Peter Preston reviews Mail Men: The Unauthorized Story of the Daily Mail, the Paper That Divided and Conquered Britain by Adrian Addison (and more). To understand “Brexit”, look to Britain’s tabloids: Despite their falling circulations and tarnished reputations, tabloids maintain a striking grip on power as Britain prepares to cut ties with the European Union. The Sun and Mail tried to crush Corbyn — but their power over politics is broken. The rise of the alt-Left British media: They’ve been mocked, ignored, and dismissed as conspiracy mongers — but a small group of hyperpartisan British media outlets have quietly built enormous audiences on Facebook in the space of just two years.

Is Trump Inc. the president’s greatest vulnerability? A group of enterprising lawyers thinks it might be, whether all roads lead to Russia or not. Sam Petulla on tracking President Trump’s visits to Trump properties. Democrats to sue Trump over conflicts of interest. D.C. and Maryland sue President Trump, alleging breach of constitutional oath. Trump’s defense of taking foreign money is historically illiterate: The Justice Department’s lawyers are getting the founding fathers all wrong. Trumpism as a private-capital scam: Your government is in the hands of super-rich people who never had to show anything to anybody. Scam alert: Trump’s $1tn “infrastructure plan” is a giveaway to the rich. Trump’s “regulatory adviser” Carl Icahn made $60 million by advising Trump to deregulate his company.

Database of Trump administration officials’ personal finances grows. Join The Intercept in documenting the conflicts of interest of hundreds of Trump appointees.

Deborah Andrews (Florida): Race, Status, and Biodiversity: The Social Climbing of Quinoa. Macron wins landslide victory in French legislative elections, ends French party politics as we know it. Revealed: Explosive evidence of a Russian assassination on British soil that the government doesn’t want you to read. Obamacare is in real danger. America made Paulina Porizkova a feminist: In Sweden, women were powerful; in France, they were dangerous; and here? The U.S. Gymnastics system wanted more medals, and created a culture of abuse to get them. You can download Scholarly Publishing and its Discontents: An Economist's Perspective on Dealing with Market Power and its Consequences by Joshua S Gans.

Trump is a mobster president: He demands loyalty not just from bureaucratic professionals like James Comey, but everyone — what are the consequences for America? President Trump cares more about himself than his country (and more). Trump’s war on oversight: James Comey isn’t the only watchdog casualty in the president’s efforts to avoid scrutiny. Can the president commit the crime of obstruction of justice? (and part 2 and part 3) Sitting presidents can’t be prosecuted, probably: So what would happen if Robert Mueller finds evidence President Trump broke the law? Prominent Trump supporters are pushing for firing of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Thread: “Wondering what happens if Trump tries to fire Special Counsel Bob Mueller? BEDLAM. I break down the consequences in this thread”.

Does the president have real legal defenders? Role of Trump’s personal lawyer Marc Kasowitz blurs public and private lines. Nina Totenberg on Don McGahn, the powerful conservative White House lawyer in the middle of it all. Quinta Jurecic and Benjamin Wittes on bad lawyering in presidential scandals past and present.

In the withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, the Koch brothers’ campaign becomes overt. Christopher Sellers on how Republicans came to embrace anti-environmentalism. Kick this rock: Michael P. Lynch on climate change and our common reality. Experts to Trump: Climate change threatens the US military — the decision to leave the Paris agreement will make the US military’s job much harder. Matti Rautkivi and Michael Levitin on how Donald Trump could become an accidental climate hero. This NY Times climate story captures “half of what is imbecilic” in journalism today: The NY Times’ dangerous embrace of false balance on climate change.

Trump or no Trump, America’s mayors and governors have a post-Paris plan to save the climate. Hawaii becomes first state to enact law that aligns with Paris agreement. America has a new climate Commander-in-Chief: California Governor Jerry Brown went to China this week to meet with President Xi Jinping and sign an agreement on reducing emissions. Apple, Google, and California are rebuffing Trump and trying to stay in the Paris climate deal: What the We Are Still In coalition can and can’t achieve. Only a planetary democracy can save the planet.