Richard J. Pierce (GWU): The Effects of President Trump’s Reversal of President Obama’s Climate Policies are Greatly Exaggerated. The little-known federal agency with the power to buck Trump’s anti-climate agenda. How carbon capture could become a rare bright spot on climate policy in the Trump era. How Republicans came to embrace anti-environmentalism: The deep roots of conservative opposition to the environmental state, explained. George W. Bush’s presidency was a worst-case scenario for environmentalists — then came Trump. The planet can’t stand this presidency: Trump is in charge at a critical moment for keeping climate change in check — we may never recover.

Michael Bloomberg to world leaders: Ignore Trump on climate change.

Carrie Figdor (Iowa): (When) Is Science Reporting Ethical? The Case for Recognizing Shared Epistemic Responsibility in Science Journalism. A Facebook-style shift in how science is shared. How anti-science forces thrive on Facebook: Welcome to the corner of the Internet that’s hell-bent on convincing you that GMOs are poisonous, vaccines cause autism, and climate change is a government-sponsored hoax — the message is traveling far and wide. The most common tricks politicians use to muddle inconvenient science. Can the White House office of science survive Trump? The office is nearly empty, and a climate-change denier may be picked to run it.

The March for Science, explained: Thousands will demonstrate in the name of evidence-based decision-making. The March for Science is forcing science to reckon with its diversity problem: Science has long been a white men’s club. Is reaching out beyond white men an example of “politicizing” science? Science is already political — so scientists might as well march. How the March for Science misunderstands politics: If protesters want to change policies, they need to target the values, interests, and power structures that shape how research is applied.

Geoboo Song and Rachael M. Moyer (Arkansas): Core Political Values? A Comparative Analysis of Left-Right Political Ideology and Cultural Orientations Among Policy Elites and the General Public. S. Nageeb Ali (Penn State) and Maximilian Mihm and Lucas Siga (NYU): The Perverse Politics of Polarization. “The Internet isn’t causing polarization. Old people are causing polarization” (and more). Philip Bump on the lopsided age distribution of partisan politics, visualized. Are you a liberal or a conservative? That may depend on where you live. Red state, blue state? The urban-rural divide is more significant.

Daniel L. Chen (Toulouse) and Jo Thori Lind (Oslo): The Political Economy of Beliefs: Why Fiscal and Social Conservatives/Liberals (Sometimes) Come Hand-in-Hand. Why facts don’t change our minds: New discoveries about the human mind show the limitations of reason. David E. Broockman (Stanford) and Christopher Skovron (Michigan): Conservative Bias in Perceptions of Public Opinion Among American Political Elites. The power of GOP partisanship captured in new polling. Why Americans vote “against their interest”: Partisanship.

With Trump appointees, a raft of potential conflicts and “no transparency”. Trump picks anti-government extremist Neomi Rao as his “regulatory czar”. Wall Street banker Cohn moving Trump toward moderate policies. The Trump cabinet has its own weekly far-Right Bible study group. Hugh Urban on the theology of Stephen K. Bannon. Sebastian Gorka likes to be called “Dr. Gorka”; he gets his way only in conservative media. Jeff Stein goes inside the rise of Ezra Cohen-Watnick, Trump’s invisible man in the White House. Meet Keith Schiller, the “most underestimated person on Trump’s team”. Trump’s White House staffers are being treated as celebrities — how new is this?

Don’t lose sight of what really matters about Ivanka Trump. A government of laws, not son-in-laws.

Chris Butler (Griffith): Space, Politics, Justice. Venezuelans are still demonstrating — what happens next for the dictatorship of President Nicolas Maduro? How Erdogan won more power but lost legitimacy in Turkey’s constitutional referendum. Guess what: South Koreans are furious at Prez Trump. Experts warn that Trump’s lies about North Korea hurt America’s credibility. Madeleine Davies interviews Jessa Crispin, author of Why I’m Not a Feminist: A Feminist Manifesto (and more and more and more and more). The GOP has a new plan to destroy Obamacare — it’s even crueler than the last one. The GOP’s biggest health care achievement has been making Obamacare more popular. Between philosophy and history: Alberto Comparini reviews Theory of the Novel by Guido Mazzoni.

