Trump is already guilty of aiding Putin’s attack on America. How Donald Trump misunderstood the FBI. The right-wing attacks on CNN’s Russia story are not actually about ethics in media journalism. Trump allies worry the White House’s off-camera briefings are damaging his message. Trumpcare will kill people — why is that so hard to accept? Tax cuts in the Republican healthcare plan are the “central” issue. Trump unaware of Trumpcare’s single most important feature. Republicans may have Plan B if their health-care bill fails. Despite its other failures, GOP poised to move courts to the right. Gorsuch is the new Scalia, just as Trump promised (and more). There’s no substitute for defeating Trump and his enablers.

Miquel Comas Oliver (UIB): WikiLeaks Under Fire: Is It Electronic Civil Disobedience? Russia’s cyberwar on Ukraine is a blueprint for what’s to come. Trump eager for big meeting with Putin; some advisers wary. What did ex-Trump aide Paul Manafort really do in Ukraine? Power causes brain damage: Over time, leaders lose mental capacities — most notably for reading other people — that were essential to their rise. “I loved being part of that scene”: Anita Corbin tracks down the punk, mod and skinhead girls she first photographed in the 1980s — are they still rebelling? Why Google’s record $2.7 billion EU fine is such a big deal. You can download Critical Epistemologies of Global Politics, ed. Marc Woons and Sebastian Weier (2017).

Rachel Brewster and Samuel W. Buell (Duke): The Market for Global Anticorruption Enforcement. Donald Trump is a crook: Holding his first fundraiser at his own hotel is a message that the president wants to flaunt his self-enrichment. Did the U.S. just pull out of a global anti-corruption group? How Trump rebranded the First Family: The president has turned an archaic institution into something worse — an organized racket. There’s more to measuring corruption than Transparency International’s annual index. Trump, Russia and a shadowy business partnership: An insider describes the Bayrock Group, its links to the Trump family and its mysterious access to funds — it isn’t pretty.

Jordan Gans-Morse, Mariana Borges, Alexey Makarin, Andre Nickow, and Dong Zhang (Northwestern) and Theresa Mannah Blankson (UMass): Reducing Bureaucratic Corruption: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on What Works. Can Jared Kushner’s SWAT team of mini-mes protect him in the White House? Trump is pulling America back from the global fight against corruption. M. Steven Fish and Katherine Michel (UC-Berkeley) and Staffan I. Lindberg (Gothenburg): Legislative Powers and Executive Corruption. How a “shadow” universe of charities joined with political warriors to fuel Trump’s rise. Vladimir Putin is suddenly on the defensive against corruption.

J. Patrick Dobel (Washington): Integrity and Corruption. Why Angola’s star reporter won’t stay down: Angola's corrupt leaders keep trying to silence Rafael Marques — so far, without success. Trump lawyer’s firm steered millions in donations to family members, files show. When a liberal power lawyer represents the Trump family, things can get ugly. Donald Trump is making the United States an anti-corruption laughingstock: The nation is losing credibility thanks to the president’s numerous conflicts of interest.