Steve Benen on the select few who have Donald Trump’s ear. The billionaire behind Bannon and Trump: Sean Illing interviews Jane Mayer, author of Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right. Breitbart is not independent, it’s the communications arm of the Mercers’ empire. How Hollywood remembers Steve Bannon: He says that, before he became a senior adviser to the President, he was a successful player in the film industry — but what did he actually do? Suspected Nazi enthusiast Sebastian Gorka’s degree probably fake. “A peddler of snake oil”: How Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka failed upwards from Hungary to the White House. Molly Ball on Grover Norquist, the happiest man in Washington.

Trump learns old Republican politics works. Under Trump, the Washington “swamp” is as bogged down as ever. The swamp is getting tired of winning: Trump learns old Republican politics works.

Laurence H. Tribe (Harvard): Transcending the Youngstown Triptych: A Multidimensional Reappraisal of Separation of Powers Doctrine. Jud Mathews (Penn State): Presidential Administration in the Obama Era. Cary Coglianese and Christopher S. Yoo (Penn): The Bounds of Executive Discretion in the Regulatory State. Cary Coglianese (Penn) and Kristin Firth (Chicago): Separation of Powers Legitimacy: An Empirical Inquiry into Norms About Executive Power. Neal Devins (William and Mary): Why Congress Does Not Challenge Judicial Supremacy. Lee Epstein (WUSTL) and Eric Posner (Chicago): The Decline of Supreme Court Deference to the President.

Trump was going to investigate voter fraud — what happened? This poll number is a testament to the power of fake news: “A majority of Republicans — 52% — say that they believe then-President Barack Obama spied on then-candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign”. David Cole on Trump’s travel bans: Look beyond the text. Trump creates office that allows victims of crimes to blame immigrants. Bomb envy: Rafia Zakaria on how Trump learned to be loved. Why Trump’s plan to use China against North Korea is probably doomed: China ultimately sees North Korea as an asset. Once critical of global deals, Trump slow to pull out of any. The “Never-Mind-What-Trump-Said” foreign policy endures.

Team Trump puts on a clinic on how not to negotiate. Bluster followed by surrender: Is this another Trump pattern? Michael Grunwald on Trump’s first 100 days: The president has done more — and less — to change America than you think. America is getting used to Trump’s insanity: The president has managed to accomplish at least one big thing in his first 100 days — the once unthinkable is now unremarkable.

Sara Meger (CEU): War as Feminized Labour in the Global Political Economy of Neoimperialism. Andrew Barry (UCL): Infrastructure and the Earth. Can Iran and India turn the page? From security to energy, the two rising powers have many interests in common. “They starve you. They shock you”: Andrew Kramer goes inside the anti-gay pogrom in Chechnya. Marine Le Pen may get a lift from an unlikely source: The far Left. Trump’s FCC chair Ajit Pai just declared war on Obama’s net neutrality rules. Aisha Harris on a history of self-care, from its radical roots to its yuppie-driven middle age to its election-inspired resurgence. Benjamin Barber, author of Jihad vs. McWorld, dies.

From the Congressional Research Service, reports on “U.S. Direct Investment Abroad: Trends and Current Issues” and “Foreign Direct Investment in the United States: An Economic Analysis”. David P. Fidler (Indiana): President Trump, Trade Policy, and American Grand Strategy: From Common Advantage to Collective Carnage. Zeeshan Aleem read Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro’s anti-China book — it’s wilder than you can imagine. Why is Trump risking a trade war with Canada? The president has softened some of his tough talk toward China and Mexico, transferring it to Canada and disputes over softwood lumber and dairy products.

Trump close to notifying Canada, Mexico of intent to withdraw from NAFTA. Republicans tell Trump to hold up on NAFTA withdrawal. Hours after floating threat to scrap NAFTA, Trump says he’ll renegotiate.

Simon Dalby (Wilfrid Laurier): Anthropocene Geopolitics: Practicalities of the Geological Turn. Nicholas Lezard reviews The Shock of the Anthropocene by Christophe Bonneuil and Jean-Baptiste Fressoz. Scientists have just detected a major change to the Earth’s oceans linked to a warming climate. Will we miss our last chance to save the world from climate change? The slow confiscation of everything: Laurie Penny on how to think about climate apocalypse. Humans may be living in Triassic-period conditions by 2250. Our climate future is actually our climate present: How do we live with the fact that the world we knew is going and, in some cases, already gone.

Trump’s tax proposal: What it means for the rich, for the world and for you. Trump proposes giant, unfunded tax cut for himself (and more). Trump’s “tax plan” isn’t a real plan. Trump’s much hyped tax plan is basically the words “I want to cut taxes” written on a sheet of paper. Donald Trump’s proposed tax cuts are a joke, not a “plan”. This one-page “plan” is really just a publicity stunt so he can say he introduced it during his first hundred days — what a doofus. Donald Trump hasn’t even finished writing his tax plan yet, and yet it already looks poised to meet a humiliating death on Capitol Hill (and more). DNC chairman: Trump’s tax cuts and budget plans are “morally bankrupt”.