A president divorced from the executive branch he oversees. Donald Trump is an impossible boss: The president’s unpredictability undermines his staff, depriving his counselors of the benefits of experience. Has anyone told Donald Trump that he runs the government? The buck clearly does not stop with Donald Trump. The problem with Trump’s idea of loyalty, explained by psychologists. Trump needs an intervention: Experienced advisers haven’t been able to offset the president’s excesses — now, it’s up to Republican lawmakers. The United States government cannot be trusted so long as Donald Trump runs it. Why it is impossible for Donald Trump to rise to adequacy.

How Donald Trump distorts democracy and reality. There’s so much more about Trump to investigate than just Russia. Elizabeth Drew on the presidency in peril. Donald Trump’s presidency is an American crisis: America isn’t being made great — it’s being made weak. Donald Trump should leave the White House: As long as Donald Trump remains president, the government of the United States would fail any stress test you sought to apply to it.

“Trump’s administration is the worst of America — elements that always existed but are now empowered against justice, courage, and grace”. Trump as Ubu Roi: Isaac Ariail Reed on the charismatic appeal of vulgarity. Kids are quoting Trump to bully their classmates and teachers don’t know what to do about it. Trump’s advisers say they can’t stop him from watching too much television. “They should award @dandrezner a Pulitzer for this tweet storm”.

From Jacobin, what’s the matter with Wales? Corbynism might be the only thing that can save Labour’s most reliable heartland from a historic turn to the right. How the British elections could speed up Scottish independence. Will Brexit drive Northern Ireland out of the United Kingdom? EU prepares for post-Brexit membership for united Ireland. Does Brexit mean England can have Englishness? New enthusiasm for an old dream: Having cut Britain adrift of Europe, Brexiters are indulging in an old fantasy about a new national role in the world — as the hub of a far-flung Anglosphere. Disunited Kingdom: Brexit and the rise of far-Right parties are only the conclusion of a decades-long weakening of British and European political parties.

From Continental Thought and Theory, a special issue on feminism is out. John Linarelli (Durham): Debt in Just Societies. Claes Tangh Wrangel (Gothenburg): Recognising Hope: US Global Development Discourse and the Promise of Despair. Marko Kovic, Adrian Rauchfleisch, and Marc Sele (ZIPAR): Digital Astroturfing: Definition, Typology, and Countermeasures. In Comey’s testimony, some see parallels to sexual harassment victims. Is our attorney general a crook? Comey’s testimony was very bad news for Jeff Sessions. Interior imperialism: Megan Black on fossil fuels, American expansion, and rebel park rangers. The first chapter from The Curse of Cash by Kenneth S. Rogoff.

From the Congressional Research Service, a report on Saudi Arabia: Background and U.S. Relations; and a report on Qatar and its Neighbors: Disputes and Possible Implications. Marc Lynch on how Trump’s alignment with Saudi Arabia and the UAE is inflaming the Middle East (and more). Trump sabotages his new Middle East alliance. Will Qatar’s diplomatic exile spark the next great war? What the Islamic State wants in attacking Iran. Iran holds Saudi Arabia responsible for twin terror attacks in Tehran. How Iran became an undemocratic democracy: Since the 1979 revolution, the country has shifted toward and away from dictatorship — the changes, while subtle, often coincide with an election.

From Vox, Dara Lind on 3 winners and 3 losers from James Comey’s testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee; and Sean Illing asked 6 legal experts if Trump obstructed justice — here’s what they said. Comey’s Trump testimony will haunt Republicans: The former FBI director’s damning account before the Senate should be the final straw — why can’t Paul Ryan see that? Ryan denies GOP would try to impeach Dem accused of same actions as Trump. Paul Ryan on Trump: “He’s just new to this”. If Trump is too ignorant to be guilty, he’s too ignorant to be president. The most important Comey takeaway is that congressional Republicans don’t care. “Nixon’s approval among Republicans never fell below about 50%. Trump’s still hasn’t fallen below 80. We’re in for a long, hard haul, folks”.

Putin wanted to upend the US political system — Comey’s testimony shows he succeeded. Russian ambassador to US: We really, really want our compounds back.