How G.O.P. leaders came to view climate change as fake science (and more). Why some American conservatives aren’t worried about climate change. Paris decision underscores the visceral expression of Trump’s worldview. Why Trump actually pulled out of Paris: It wasn’t because of the climate, or to help American business — he needed to troll the world and this was his best shot so far. If the liberal global elites have established a policy architecture to minimize the threat of climate change, weakening that policy architecture is its own reward — there is not much more to it than that. Trump sees alienating our European allies as an end in itself. Donald Trump has no political philosophy beyond pissing off liberals. To the president and the Right, it’s all about spite, not economics or science.

Republicans are the “Rolling Coal” Party: From Paris withdrawal to Obamacare repeal, their agenda is just like the juvenile truck-pollution trend — its goal is to piss off liberals. Don’t just blame Trump for quitting the Paris deal — blame the Republican Party. Trump’s voters are responsible for killing the Paris climate agreement. “This is the absolute perfect distillation of the right’s central position on climate change”. Scott Lemieux on Trump and identity politics. Trump’s Paris climate decision shows the threat rising tribalism poses to the planet: Cosmopolitanism must win the war, or we’re screwed.

Nine reasons Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement doesn’t make sense. Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris accord is performative isolationism. How the states can still fight climate change — without the federal government. Can states and cities really address climate change? Corporate America finally got on board to fight climate change — then came Trump. America’s CEOs fall out of love with Trump. Why are these CEOs still standing with Trump on climate? It turns out Trump can’t just pull the U.S. out of the Paris accord today. Eric Posner on the odd kabuki of the climate pact withdrawal (and part 2).

From NYRB, Tim Flannery on the Paris catastrophe. Are we overreacting to US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on climate? Living, dying with Trump’s sovereignty: Brian Connolly on withdrawal from climate change. Trump just gave the world the middle finger — here’s what has to happen now.

Five times law enforcers could have arrested Donald Trump but didn’t. At Mar-a-Lago, the star power of the presidency helps charities — and Trump — make more money. Jeremy Venook on Donald Trump’s conflicts of interest: A crib sheet. Trump’s family takes new steps to blur ethical boundaries. The coat of arms said “integrity”; now it says “Trump”. The stench of a corrupt president wafts into Virginia and beyond. The princeling in the West Wing: Why are Trump family businesses doing so many deals in China right now? Jared Kushner’s other real estate empire: Baltimore-area renters complain about a property owner they say is neglectful and litigious — few know their landlord is the president’s son-in-law.

Patricia I. Fusch, Lawrence R. Ness, Janet M. Booker, and Gene E. Fusch (Walden): The Ethical Implications of Plagiarism and Ghostwriting in an Open Society. Could the U.S. and China end up in a terrible war that neither wants? Foot soldiers in a shadowy battle between Russia and the West. Former presidents walk fine line in Trump’s America: Trump’s predecessors are trying to both defend their legacies and respect the unwritten rule of not undermining the current commander in chief. Polly Mosendz on the seven types of people who tweet at Trump. Amnesiac Nation: The age of identity is getting older, complete with widespread memory loss. Australian convict pirates in Japan: Evidence of 1830 voyage unearthed.

Julia M. Puaschunder (Harvard): Climate in the 21st Century: A Macroeconomic Model of Fair Global Warming Benefits Distribution to Grant Climate Justice Around the World and Over Time. The introduction to Handbook on Climate Change, Migration and the Law, ed. Benoit Mayer and Francois Crepeau.The first chapter from The Concept of Climate Migration: Advocacy and its Prospects by Benoit Mayer. The effects of climate change will force millions to migrate — here’s what this means for human security. A new report from a German think tank cautions that climate change will increase terrorism recruitment.

Antal Attila (Eotvos Lorand): Populism and Climate Change in the Era of Post-Truth. Everything conservatives said about Paris is already wrong. Should we call climate-change deniers “dismissives” instead? Richard Mandel and Craig Ehrlich (Babson): The Prosecution of Climate Change. R. Henry Weaver and Douglas A. Kysar (Yale): Courting Disaster: Climate Change and the Adjudication of Catastrophe. What is Scott Pruitt hiding? The EPA administrator’s media aversion, unavailable public schedule, and a history of industry favors are raising red flags (and more). No third way for the planet: An environmentalism that can actually save the planet must do battle with corporations — mainstream environmental groups have done the opposite.

Did Donald Trump just make the planet hotter? Trump has no idea what he just did or the backlash that awaits. Bill McKibben on Trump’s stupid and reckless climate decision. A Paris agreement negotiator explains how screwed we are. Will Trump’s slow-mo walkaway, world in flames behind him, finally provoke consequences for planetary arson? A new book ranks the top 100 solutions to climate change — the results are surprising: David Roberts interviews Paul Hawken, author of Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming (and more on the most hopeful thing you’ll ever read about our ability to take on global warming).

The “ancient carbon” of Alaska’s tundra is being released, speeding up global warming. Hundreds of huge craters discovered in the Arctic Ocean. Thanks to global warming, Antarctica is beginning to turn green. Massive crack in Antarctica ice shelf grows 11 miles in only 6 days.

Vanessa Rampton (ETH Zurich): The Impossibility of Conservatism? Insights from Russian History. Sheila Fitzpatrick reviews October: The Story of the Russian Revolution by China Mieville; The Russian Revolution 1905-1921 by Mark D. Steinberg; Russia in Revolution: An Empire in Crisis, 1890 to 1928 by S.A. Smith; The Russian Revolution: A New History by Sean McMeekin; and Historically Inevitable? Turning Points of the Russian Revolution by Tony Brenton. Was Stalin’s terror his doing alone, or was mass violence an intrinsic part of Bolshevism? An answer in the Soviet archives. The first chapter from Communism’s Shadow: Historical Legacies and Contemporary Political Attitudes by Grigore Pop-Eleches and Joshua A. Tucker. The spectre of revolution: Ilya Kalinin on how Putin will be commemorating 1917.

George Wrisley (North Georgia): Two Dogmas of Zen Buddhism. James Beggan (Louisville) and Scott T. Allison (Richmond): Sexuality in Leadership: A Long-Neglected Topic with Vast Implications for Individuals and Society; and the introduction to Leadership and Sexuality: Power, Principles, and Processes. Tourism in the US has drastically declined since Trump was elected. Quitting the Paris climate agreement would be a moral disgrace. Was the tea party born in this dominatrix’s Indiana fetish dungeon? Scott McLemee highlights some of the new books coming out this fall and winter that are likely to be of general or topical appeal. The introduction to Tropics of Vienna: Colonial Utopias of the Habsburg Empire by Ulrich E. Bach.

The loneliness of Donald Trump: Rebecca Solnit on the corrosive privilege of the most mocked man in the world. Trump, home all alone: “Trump believes he has no responsibility for any of this political trauma”. Feeling threatened, Trump will become even more dangerous. The Bullshitter-in-Chief: Donald Trump’s disregard for the truth is something more sinister than ordinary lying. Trump just fired his communications director — it’s not going to fix anything. Snubs and slights are part of the job in Trump’s White House. The madness and science behind the Donald Trump handshake. Donald Trump, our A.I. president: When seen in the light of pure machine learning (think IBM’s Watson), his behavior actually makes sense.

Trump used to be more articulate — what could explain the change? Why Trump and Twitter are a perfect couple: Meghan O’Rourke reviews How Trump Thinks by Peter Oborne. After the “covfefe” laughter comes the security concerns: Trump’s next Twitter misfire could be deadly serious if his account isn't better protected. “Trump is not a joke. He is a threat. The most menacing individual threat the planet faces by far. See it for what it is”.