United States of Paranoia: Why the specter of Russian meddling won’t go away. Investigators explore if Russia colluded with pro-Trump sites during US election. Now we have a road map to the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia. Mueller probe could draw focus to Russian crime operations. Republicans are risking becoming the party of Putin. Trump’s loyalty to Michael Flynn is destroying his presidency. Trump and Putin will meet — guess which one has an agenda? Aides’ biggest worry on Trump’s Europe trip: A meeting With Putin. Spies fear Trump’s first meeting with Putin: The Kremlin thinks Putin will eat Trump’s lunch at the G-20 summit, European intelligence agencies have learned. If Trump doesn’t raise election interference with Putin, he’s inviting more in 2018.

Russia warns U.S.: Return seized diplomatic compounds, or else.

David O. Klein and Joshua R. Wueller (Klein Moynihan Turco): Fake News: A Legal Perspective. The CIA’s 60-year history of fake news: How the Deep State corrupted many American writers. The truth about the post-truth age: Journalists are rightly worried about fake news and “alternative facts” — but our new world has much in common with the old. Robert Darnton on the true history of fake news. Is “fake news” fooling kids? New report says yes. Magazines find there’s little time to fact-check online. The facts on why facts alone can’t fight false beliefs. Nick Cohen reviews Post-Truth: The New War on Truth and How to Fight Back by Matthew d’Ancona; Post-Truth: How Bullshit Conquered the World by James Ball; and Post-Truth: Why We Have Reached Peak Bullshit by Evan Davis.

A pro-Trump conspiracy theorist, a false tweet and a runaway story: The journey of one tweet shows how misinformed, distorted and false stories are gaining traction far beyond the fringes of the Internet. Donald Trump’s presidency is fake news: The administration keeps delivering “policy announcements” that are little more than hollow media spectacles. The fake news is coming from inside the White House.

In towns already hit by steel mill closings, a new casualty: Retail jobs. America’s retailers are closing stores faster than ever. What in the world is causing the retail meltdown of 2017? In the middle of an economic recovery, hundreds of shops and malls are shuttering — the reasons why go far beyond Amazon. Get ready for the regional shopping mall apocalypse: Fragile ecosystems poorly suited to a changing world. Thread: “Don't think you can disentangle the lack of political attention to the demographics of this industry”. Fake working class: The muted response to the retail apocalypse shows which workers count in Trump’s America. Is American retail at a historic tipping point? From “zombie malls” to bonobos: What America’s retail transformation looks like.

John P. Burgess (Princeton): Kripke on Functionalism. The State Department just released its human trafficking report — here’s why it matters. For Iran, Qatar crisis is a welcome distraction. The troubled Poland Trump will visit. Mark Pincus and Reid Hoffman are launching a new group to rethink the Democratic Party. Making Ivanka Trump shoes: Long hours, low pay and abuse. Jared Kushner, quiet American: James Daniel on politics and optics. Dissolving the ego: You don’t need drugs or a church for an ecstatic experience that helps transcend the self and connect to something bigger. Waiting for Bitcoin: What’s next for cryptocurrency, the masses or the Ubermensch?

“Calling for a revolution”: Trump fans “triggered” after NPR tweets out the Declaration of Independence. Is patriotism possible in Trump’s America? On Donald Trump’s first July 4th as president, the rest of us need to decide how to love America.

Rural divide: America’s cultural divide runs deep — while rural and urban Americans share some economic challenges, they frequently diverge on questions of culture and values. How our appetite for cheap food drove rural America to Trump: Consumer demand and government policy decimated rural America. America’s future is Texas: With right-wing zealots taking over the legislature even as the state’s demographics shift leftward, Texas has become the nation’s bellwether. California’s far north deplores “tyranny” of the urban majority. How liberal Portland became America’s most politically violent city — and it’s about to get worse, say protesters on both sides.

Alex Shephard interviews Lee Drutman on how culture became the main fault line in American politics. Elections are a competition between two stories of America. Trump’s victory changed the way Americans see reality. Turns out voters just really wanna win: Lee Drutman reviews Neither Liberal nor Conservative: Ideological Innocence in the American Public by Donald Kinder and Nathan Kalmoe. Why social media is terrible for multiethnic democracies: Sean Illing interviews Jonathan Haidt, author of The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion. The introduction to One Nation Undecided: Clear Thinking About Five Hard Issues that Divide Us by Peter H. Schuck.

Would people agree about everything if we paid them? Research shows political disagreements vanish when people are paid. We need new ideas to reduce partisan polarization: Two now-standard responses — strengthening our parties and making two-party elections more competitive — are not going to reduce polarization. Sorry, but it’s entirely the Right’s fault: Many commentators are suggesting that both Right and Left are equally to blame for all the polarization between them — they’re wrong.

How CNN found the Reddit user behind the Trump wrestling GIF. Trump’s anti-CNN tweet originated from Reddit’s largest right-wing extremist forum: Regardless of his intentions, Trump’s tweet aligned him with violent hate speech. Plausible deniability: The drug that President Trump can’t stop abusing. “Redditor HanAssholeSolo, the guy who posted the Trump/CNN clip the president tweeted, has apologized to @CNN, the media, and others”. Reporter flooded with “gory” death threats after revealing neo-Nazi creator of Trump’s CNN tweet (and more). “Cyberbullying experts say Trump fits the profile to a tee. Except one thing: He’s 71 years old”.

Donald Trump is testing Twitter’s harassment policy: The president’s latest outbursts suggest the social-media platform imposes no editorial standards — but should it?

Thread: “Did North Korea test an ICBM tonight? If so, what does it mean? Let’s review”. U.S. confirms that North Korea fired intercontinental ballistic missile. North Korea just successfully tested a missile that sure seems like an ICBM — what’s next? Thread: “Lots of problems with Trump’s tweets tonight on North Korea, but to highlight a few”. North Korea’s successful test of an intercontinental missile is a test for Trump. North Korea missile launch marks a direct challenge to Trump administration. For Trump, threats but few options in confronting North Korea. In North Korea, “surgical strike” could spin into “worst kind of fighting”.