Ziya Onis (Koc): The Age of Anxiety: The Crisis of Liberal Democracy in a Post-Hegemonic Global Order. Pippa Norris (Harvard) and Max Gromping (Sydney): Populist Threats to Electoral Integrity: The Year in Elections, 2016-2017. Beating the populist Right with the neoliberal Center isn’t sustainable at all. Jason Hickel (LSE): Neoliberalism and the End of Democracy. Uncertainty, more than populism, is new normal in western politics. At the dusk of liberalism: Eric Schliesser on Spinoza, the unraveling of NATO, and liberal institutions. Andrew Carr on how the liberal order is not America’s to break. Donald Trump is making Europe liberal again.

When European conservatives accept that system, stability tends to ensue: Gila Naderi interviews Daniel Ziblatt, author of Conservative Parties and the Birth of Democracy. What Nietzsche can teach us about American populism and European disintegration: Sean Illing interviews Hugo Drochon, author of Nietzsche’s Great Politics. Is it worth being positive about democracy’s future? Matthew Flinders reviews The Four Crises of American Democracy: Representation, Mastery, Discipline, Anticipation by Alasdair Roberts. There’s little evidence that dictators are toppling democracies. New “global hub” to wage battle of ideas for democratic renewal.

Why Trump is like this: Isaac Chotiner interviews Marc Fisher, author of Trump Revealed: The Definitive Biography of the 45th President. Donald Eric Anthamatten on Trump and the true meaning of “idiot”. Naomi Klein: “Trump is an idiot, but don’t underestimate how good he is at that”. Stop calling Donald Trump a “newbie” — he knows exactly what he’s doing. Trump’s secret isn’t that he lies — it’s that he crowds out the truth. Amanda Hess on how “snowflake” became America’s inescapable tough-guy taunt. Study: The wave of hostility under Trump is going to make us sick. Trail of fears: Forget Nixon — Trump is more like Andrew Jackson than Tricky Dick and the consequences of his crimes will be far more devastating.

Manvir Singh (Harvard): The Cultural Evolution of Shamanism. Catalonia calls independence referendum for October. For the first time in 200 years, a Japanese emperor will abdicate from the throne. Scholars see bad omens in pulled sponsorship of “Julius Caesar”. The long, lonely road of Chelsea Manning: Her disclosure of classified documents in 2010 ushered in the age of leaks; now, freed from prison, she talks about why she did it — and the isolation that followed. Since President Trump won the Republican nomination, the majority of his companies’ real estate sales are to secretive shell companies that obscure the buyers’ identities. Congressional Democrats to file emoluments lawsuit against Trump.

Why so many Republicans still grovel to Trump. Trump’s cabinet of worship is a scary sign of American collapse. Once you’ve made the decision to become Republican, you find yourself living in your own private Pyongyang. Dear Trump appointees: Quit your jobs or lose your souls.

Why did Jeff Sessions really meet with Sergey Kislyak? The attorney general says he was acting as a senator, but a review of his activities that summer shows ambassadors seeking him out as a Trump surrogate. The real story of Jeff Sessions’s testimony is the questions he didn’t answer. Thread: “Not sure it's a big deal that @SenKamalaHarris gets interrupted more than her male colleagues during committee meetings? Here's some reading”. The hard truth keeps trickling out, little by little: It increasingly looks like Russian hackers may have affected actual vote totals. Is Trump now a subject of the Mueller investigation? Jack Goldsmith: If Trump fires Mueller (or orders his firing). If Trump fires Robert Mueller, he should be impeached.

Asha Rangappa on why Comey revealed his leak: In a word, impeachment. He voted to impeach Clinton — this looks bigger: Francis Wilkinson interviews former GOP Representative Bob Inglis about Trump, Russia and impeachment. The ghost of Andrew Johnson, America’s 17th president and the first to be impeached, is haunting the White House. Trump can commit all the high crimes he wants — Republicans aren’t going to impeach him: “Any actions by Trump and his staff are benign by definition, and any evidence of crimes he has committed is actually evidence of crimes committed against him” (and more). If Ossoff loses, forget about impeaching Trump. Trump is likely to get much, much worse — here are a few big things to watch for.

Veena Dubal (Hastings): The Drive to Precarity: A History of Work, Regulation, and Labor Advocacy in San Francisco’s Taxi and Uber Economies. Michael F. Nachtmann Motala (Columbia): The “Taxi Cab Problem” Revisited: Law and Ubernomics in the Sharing Economy. Ryan Calo (Washington) and Alex Rosenblat (D&S): The Taking Economy: Uber, Information, and Power. Daniel Jacob Hemel (Chicago): Pooling and Unpooling in the Uber Economy. Is the gig economy working? Many liberals have embraced the sharing economy — but can they survive it? The gig economy celebrates working yourself to death. How Uber conquers a city in seven steps: A new website, Why Everyone Hates Uber, argues that the company uses controversial tactics to bulldoze its way to domination — one city at a time. Izabella Kaminska: Uber is doomed.

Jerks and the start-ups they ruin: Bro C.E.O.s like the head of Uber will keep destroying companies until people stop paying them. Uber, but for meltdowns: Sexual harassment, corporate-espionage charges, taking advantage of drivers — the company that practically courts bad PR is in an existential crisis. Trump-style tactics finally stopped working for Uber. Here’s what Eric Holder’s law firm thinks Uber should do to fix its toxic culture. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick to take leave after harassment investigation forces company shake-up. How Uber’s chief is gaining even more clout in the company. Engineer who exposed Uber’s culture crisis calls internal investigation “all optics”.