Kate Dries on how Bill O’Reilly became “worst of all”. How Bill O'Reilly’s sexual harassment problem fits Fox News’s ideology. David Corn on how Fox News owns Bill O’Reilly’s ugly legacy. “$65M of the $85 Million in FOX harassment payouts is going to the men who were fired b/c of harassment allegations”.

Cass Sunstein (Harvard), Lucia A. Reisch (CBS), and Julius Rauber (Zeppelin): Behavioral Insights All Over the World? Public Attitudes Toward Nudging in a Multi-Country Study. The quest to keep behavioral economics in policy after Obama’s presidency: David Johnson reviews The Ethics of Influence: Government in the Age of Behavioral Science by Cass Sunstein. Francis Kuriakose (EUR) and Deepa Kylasam Iyer (Oxford): The Curious Case of Choice Architect: Examining the Philosophical Inconsistencies of Libertarian Paternalism. The first chapter from The Law of Good People: Challenging States’ Ability to Regulate Human Behavior by Yuval Feldman.

From TNR, stop obsessing over Hillary Clinton — it’s pointless; and the Democrats’ existential crisis won’t resolve itself: The party will have to fix it — and here’s how they might do so. Can Democrats be hopeful? Ruy Teixeira on 7 reasons why today’s Left should be optimistic. Gerrymandering means Democrats are playing a rigged game — in Georgia and everywhere else. Forget Georgia: Virginia Democrats say victory in obscure local race signals end of Trump. Can Sherrod Brown make Democrats working class again? For more than 20 years, Sherrod Brown has been winning elections in Ohio — but with Republicans gunning for the 2018 midterms, the Democratic senator has a target on his back.

What happens when that enormous Antarctic ice shelf finally breaks? Eric Roston and Blacki Migliozzi on how a melting Arctic changes everything. The Arctic is in such bad shape that scientists propose refreezing it ourselves. Trump presidency “opens door” to planet-hacking geoengineer experiments. US scientists launch world’s biggest solar geoengineering study. Jeremy Baskin (Melbourne): Geoengineering, the Anthropocene and the End of Nature. Stephen Gardiner (Washington): Some Early Ethics of Geoengineering. Is it okay to tinker with the environment to fight climate change? Scientists are investigating whether releasing tons of particulates into the atmosphere might be good for the planet — not everyone thinks this is a good idea. James Temple on the growing case for geoengineering.

From the Congressional Research Service, a report on France’s 2017 Presidential Election. Growing anti-Muslim rhetoric permeates French presidential election campaign. It’s France’s turn to worry about election meddling by Russia. Europe has problems, but Le Pen is not the answer. Marine Le Pen wants to kill the European Union — but it actually helps pay her bills. Le Pen’s inner circle fuels doubt about bid to “un-demonize” her party. French literary boy wonder Edouard Louis on saving the working class from Marine Le Pen. The rise of Jean-Luc Melenchon and France’s “post-democracy”: The new face of French populism has upended its presidential race — and perhaps the country’s future (and more and more).

French voters may end up choosing between a radical leftist and a neo-fascist. France’s best hope against a far-right takeover is an inexperienced former banker. Cole Stangler on the trouble with Macron.

From a darling of white supremacists, a shrug and a “Who, Me?”: Bell Curve author Charles Murray wants students to know that he has nothing in common with Steve Bannon. Bannon’s decline isn’t the end of the White House’s “alt-Right”: Same white nationalism, different white nationalist. When “Western civilization” is code for white nationalism: To see what Steve King means by the term, watch how he uses it. White nationalist Matthew Heimbach sues Trump for inciting him to beat up protestors. Lawsuit: White supremacist’s trolls sent woman hundreds of threatening messages. David Futrelle goes inside the dangerous convergence of men’s-rights activists and the extreme alt-Right.

Reeves Wiedeman on the Duke lacrosse scandal and the birth of the alt-Right. Does the Religious Right’s decline help the alt-Right? There isn’t a strong relationship between religious observance and racial attitudes. InfoWars’ big alt-Right breakup with Richard Spencer — and the KKK. Dylan Matthews on why the alt-Right loves single-payer health care. White nationalist Richard Spencer gets his money from Louisiana cotton fields — and the US government. Nancy LeTourneau on countering the lies of white nationalists.