From Harper’s, Robert Paxton on American Duce: Is Donald Trump a fascist or a plutocrat? Fascism has already come to America: For generations of black Americans, the United States between the end of Reconstruction and the civil rights movement was a dystopian state. Trump is now talking about consolidating his power. Has Trump increased the power of the presidency? How Trump has reshaped the presidency, and how it’s changed him, too. Trump is an authoritarian in his actions and his words — and words are actions. The five ways President Trump has already damaged democracy at home and abroad. Eric Levitz on all the norms the president has already destroyed. Congratulations, Mr President, on your wild romp through all norms and rules. Francis Fukuyama on how Trump has already started building a legacy — it’s highly negative.

How Trump could get fired: The Constitution offers two main paths for removing a President from office — how feasible are they? Donald Trump and the erosion of American democracy: With his attacks on judges, journalists and critics, U.S. President Donald Trump is chipping away at the foundations of democracy — is the American Constitution strong enough to withstand the assault? Timothy Snyder: “It’s pretty much inevitable” that Trump will try to stage a coup and overthrow democracy.

From the Graduate Journal of Social Science, a special issue on Men, Masculinities, and Violence. Masculinity and violence in the age of anger: Molly Crabapple interviews Pankaj Mishra, author of Age of Anger: A History of the Present. Frank Bruni on manhood in the age of Trump. Study confirms some men use anti-gay and sexist jokes to shore up their masculinity. Kristen Barber (Southern Illinois): “Men Wanted”: Heterosexual Aesthetic Labor in the Masculinization of the Hair Salon. Antonia Randolph (CNU), Holly Swan, and Kristin D. Rowe (Michigan State): “That Shit Ain’t Gangsta”: Symbolic Boundary Making in an Online Urban Gossip Community.

Well-earned respectability or legitimation of masculinities? Powerful and publicly celebrated men in pre- and post-collapse Iceland. The cuck-haters want to break masculinity into a more perfect pecking order: No fetish-video can explain the comeback of “cuckold” — instead, ask Charles Fourier. We need a new masculinity, built upon a more solid and lasting foundation of liberal gender norms. Here’s (more) evidence testosterone makes men dumber.

Andrew Heiss and Judith G. Kelley (Duke): Between a Rock and a Hard Place: International NGOs and the Dual Pressures of Donors and Host Governments. Jonathan S. Masur and Eric A. Posner (Chicago): Cost-Benefit Analysis and the Judicial Role. Alex De Waal on the end of interventionism. The Trump administration just cut all funding for the UN’s family planning agency. Trump could probably kill the legislative filibuster. GOP senators reject Trump’s call for getting rid of filibuster. This is what a modern-day witch hunt looks like. Invisible manipulators of your mind: Tamsin Shaw reviews The Undoing Project: A Friendship That Changed Our Minds by Michael Lewis.

Nicholas Bagley (Michigan): Federalism and the End of Obamacare. This is the triumph of Republican bitterness over human decency: Obamacare’s triumph — except in the South. Republican Mo Brooks blurts out that sick people don’t deserve affordable care; and GOP Congressman Robert Pittenger says sick people who lose affordable health coverage should just move. Obamacare repeal is stuck because too many Republicans like Obamacare. The fight for control of the Heritage Foundation: Jim DeMint’s ouster has become the epicenter of a battle over the direction of the conservative movement.

Marlene Manoff (MIT): Archival Silence in the Age of Trump. Lilian Moncrieff (Glasgow): Trumpism and Being in Worlds that Fall between Worlds. Mirror stage president: No amount of coverage seems to be enough, and what coverage there is always falls short. Move over, Putin: Trump’s got a new man-crush. Adrian Chen on what Trump sees in Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte. Unexplained fondness for totalitarian leaders dogs Donald Trump (and more). How will we know if Trump is succeeding? Why Trump’s negotiation skills have become a liability to Republicans. “If you keep fucking with Mr. Trump we know where you live”. Trump: Crazy like a fox, or just crazy? Abnormal America: Our political reality is the stuff of nightmares.

NY Times’ new hire Bret Stephens is still writing about climate, still doesn’t know what he’s talking about. From TNR, Emily Atkin on the rise of “kinder, gentler” climate-change deniers: Bret Stephens might seem reasonable compared to conspiracy theorists, but his stealth denial is far more damaging; Bret Stephens’s opinions aren’t the problem: Ideological diversity doesn't justify lowering argumentative standards for conservatives, or anyone else; and Bret Stephens isn’t the only problem at the New York Times op-ed page: From Friedman to Bruni, the paper of record’s columnists are abysmal. Mike the Mad Biologist on the ethics of a New York Times subscription.