Donald Trump’s clash of civilisations versus the global community: Human affairs are too interwoven to be the product of purely national decision-making. Mr. Trump in Warsaw: You cannot simultaneously argue that “the nation” supersedes all other political allegiances while casting the primary conflict of the contemporary era as one between western civilization and Islamic radicalism. Defending liberal democracy is not the same as defending “the West”: If “Western” is synonymous with “democratic” or “free”, then you don’t need the term at all. Western liberalism is under siege: David Frum interviews Edward Luce, author of The Retreat of Western Liberalism.

The alt-Right is an attack on Western values — liberals shouldn’t surrender so easily. “Ethno-civilizationalists think North American descendants of Germanic tribes own the intellectual & cultural output of Athenians and Jews”.

The cybernetic humanities: Leif Weatherby reviews The Cybernetics Moment: Or Why We Call Our Age the Information Age by Ronald R. Kline; Rise of the Machines: A Cybernetic History by Thomas Rid; and Cybernetics: The Macy Conferences 1946–1953 by Claus Pias. How Silicon Valley pushed coding into American classrooms. This computer language is feeding hacker values into young minds. A leading Silicon Valley engineer explains why every tech worker needs a humanities education. Liberal arts majors are the future of the tech industry. Silicon Valley to liberal arts majors — we want you: Tom Slee reviews The Fuzzy and the Techie: Why the Liberal Arts Will Rule the Digital World by Scott Hartley and What Algorithms Want: Imagination in the Age of Computing by Ed Finn (and more).

Sean F. Ennis, Pedro Gonzaga, and Chris Pike (OECD): Inequality: A Hidden Cost of Market Power. Why are economists giving Piketty the cold shoulder? Diane Coyle reviews After Piketty: The Agenda for Economics and Inequality, ed. Heather Boushey and J. Bradford DeLong (and more). Now just five men own almost as much wealth as half the world’s population: The super-rich are absconding with our wealth, and the plague of inequality continues to grow. Ignatius Barnardt on inequality through the ages. History suggests there is a way to lower inequality — but you’re not going to like it: Ana Swanson interviews Walter Scheidel, author of The Great Leveler: Violence and the History of Inequality from the Stone Age to the Twenty-First Century (and more).

Amy L. Moore (Belmont): Even When You Win, You Lose: Trump’s Executive Order and the Depressing State of Procedural Due Process in the Context of Immigration. Kari E. Hong (BC): The Costs of Trumped-Up Immigration Enforcement Measures. Sheriffs are enthusiastic about enforcing U.S. immigration law — that makes a big difference. ICE agents are out of control — and they are only getting worse. ICE immigration arrests of noncriminals double under Trump. ICE officers told to take action against all undocumented immigrants encountered while on duty. Trump’s administration is a horrifying success — at terrorizing immigrants.

Oscar Millan was about to pick up his newborn son after surgery when he was arrested by ICE. “What if I’m not there?”: Deportation threat has undocumented immigrants seeking guardians for U.S.-born children. Tina Vasquez on family separation, a natural byproduct of the U.S. immigration system. Trump’s anti-immigrant policies are scaring eligible families away from the safety net. Can America’s farms survive the threat of deportations? In upstate New York, both workers and the farmers who employ them fear more aggressive immigration enforcement. The other border: Immigrants eye Canada as US deportation fears grow.

The Pentagon promised citizenship to immigrants who served — now it might help deport them. The US is deporting Iraqi Christians, and their families say it’s a death sentence.

M. Gregg Bloche (Georgetown): Toward a Science of Torture? John T. Parry (Lewis & Clark): States of Torture: Debating the Future of Coercive Interrogation. What the fuck is Julian Assange doing? Mark Blyth, the economist who predicted Trump and Brexit, explains how Baby Boomers ruined everything. Sarah Childress on a guide to the new militia movement. This is not an ideal time to have white supremacists infiltrating law enforcement — and yet, they are. Insanely accurate lip synching tech could turn fake news videos into a real problem. Net neutrality protest is a last stand in a fight that could change the Internet. The free, open Internet is doomed for the foreseeable future. Democrats should vote en masse against Trump’s FBI director nominee.

