Helge Arsheim (Oslo): Religion and International Organizations. Somalis are fleeing famine — only to find death in a place of refuge. Don’t be duped or misled about the Venezuela protests — these 5 insights will help. Did the Turkish president’s security detail attack protesters in Washington? What the video shows. Lawfare isn’t the blog we deserve, but it is the one we need in Trump’s America. Sarah Herrington reviews May Cause Love: An Unexpected Journey of Enlightenment After Abortion by Kassi Underwood. GDP is built on a great lie: Lorenzo Fioramonti on why GDP is such a dangerous number. Mount Everest’s Hillary Step has collapsed, mountaineer confirms. Trying not to drown in a flood of major breaking news.

Fareed Zakaria on how Saudi Arabia played Donald Trump. The pope and the pagan: Andrew Sullivan on the vast, empty, and dark space that lies between Donald Trump and anything resembling Christianity. Why Trump is a salesman with autocrats and a slumlord with allies. As G7 ends, it’s clear how world leaders are learning to handle Donald Trump.

From Congressional Research Service, a report on NATO funding and burdensharing. Steve Saideman on Trump’s unpopularity and what it means for NATO. Trump confirms Europe’s worst fears: Worried continental leaders discover that the U.S. president’s brash and unpredictable persona is not an act. Europe can no longer “completely depend” on America, Merkel says: Time for Europe to “take our fate into our own hands” (and more). Donald Trump acted like “a drunk tourist” on Europe trip that led Angela Merkel to proclaim end of US alliance. Angela Merkel, Donald Trump and the end of the west: The German leader’s speech was a blunder and risks becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Thanks to Trump, Germany says it can’t rely on the United States — what does that mean? Germany is quietly building a European army under its command. Trump’s trip was a catastrophe for U.S.-Europe relations. Eurasia is on the rise — will the US be left on the sidelines?

From Art Monthly, Larne Abse Gogarty on the Art Right. From e-flux, Yuk Hui on the unhappy consciousness of neoreactionaries. The public square belongs to 4Chan: Joseph Bernstein on the future of civic space and free speech in the age of the alt-Right. Hiding in plain sight: How the “alt-Right” is weaponizing irony to spread fascism. Alice Marwick and Becca Lewis on the online radicalization we’re not talking about. Changing face of terrorism: The case of a white supremacist charged with murdering a black man may help redefine “terrorism”. The rising homegrown terror threat on the Right. The U.S. has a homegrown terrorist problem — and it’s coming from the right.

Suspected attacker Jeremy Joseph Christian stood out amid rising tensions in Portland. “A man yelled anti-Muslim slurs and murdered two people. Reverse the killer/slur scenario and there would be nothing else on TV for days”. “The presumption that the attacker is mentally ill and not ‘radicalized’ is strictly based on religion and race, btw”.

Why did Russia become such a big issue only after November? In part because of who won. Trump spilling secrets to Russia is another damning indictment of 2016 emails coverage. Richard Clarke on why everyone warned about Trump’s Russia ties couldn’t believe their eyes. Why the Russia investigation matters and why you should care. Why does President Trump stay loyal to Michael Flynn? The many ways Trump has tried to intervene in the Russia investigation, in one chart. How a prosecutor might use Trump’s pattern of behavior to show he obstructed justice. Trump should be scared, Comey friend Benjamin Wittes says.

William H. J. Hubbard (Chicago): Quantum Economics, Newtonian Economics, and Law. Mixing politics and sports: James M. Dorsey on Turkish soccer campaigns for President Erdogan. Josh Barro on the Gianforte body-slam and how the GOP is stuck in a high-school mindset. Trump reportedly wants to stop Germans from selling so many cars here, where they’re made. The introduction to Money Talks: Explaining How Money Really Works, ed. Nina Bandelj, Frederick F. Wherry and Viviana A. Zelizer. Washington Post, breaking news, is also breaking new ground. Why the last few weeks have been full of evening bombshell news reports. Sick of being shocked by the news? Don’t worry, it will get worse.

