alexander Tsesis (Loyola): Campus Speech and Harassment. Can cries of "free speech" be a weapon? Students say yes. Peter Moskowitz on the campus free speech battle you're not seeing. Jesse Singal on why attacking free speech is the wrong way to counter campus anti-Semitism. Professor Larycia Hawkins wore a hijab in solidarity — then lost her job. Who's really placing limits on free speech? At state schools, micromanaging legislators pose a much greater danger than political correctness. Vanessa Wills on philosophy as a virtuous irritation: Can there be ruthless criticism in safe spaces? The free speech problem on campus is real — it will ultimately hurt dissidents.

Can the Democrats get organized? John Judis interviews Marshall Ganz. Can Democrats move Left — and to the suburbs? Michael Moore lists plan to make Trump “toast”. The new Twitter detectives want to bring down Trump without becoming Alex Jones. Why more Democrats are now embracing conspiracy theories. Establishment Democrats just won a needless proxy war: Tom Perez will lead the Democratic National Committee — but at what cost? Tom Perez's win wasn't the end of the fights that defined the 2016 primary — it was a pause. To succeed, Perez must ally with the grassroots activists who are more concerned with principles than with partisanship.