Trump is a president gripped by delusions of absolute power. Daniel Kurtz-Phelan on the malice of Trump’s incompetence. President Trump, desperate dealmaker: The president is cutting deals, but all of the available evidence suggests that he is getting played. The president is not a child — he’s something worse. Tony Schwartz: “I wrote ‘The Art of the Deal’ with Trump. His self-sabotage is rooted in his past”. Yes, Trump is dumb, but is Trump actually smart? The scariest thought: What if Donald Trump just doesn’t know what he’s doing? Daniel W. Drezner on that thing Trump did: Introducing the Generic Trump White House Scandal Column Generator.

Mona Lilja, Mikael Baaz, Michael Schulz and Stellan Vinthagen (Gothenberg): How Resistance Encourages Resistance: Theorizing the Nexus between Power, “Organised Resistance” and “Everyday Resistance”. How Andrew Cuomo profits from a Republican Senate. We'll need new security standards when hackers go after the Internet of Things. Teen magazines have always covered more than fashion — you just didn’t notice. Meet Chokwe Antar Lumumba, the Left radical who will likely be Jackson, Mississippi’s next mayor. Does money make us selfish? Philip Goodchild on money, trust, and self-interest. Researchers develop measures to capture moral judgments and empathy. 1,750 for a copy of Oz magazine.

Karen Turner interviews Ellen Mickiewicz, author of No Illusions: The Voices of Russia’s Future Leaders, on how Russians watch the news. Cynthia Hooper goes inside Russia’s alternate media reality. Russia has weaponized fake news to sow chaos: The Kremlin’s influence campaign goes far beyond Trump’s victory — and their latest unsuspecting targets are American conservatives. Russia has set up a website to “expose” Western media stories as fake news. Russophobia has been an allegation levied against independence-minded Poles in the late 19th century and pro-Western dissidents in the late 20th century — but it was Putin’s regime that essentially weaponized the Russophobia smear in the early 21st century.