What is power and how can you get it? Sarah Jaffe reviews is You’re More Powerful Than You Think: A Citizen’s Guide to Making Change Happen by Eric Liu. The problem with Saul Alinsky: If the Left is going to rebuild power in the age of Trump, we shouldn’t look to Saul Alinsky for a roadmap. The path of most resistance: Jeet Heer on the promise and perils of the fight against Trump. Vanessa Williamson and Theda Skocpol on four lessons that today’s activists might learn from the experience of the tea party. The importance of resistance: Lauren Duca on why we all need to be activists right now. Rebecca Bodenheimer on Susan Sarandon, “Bernie Bro” politics, and white privilege. Why is top Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe sharing anti-Trump conspiracy theories? Stop promoting liberal conspiracy theories on Twitter.

Does Donald Trump have a fully developed theory of mind? The President will not take any internal criticism, no matter how politely it is given — he does not want advice, cannot be corrected, and is too insecure to see any constructive feedback as anything other than an attack. We’re running a very interesting social experiment right now, which is to put the executive branch of the government of the world’s most powerful nation in the hands of a narcissistic imbecile with the attention span of a fruit fly, the emotional stability of an over-tired toddler, and the substantive political knowledge of a seventh-grader who didn’t really study for his American Government exam. The experts were right: Trump isn’t fit to be president. “Every tweet. Every goddamn tweet of his predicts a future lined with his own fuck-ups. He’s like a time traveler failing to warn himself”.

How the pro-Trump media responds to a crisis in just 4 steps: Stay quiet, blame and discredit, change the news cycle, and then close the loop. Trump’s fans shrug off Oval Office leak: “Total bullshit”, one pro-Trump troll said of reports that the president disclosed sensitive intelligence to the Russians. These 2 charts show why more Republicans don’t object to how Trump fired Comey. Trump is using a Nixon tactic to shore up conservative support in a crisis. All the president’s yes men: Trump’s most credible messengers are being accurate — but they’re not being honest. The tarnishing of H.R. McMaster: One of America’s finest soldiers has been dragged into Trump’s swamp of deceit. Free advice to Trump aides: Quit while you can. Republicans need to abandon the Trump ship ASAP: America’s national security demands it.

Republicans in a panic over Russia — will they do the right thing? Republicans need to stop hoping Trump will change: The question is what they’re going to do about it. Judd Legum on the myth of Republicans in Congress “pulling away from Trump”. Why partisans are slow to turn on their president. McConnell makes it plain: Sharing that classified intelligence was pretty bad — but let’s focus on the big picture which is tax reform. Maximillian Alvarez on the Gospel According to Mitch: Everyone knows McConnell is a slimy hypocrite — what’s worse, everyone knows that his hypocrisy works.

Mitchell Dean (CBS): Power as Sumbolon: Sovereignty, Governmentality and the International. Joel S. Newman (Wake Forest): Should Olympic Medals Be Taxed? Trump expands Global Gag Rule, affecting nearly $9 billion in international aid. Bruce Schneier on how the next ransomware attack will be worse than WannaCry. Allow me to womansplain the problem with gendered language: Words such as “girlboss” and “manspreading” have gone from making an important point to reinforcing the differences between men and women. Should 25-year-olds be tried as juveniles? Science — and law enforcement — are rethinking what it means to be an adult. The introduction to Self-Determination by Thomas Pink.

Trump revealing classified intel to the Russians wasn’t illegal — but it is impeachable. The law can’t stop Trump — only impeachment can. Julia Azari on how presidential impeachments are about politics, not law. Poll: Voters favor impeaching Trump by 7-point margin. Comey’s memo is the smoking gun of Donald Trump’s Watergate. Donald Trump has committed the exact offense that forced Richard Nixon to resign. Trump’s protective Republican wall in Congress cracks: A few days ago, impeachment and removal seemed inconceivable — suddenly, it isn’t. What would happen if Donald Trump were impeached? “Fun fact: Attorney General Jeff Sessions voted to remove Bill Clinton from office for obstruction of justice in 1999”.

Elizabeth Warren: Trump’s Russia scandals are a sign of the 1%’s unchecked political power. Why Trump looks so compromised by the Russians. Reliable sources: Why we should believe the anonymous officials in the Washington Post’s leak story over McMaster, Tillerson, and Trump. Donald Trump is a serious threat to American national security. Trump is putting the country at intolerable risk: His reckless disclosure to the Russians is more proof he’s unfit to be president, but the Republicans won’t act to avert a constitutional crisis. Ben Wizner on how more Trump leaks can save America. The search for Donald Trump’s own Watergate: Some call it “Russiagate”, others “Comeygate” — what are we really saying when we apply the Nixonian suffix?

From Vox, Sean Illing interviews ex-CIA officer Glenn Carle on why intelligence officials “absolutely can’t trust” Trump; and “we won’t get similar information again”: Zack Beauchamp interviews intel expert Paul Pillar on the real costs of Trump’s breach. How bad is disclosing “code word” information? If you’re known as someone who cannot keep a secret, the world’s secret-keepers are not going to tell you much. Will U.S. intelligence partners Trust trump anymore? One former senior White House official said Trump’s loose lips on intel could cause a “ripple effect”. Walk softly and blurt out whatever is on your mind: What Trump’s big mouth could mean for American foreign policy. Trump’s mouth has made America an unreliable ally: That’s good news for Europe, if it seizes this moment to finally reform NATO. NATO frantically tries to Trump-proof president’s first visit.