Lewis Davis (Union): On the Origin of Religious Values. Jonathan Lanman (QUB): Evolutionary Anthropology and Religion: Surveying the Field. Cornel W. du Toit (South Africa): Has Evolution “Prepared” Us to Deal with Death? Paleoanthropological Aspects of the Enigma of Homo naledi’s Disposal of Their Dead. David Litwa (Virginia Tech): Becoming Gods: Deification and the Supernatural. Pawel Lowicki and Marcin Zajenkowski (Warsaw): Divine Emotions: On the Link Between Emotional Intelligence and Religious Belief. The sin of believing: Arif Ahmed argues that religious believers fail in their duty to take evidence seriously. Cults are exploitative, weird groups with strange beliefs and practices, right, so what about regular religions then?

From The Nation, a symposium on the future of philanthropy: Is a new gospel of giving on the rise? Andrew M. Kaikati (SLU), Maria A. Rodas and Carlos J. Torelli (Minnesota), and Karen Page (PSU): Conforming Conservatives: How Salient Social Identities Can Increase Donations. As government retrenches, philanthropy booms. Eric Franklin (UNLV): Philanthrocapitalism: Exacerbating the Antidemocratic, Paternalistic, and Amateuristic Nature of Philanthropy. Have the rich become “super citizens”? Lovia Gyarkye reviews The Givers: Money, Power, and Philanthropy in a New Gilded Age by David Callahan (and more and more). What if philanthropy isn’t the best way for rich people to help others? Nathan Schneider on Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and the case against philanthropy as we know it.

Donald Trump Jr. embodies all the worst aspects of his father’s presidency. Lily Carollo interviews Robert Bauer on what Don Jr.’s emails mean for the president. Dara Lind on Donald Trump Jr.’s ever-shifting excuses on Russia: A clear timeline. Conservatives confident Trump is no longer lying about Russia. The obstruction of justice case against Trump is already a slam dunk. The blackmail factor: Trumpworld’s Russia lies are a major risk to national security — the Russians know the truth and Trump knows they know. In times like these, be grateful we have a “deep state”. Simon van Zuylen-Wood on Benjamin Wittes on the man who made liberals newly enamored of the deep state.

Not even Donald Trump can break the Justice Department. House Democrats want to know why a major Russian money-laundering case was abruptly settled. Democrats sue Trump campaign over leaked emails tied to Russia. The investigation goes digital: Did someone point Russia to specific online targets? Trump-Russia investigators probe Jared Kushner-run digital operation. Kushner is at the heart of every issue related to the Russia story. Trump lawyers want wall between Kushner, president. The Big Trumpers still don’t get the trouble they’re in. “The takedown of this family is so richly deserved, so right, so good. For the 1000s ripped off or injured by trump family over the yrs-enjoy”.

Trump Jr. probably won’t be punished for his crimes, but if his incompetence leads to Republicans losing their grip on Congress, this would be a much better punishment anyway. Russia scandal presents congressional Republicans with a choice. The Republicans are tainted by Trump’s Russia scandal: Trump Jr.’s collusion emails have handed Democrats the leverage they’ve long sought — but will they use it to highlight the GOP’s complicity?

John E. Roemer (Yale): Socialism Revised. From the forthcoming Max Planck Encyclopedia of Comparative Public Law, here is the entry on Socialism by Fernando Munoz. The lost history of Antifa: 72 years after the triumph over Nazism, a look back to postwar Germany, when socialists gave birth to Antifa. A tale of two socialists: Corbyn, Hollande, and the future of European politics. Why are so many young voters falling for old socialists? Donald Trump has made socialism cool again: The Democratic Socialists of America are fighting the president — and the liberals they blame for his win.

In a charged political climate that has seen even the Big Five publishers step gently into the ideological fray, a few indie publishers whose bread and butter has always been left-wing publishing are working together, for the mutual benefit of all.