Ari Herbert (Texas): Portlandia, Ridesharing, and Sex Discrimination. Donna Yates (Glasgow): The Global Traffic in Looted Cultural Objects. “France is back”: Macron’s En Marche party just swept the French parliament. A German giant: Wolfram Bickerich on the political legacy of Helmut Kohl. Kamala Harris got shushed and became a liberal hero — do progressives want to hear what she has to say? Carly Sitrin on 5 things Sen. Kamala Harris has done besides be interrupted. Space nation Asgardia ready to launch itself into orbit. Subhasis Chattopadhyay reviews Hatred and Forgiveness by Julia Kristeva. Postmodernism is dead — what comes next?

“The Mail has misspelled “terrorist” as “white van driver” — now let’s discuss how he was radicalised”. “We need address the reasons why the #FinsburyPark terrorist was radicalised.” Imam from Muslim welfare centre protected Finsbury Park suspect from angry crowds. “In the past 24 hours, Muslims in U.S. & U.K. have been murdered outside of mosques. When will we admit anti-Muslim hatred is out of control?” U.K. police investigating van attack in London as terrorism. “Two weeks ago, Trump used London car attack to push unconstitutional Muslim Ban. Tonight, a white man plowed into Muslims. Trump silent”.

Frank A. Pasquale (Maryland): Platform Neutrality: Enhancing Freedom of Expression in Spheres of Private Power (and more). The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data: The data economy demands a new approach to antitrust rules. Akiva A. Miller (NYU): The Dawn of the Big Data Monopolists. Tech and the Fake Market tactic: In one generation, the Internet went from opening up new free markets to creating a series of Fake Markets that exploit society, without most media or politicians even noticing. Josh Marshall on our problem with monopolies, and why everything sucks. Want to rescue rural America? Bust monopolies. This budding movement wants to smash monopolies: A very small number of companies control most of the economy — why hasn’t that been challenged?

With Whole Foods, Amazon on collision course with Wal-Mart. Amazon wants to become Walmart before Walmart can become Amazon. America’s Amazon problem: Jeff Bezos has created an empire that’s quickly raising political questions. #BreakUpAmazon: Policymakers need to get serious about Amazon, and about antitrust in general, before it is too late.

Why a third emoluments lawsuit? Trump’s business ties in the Gulf raise questions about his allegiances. Russia renewed unused Trump trademarks in 2016. White House plans to push House GOP for friendlier Russia sanctions deal. The desperate spin of a spiraling presidency: Trump and his loyalists are trying to discredit Robert Mueller’s investigation — they’re raising greater suspicion instead. Memo to Trump: This is why you’re losing — why the president, who appears allergic to the logic of bureaucracy, keeps getting defeated by that humblest of technologies, the office memorandum. History does have certain lessons that Donald Trump, or somebody working for him, would have been wise to review before launching, and winning, a national campaign for President — and many of these lessons can be derived from the Watergate experience.

From HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory, a colloquium on “The Hands of Donald Trump: Entertainment, Gesture, Spectacle” by Donna M. Goldstein and Kira Hall. Trump said foreign leaders wouldn’t laugh at the U.S. — now they’re laughing at him. Why Trump is a loyalty freak: The president’s obsession with fealty isn’t a personal quirk — it's a political necessity. If the president is innocent, then he is insane. Errol Morris on interviewing Trump: “It’s obvious: This person is insane”. Donald Trump is proving too stupid to be president.

From the Congressional Research Service, a report on Cuba: Issues for the 114th Congress; and an update to a report on U.S. Restrictions on Travel and Remittances to Cuba. Kevin J. Fandl (Temple): Cuban Migration to the United States in a Post-Normalized Relations World. Kevin J. Fandl (Temple): Adios Embargo: The Case for Executive Termination of the U.S. Embargo on Cuba. Cuba’s sustainable agriculture at risk after U.S.-Cuba relations thaw: How Cuba’s farming could become overly industrialized. Better ties between the U.S. and Cuba? Miami’s Cubans are divided.

President Donald Trump’s announcement that he’s “cancelling” his predecessor’s policy toward Cuba is a good deal less than meets the ear. Trump’s strange retreat from Cuba: More smoke than fire, Trump’s new policy could still derail an island's fragile turn toward the future. If not the most damaging or dangerous, the Cuba reversal is in many ways the most revealing of Trump’s moves so far — it brings together all the worst attributes of the administration’s foreign policy.

We’re not in Kansas anymore: We’re now in someplace much, much worse. Under Trump, inconvenient data is being sidelined. Inside Trump’s war on regulations: The push to block, rewrite and delay scores of Obama-era rules may be the administration’s biggest untold success. When Trump signs bills into law, he objects to scores of provisions — here’s what that means. Remember Trump’s promise not to touch Social Security? It’s gone now. Sarah Kliff: “I’ve covered Obamacare since day one. I’ve never seen lying and obstruction like this”. Republicans are about to make Medicare-for-all much more likely. Martin Longman on why the Republicans can’t legislate. Why Republican numbers stopped adding up: Two critical tenets of American politics explain GOP struggles with governing and Democrats’ sudden success at the polls.

