Trump humiliates everyone, including John McCain. Trump the disloyalist: Why is anyone surprised by the president’s treatment of Jeff Sessions? Trump famously said, “You’re fired”, but he tends to demean rather than dismiss. Jeff Sessions is growing “pissed” at Trump, his allies say — and he doesn’t plan to quit. Joshua Green: In Trump’s world, “you’re never really dead if you just stick around and endure it”. Trump’s cabinet is “ready to bail”. What happens if Trump fires Mueller? When this man holds the fate of the nation: Mitch McConnell may be the only person in Washington who can save the Trump-Kremlin conspiracy investigation. Democrats with dreams of impeachment should consider how Iran-Contra turned out. Why Russia revelations never seem to change anything.

Ex-Bush ethics lawyer Richard Painter: Trump calling for Clinton to be prosecuted is an “impeachable offense”. Trump’s latest rage tweets reveal a lawless, out-of-control president.

From the Center for Economic and Policy Research, a report on the Full Employment Mandate of the Federal Reserve: Its Origins and Importance. Back to work: How Democrats can win over Americans left behind in the new economy. The Democrats are looking for a big idea? Here’s one — a guaranteed job for anyone who wants one; it’s not as crazy as it sounds. It’s time for the government to give everyone a job. Should the government guarantee everyone a job? An old idea for preventing poverty and fighting recessions is gaining traction once again. Why we need a federal job guarantee: Giving everyone a job is the best way to democratize the economy and give workers leverage in the workplace.

Cliff Leek (Northern Colorado) and Markus Gerke (Giessen): Invisible and Unexamined: The State of Whiteness in Men’s Studies Journals. Terence Burnham (Chapman): Gender, Punishment, and Cooperation: Men Hurt Others to Advance Their Interests. Men can be so hormonal: High levels of testosterone can make them overconfident, even when they’re wrong. This may be the most exhaustive study of manspreading ever conducted. Valerie Dekimpe on creativity, a mating boost for the unattractive male. Monica Lewinsky on Jay-Z, Prince Harry, Brad Pitt, and the new frontiers of male vulnerability. Men don’t want to be nurses — their wives agree. How to raise a feminist son: We raise our girls to fight stereotypes and pursue their dreams, but we don’t do the same for our boys.

Health care a minefield for Republicans; many Trump voters in denial on Russia. How Trump is transforming rural America: In Colorado, the President’s tone has started rubbing off on residents. The psychopathology of the US elections: Leonard Mazzone on why Elias Canetti’s Crowds and Power is relevant today. Revolt of the masses: “Voting for Trump because you sense (often correctly) that the system is in many ways rigged against people like you is the political equivalent of mailing yourself a letter bomb, but at least it makes the liberals mad. And striking back against people who, in your view, dedicate their lives to making you feel bad about yourself is an eminently predictable behavior”. Why Trump’s base of support may be smaller than it seems.

How anti-Clintonism gave birth to Trumpism: Alex Shephard reviews Devil’s Bargain: Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and the Storming of the Presidency by Joshua Green (and more and more).

John M. Carey (Dartmouth): Who Believes in Conspiracy Theories in Venezuela? What happens when you run away to join ISIS, then want to come home. This man used his inherited fortune to fund the Racist Right: William Regnery spent almost 20 years funding the Racist Right — it finally paid off. Mitch McConnell is breaking the Senate: Will the majority leader’s desire to win lead him to wreck the institution he says he loves? Trumpcare is the worst-designed social policy in history. The Democrats are re-learning populism. Steven Salaita, whose revoked job offer inflamed higher ed, says he’s leaving academe. Get thee to a city of ladies: Community is now a wet dream or a four-letter word, but somebody has to build it.

In Senate, giving lawmakers plenty of recovery time is an unwritten courtesy — that often doesn’t extend to the real working world where employees are forced to file for medical disability or take unpaid leave. “Flying in to vote to deny more than 20 million people the healthcare he’s currently benefiting from to pay for an upper-class tax cut will be the ultimate culmination of a disgraceful political career, and the countless pundits and reporters who bought his act feel for a ludicrously obvious con”.

Six months in, is Trump’s America living up to liberals’ worst fears? Now that we are well into the second hundred days of the Trump presidency, what are we dealing with, exactly? Margaret Hartmann on what President Trump actually accomplished in his first 6 months. Trump is wasting time we desperately need to solve major problems. The trolling presidency: How voters’ fear of the opposing party enables Trump’s bizarre behavior. Looking for normalcy in Washington? Don’t look to Trump and his White House. Trump’s sensitivity to being laughed at should alarm everyone. George Yancy interviews Noam Chomsky on Trump and the state of the union.

