Is that a Democratic tsunami taking shape for 2018? It’s way too early to speculate about the 2018 midterms — so let’s get started. Will the reality of Trump reverse the black turnout slump? David Leonhardt on how Democrats can get their mojo back. Potential 2020 candidates are already spending big on online ads — here’s why. The 2020 Democratic showcase: 5 takeaways. Can Cory Booker win over progressives? The rising star seemed destined to be a 2020 contender — but the populist wave and Trump resistance threaten to stall his ascent. What can Sherrod Brown do for the Democratic Party? Democrats divide on Bernie’s 2020 plans: Many are furious that Sanders appears to be running for president again, or planning to drag out his decision on whether to run.

Eric Brandom (Kansas State): Violence in Translation: Georges Sorel, Liberalism, and Totalitarianism from Weimar to Woodstock. Richard M. Hutchings (ICHT) and Marina La Salle (Vancouver Island): Archaeology as State Heritage Crime. Jan-Werner Moller the CEU and Hungary’s war on education. Dave Zirin on a lynching on the University of Maryland campus. Christina Cauterucci on how the Skimm, a chic news digest for women, is the newsletter version of Ivanka Trump. Alex Jones’s media empire is a machine built to sell snake-oil diet supplements. Alex Jones will never stop being Alex Jones. Tom Hanks is fed up with NFL billionaires scamming taxpayers for stadiums. The first chapter from Decolonization: A Short History by Jan C. Jansen and Jurgen Osterhammel.

The Supreme Court’s big racial gerrymandering decision, explained. Clarence Thomas miraculously joins Supreme Court ruling against North Carolina gerrymandering.

What kind of deal is Trump making with Saudi Arabia? Fred Kaplan on Trump’s dangerous plan to back the Sunni Arab states against Iran. Zeeshan Aleem on why Trump’s subtle mistake during his important Islam speech is so revealing: The difference between “Islamic” and “Islamist” matters. Trump’s Muslim tolerance extends only to autocrats. How Trump got comfortable with Saudi religious extremism. Anne Applebaum on Trump’s bizarre and un-American visit to Saudi Arabia. Margaret Hartmann on the most bizarre moments from Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia. Trump’s first foreign trip is all downhill from here. #atweetforeveryoccasion