Julie Seaman (Emory) and David Sloan Wilson (Binghamton): #FreeSpeech. Why can’t Silicon Valley fix online harassment? The answer might stretch back to the founding principles of the web. Centralized web services are wonderful — until they go wrong: When thousands of companies use a single web services company, even small mistakes can prove catastrophic. The web looks like shit — using the Internet shouldn’t be this hard. Three challenges for the web, according to its inventor: Tim Berners-Lee on how the web has evolved, and what we must do to ensure it fulfils his vision of an equalising platform that benefits all of humanity.

Jack Gieseking (Trinity): The Geographical Imagination. From the AAG Review of Books, a book review forum on the 7th edition of Geography and Geographers: Anglo-American Human Geography since 1945. From Antipode, a symposium: “Did We Accomplish the Revolution in Geographic Thought?”; and a manifesto on “The Active Role of Geography”. From Progress in Human Geography, Kean Birch (York) and Matti Siemiatycki (Toronto): Neoliberalism and the Geographies of Marketization: The Entangling of State and Markets. Dragos Simandan (Brock): Demonic Geographies. Jose M. Gaspar (Porto): New Economic Geography: History and Debate.

Eric Goldman (Santa Clara): Surveying the Law of Emojis. Katharine Richards and Richard Ashby Wilson (UConn): Truth and Reconciliation Commissions: Anthropological Perspectives. A “blasphemy killing” at a university shocks Pakistan. Hedge fund mogul Robert Mercer, one of the biggest financial backers of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, was sued by a former employee who claims he was fired for calling Mercer racist and publicly criticizing his support of Trump. Thomas MacMillan interviews Andrew Shtulman, author of Scienceblind: Why Our Intuitive Theories About the World Are So Often Wrong. The day before the renaissance: The only antidote for 100-days mania and 24-hour news cycles is to shift focus from the urgent to the important.

Nancy LeTourneau on what the upheaval at Fox News and the Heritage Foundation have in common (and more and more on Heritage). Historians aren’t to blame for Donald Trump. Conservatives are wrong about everything, except predicting their own place in the culture. Albert Hunt on what Obama can do for the Democrats. Washington loves General McMaster, but Trump doesn't. GOP is hunkering down for a long legislative winter. Melania’s burden: From Melania’s ill-fated campaign appearances to her apparent reluctance to embrace the role of First Lady — how a very private woman is coping with the intense public scrutiny of her marriage. Dilbert’s revenge: Mediocrity is the divine ideal of Trump’s court cartoonist.

Disaster in the time of Trump: The public’s mistrust of President Trump might be especially dangerous in a catastrophe rooted in science — like an asteroid, nuclear spill, volcanic eruption, or the next Ebola. The money is rolling in for liberal hyperpartisan sites and it’s tearing some of them apart. Mar-a-Lago, Dubai, Aspen: The bottom line on protecting Trumps in the first 100 days is more than $30 million. How the states can make President Trump’s taxes public. The Kushners add to Trump’s growing conflicts of interest: The sister of Trump’s top adviser just pitched her White House connections to Chinese investors. The controversial visa that Jared Kushner’s family is hawking in China, explained.

Ines Valdez (OSU): Non-Domination or Practices of Freedom? French Muslim Women, Foucault, and the Full Veil Ban. The professor and the jihadi: When a terrorist made a death threat against Gilles Kepel, France’s most famous scholar of Islam, it deepened his embroilment in a national debate over Muslim assimilation and extremism. Can zombies make history? Ian Birchall reviews Who is Charlie? Xenophobia and the New Middle Class by Emmanuel Todd. As France’s towns wither, fears of a decline in “Frenchness”. The French, coming apart: Christopher Caldwell on Christophe Guilluy, a social thinker who illuminates his country’s populist divide. France and its intellectuals: Robert Zaretsky reviews La Fin de L’Intellectuel Francais? De Zola a Houellebecq by Shlomo Sand.

Macron’s rout of Le Pen shows how Trump is hurting rightwing populists. Why Emmanuel Macron matters to the whole world: If he fails, populism, nationalism and protectionism will soon be resurgent. Liberals should still be worried about France. A buffet of French history: Robert Darnton reviews Histoire mondiale de la France, ed. Patrick Boucheron.