Welcome to the new Trumpism: The president’s “America First” agenda is in tatters — but now he’s damaging the country in different, perhaps even more permanent ways. Reflections on the current crisis: A few thoughts about some of the deep problems that have gotten us into this state of affairs — the occupation of the Oval Office by Donald Trump, an authoritarian kleptocrat. Carlos Lozada on Samuel Huntington, a prophet for the Trump era.

Is Trump trying to force Jeff Sessions out so a new AG can squelch the Russia investigation? The real reason Jeff Sessions is putting up with Trump’s crap. Jack Goldsmith on loyalty and principle in the Trump White House. Donald Trump is loyal only to himself: The president will betray his political allies without a thought — Jeff Sessions and Sean Spicer learned that the hard way.

Republicans are in full control of government — but losing control of their party. Could Republicans in Congress actually turn against Trump? This presidency can’t be saved — it’s all downhill from here. 2018 may become the most important election in American history.

Donald Trump and the coming fall of American empire: Jeremy Scahill interviews Alfred McCoy, author of In the Shadows of the American Century: The Rise and Decline of US Global Power. The world is already reeling from the consequences of Trump’s ineptitude. Trump at odds with his national security team over pro-Russia moves. Trump’s national security team wants a stepped-up fight in Afghanistan; there’s just one problem — a president who doesn’t want to be there. Trump’s “Axis of Adults” is breaking apart: If you thought grownups like Mattis, McMaster and Tillerson were secretly running the administration, think again.

The man McMaster couldn’t fire: Thirty-one-year-old Ezra Cohen-Watnick holds the intelligence portfolio on the National Security Council — but almost everything about him is a mystery.

How Trump blew his chance to break the “resistance”: Chuck Schumer reportedly confronted Bannon over his plan to drive a wedge through the Democratic Party; instead, it’s the G.O.P. that’s in disarray. Chuck Schumer on a better deal for American workers. Democrats don’t need a “core message” in 2018: The manufactured debate over whether the party should focus on the Russia scandal or health care is obscuring a much more important debate. Lessons learned, the healing within the Democratic Party begins. Trump triggers flood of Democratic candidates: For better and for worse, crowded House primaries are becoming a familiar sight on the Democratic side. Can electing more women save the country? Katie McDonough interviews Erin Loos Cutraro, founder of She Should Run.

Does Trump have a case against Mueller? The White House is seeking to discredit Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his investigative team. Jane Chong, Quinta Jurecic, and Benjamin Wittes on how White House threats condition Mueller’s reality. Mueller can pursue whatever crimes he uncovers. America, don’t let Donald Trump fire Robert Mueller: If the opposition waits for Trump to fire the man investigating the Russian collusion scandal, it will be too late — the street protests must start now. To impeach a president: Applying the authoritative guide from Charles Black. What history tells us about Trump’s odds of surviving his first term.

Are we heading toward a constitutional crisis? Keith E. Whittington on the coming constitutional crisis. President Trump’s essentially unlimited pardon power, explained. President Trump is considering pardoning himself; Sean Illing asked 15 experts if that’s legal — “The fact that we’re even talking about it is a measure of how far we’ve fallen under Trump”. No, Trump can’t pardon himself — the constitution tells us so. Trump can’t escape the states: No matter whom he fires or pardons, the president won’t be able to hide from state attorneys general. Can the president be indicted? A long-hidden legal memo says yes.

Murat Iyigun (Colorado) and Jared Rubin (Chapman): The Ideological Roots of Institutional Change. The attack on Poland’s judicial independence goes deeper than you may think. George Scialabba reviews The Shipwrecked Mind: On Political Reaction by Mark Lilla and Modernity and Its Discontents: Making and Unmaking the Bourgeois from Machiavelli to Bellow by Steven B. Smith. From NYRB, Marcia Angell reviews Women Against Abortion: Inside the Largest Moral Reform Movement of the Twentieth Century by Karissa Haugeberg; and About Abortion: Terminating Pregnancy in Twenty-First-Century America by Carol Sanger. Dylan Matthews on the Republican war on the CBO, explained. Former CBO directors to Congressional leaders: Back off, we have a job to do.

Democrats, not Republicans, stand for “freedom” in health care: Obamacare increased Americans’ personal liberty — Trumpcare would do the opposite. Somebody should sue the hell out of Donald Trump if he lets Obamacare collapse.