Ted Galen Carpenter on NATO’s real alliance dilemma. Trump isn’t a huge fan of NATO — but his complaints are off target. Trump’s speech to NATO left out the two words allies wanted to hear. Don’t forget: Trump is brazenly lying about NATO. The fix is in; NATO is out. “Close to a disaster”: Foreign policy scholar explains massive damage done by Trump’s NATO speech. No, Trump can’t get through a trip without creating chaos. Trump’s behavior at NATO is a national embarrassment.

Frank Houston: “I was at FoxNews.com during the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. It created a monster”. Is Fox News part of the mainstream media? It depends. Is a civil war brewing inside Fox? After Megyn Kelly’s departure, Fox News benefitted from the ascendance of older white men — but now, the network is roiling from a new scandal. Roger Ailes was one of the worst Americans ever: Fox News founder made this the hate-filled, moronic country it is today. Fire Sean Hannity: His obsession with the Seth Rich conspiracy theory should be the last straw (and more). The Seth Rich conspiracy shows how fake news still works.

Will Donald Trump be impeached? Nate Silver on how to think about the chances. To impeach or not to impeach — and is that even the question? Democrats should proudly call for Trump’s impeachment: Some rank-and-file members are doing it — why aren’t the party’s leaders showing the same courage of conviction? The case for impeaching Trump and fast: This is the exact situation impeachment was meant for — let’s hurry up. Why Democrats in 2018 shouldn’t campaign to impeach Trump: Nothing fires up the liberal base like calls for impeachment — but will that flip seats controlled by Republicans? How Watergate helped Republicans — and gave us Trump: Democrats hoping for impeachment shouldn’t get too excited.

If you want to prosecute a president, impeach him first. Donald Trump to America: Please impeach me. So what exactly counts as an impeachable offense? No, impeachment doesn’t work that way: Let’s step back and talk about what’s what — the actual facts of how it works — when it comes to impeachment.

Emil Edenborg (Sodertom): Homophobia as Geopolitics: Putin’s Ban on “Homosexual Propaganda” and the Negotiation of Russia’s Place in the World. Amy Knight on Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov, Putin’s monster. Putin’s dragon: Chechen ruler Ramzan Kadyrov has fashioned the war-torn region in his own image — is he out of control? Chaim Shinar (OUI): Are the Chechens Freedom Fighters Or Terrorists? Giedrius Cesnakas (Vytautas Magnus): Energy Resources as the Tools of Foreign Policy: The Case of Russia. Trump claims he wants closer ties with Russia — here are 3 reasons that won’t fly. What do we know about Russia’s “grand strategy”?

Philipp Casula (Zurich): Russia’s Foreign Policy from the Crimean Crisis to the Middle East: Great Power Gamble or Biopolitics? It sounds unlikely, but there is a way Ukraine and Russia could make peace. Lithuania gears up for war with Russia: New military recruits train for battle against their powerful neighbor.

From Chiasma: A Site For Thought, a special issue on Ends of Philosophy. Nicole Siller (Deakin): “Modern Slavery”: Does International Law Distinguish between Slavery, Enslavement and Trafficking? Phylogenetic paleoecology: An article on tree-thinking and ecology in deep time. How Trump’s aides pulled off Middle East tour: The president’s smooth tour through Saudi Arabia and Israel reflected careful advance planning by a trio of White House officials. Donald Trump's foreign trip is going smoothly — it won’t last. How scared should we be of Trump’s voter fraud commission? Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib on heartbreak, hope, and finally, a parade: Cleveland is the sports city worth rooting for.

From Cracked, here is a zero B.S. guide to American healthcare. Why won’t more American corporations support single-payer health care? Warren Buffett is rare among CEOs in publicly recognizing the economic benefits of Medicare for All. Scott Lemieux on the path to universal healthcare (and part 2). Trump, shouting “death spiral”, has nudged Affordable Care Act downward. Trump’s sabotage takes its toll on the health care system. Abbe Gluck on how the G.O.P. sabotaged Obamacare. Trumpcare is Russian roulette for people with pre-existing conditions. CBO: Republican health care bill raises premiums for older, poor Americans by as much as 850%.

Will Republican lies catch up to them before or after they ruin people’s lives? It’s time to worry about health care in the Senate. Senate Republicans are now reliving the House’s health care nightmare.