Jack Balkin on Trumping the Constitution. Trump’s judicial picks are keeping Republicans happy — and quiet. Trumpism is taking over the Republican Party: If secrecy is better than exposure, then keep things secret, and don’t let media pressure sway you into backing down or even bothering to explain yourself. What would a real GOP break from Trump look like? Martin Longman on how to get out of an unholy alliance. The Trump era is starting to depress Republicans, too. Trump’s a Republican now: Whatever Trump’s true ideological predilections, there’s no place for him to go. Thread: “the GOP has descended into a very dark place, which has very little to do with Trump, who’s just an ignorant bystander”.

Alexander Tatarko and Anna Mironova (HSE): Electoral Choices and Basic Values of Russians. Unequal Russia: Is anger stirring in the global capital of inequality? Five years after crackdown, an anti-Kremlin protest resumes. Vladimir Milov: “I worked for Putin's government, then became one of his biggest critics”; and “I quit Putin's government in disgust. These protests are a turning point for Russia”. In Russia, state TV and the Internet tell a tale of two protests. Masha Gessen on the new face of Russian resistance. Amie Ferris-Rotman on the teenagers standing up to Putin. Liza Alexandrova-Zorina on Russia on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Omri Y. Marian (UC-Irvine): Is Something Rotten in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg? Carlos E. Gallegos-Anda (ANU): Ecuador’s Good Living as a Living Law. The World Health Organization just picked a new leader — these are the challenges he faces. The Confederate flag largely disappeared after the Civil War — the fight against civil rights brought it back. Susan Chira on the universal phenomenon of men interrupting women. A leaked manuscript of Milo Yiannopoulos’s book suggests that “the most controversial book of the decade” could actually be the most boring book of the year. Andrea James on how 40% of Wikipedia is under threat from deletionists. The first chapter from A Short History of German Philosophy by Vittorio Hosle.

Peter H. Ditto, Sean P. Wojcik, Eric E. Chen, Rebecca Hofstein Grady, and Joanne F. Zinger (UC-Irvine), Brittany Liu (Kalamazoo), and Cory J. Clark (Florida State): At Least Bias Is Bipartisan: A Meta-Analytic Comparison of Partisan Bias in Liberals and Conservatives. Why liberals aren’t as tolerant as they think. Jeremy Frimer (Winnipeg) and Linda J. Skitka and Matt Motyl (UIC): Liberals and Conservatives are Similarly Motivated to Avoid Exposure to One Another's Opinions. “Motivated ignorance” is ruining our political discourse: Talking with a political opponent is almost as unpleasant as getting a tooth pulled.

How we became bitter political enemies: Members of the two parties are more likely today to describe each other unfavorably, as selfish, as threats, even as unsuitable marriage material. Douglas Ahler (Florida State) and David E. Broockman (Stanford): The Delegate Paradox: Why Polarized Politicians Can Represent Citizens Best. In the Trump era, America is racing toward peak polarization. No, Americans are not polarized by ideology: Most people do not possess a system of logical constraints when it comes to politics. James L. Gibson and Joan Barcelo (WUSTL) and Christopher Claassen (Glasgow): Is Hatred Really the Main Emotional Source of Political Intolerance?

How far will the Right go in blaming the Left for the Alexandria shootings? Blaming “heated political rhetoric” is the most useless response to a shooting. What do many mass shooters have in common? A history of domestic violence. Bigoted homophobe Steve Scalise’s life was saved by a queer black woman. Michael Loadenthal (George Mason): Leftist Political Violence: From Terrorism to Social Protest. Is America descending into political violence again? America has always been angry and violent: The Alexandria shooting has prompted much handwringing about the state of the nation — but political violence and anger are embedded in America's DNA.

How Congress failed to plan for doomsday: What would happen if some crazed gunman or terrorist massacred Congress?

Trump’s indifference to Russia’s election attack raises alarm. Trump’s cover-up may be worse than the crime, but the crime seems pretty bad. Trump backers try out the incompetence defense against obstruction concerns. White House aides fret over Trump’s Russia probe obsession. Trump warned of endless Clinton investigations — instead, the focus is on him. Meet the all-star legal team who may take down Trump. Mueller, known for being above the fray, is now in the thick of it. Trump is reportedly under investigation, so does that signal his end? Not so fast. America’s highest-ranking legal official is more interested in protecting his boss than the law.

Trump, Russia and omnibalancing: What happens if Trump views his domestic threats as more dire than any foreign threat?

By one definition, the GOP baseball shooting is the 154th mass shooting this year. Republican praises guns, saying they helped save lives, just moments after Virginia shooting. Rep. Mo Brooks saw his colleague get shot — it didn’t change his mind about gun control. Their own targeted, Republicans want looser gun laws, not stricter ones. Congressman’s shooting first test for Trump-era gun debate. America’s gun problem, explained: The public and research support gun control — here’s how it could help and why it doesn’t pass. The shooting of Steve Scalise showed how America is at war with itself.

Gun makers’ marketing ensures that gun violence feeds on itself, and no one is safe: Guns are largely marketed to right-wing male power fantasies, but this latest tragedy shows that no one is immune.