George W. Grundy on how 9/11 led to President Donald Trump. What happens when Republicans begin to ignore their president? What Republicans could do about Trump: Here’s what the president’s most vocal opponents would like to see happen on Capitol Hill. Why a Trump pivot might backfire: Almost half the country strongly disapproves of the president, making it hard for him to find new supporters. Trump is losing, and the weakest among us will pay the price: With his poll numbers falling and his agenda stalled, Trump returns to his campaign’s darkest roots. Can Trump act like a big boy as president? “It’s just an embarrassing spectacle at this point”: Sean Illing interviews Matt Taibbi on Trump’s America.

Donald Trump’s 3 a.m. phone call is coming: The way Trump governs himself when America isn’t under overt attack should sober you — the prospect of how he’ll respond when we are should terrify us all.

Why Republicans will always struggle to repeal Obamacare. Why Republicans should defend Obamacare. With Obamacare safe (for now), the Medicare-for-all debate roars back. Medicaid saved the Affordable Care Act — liberals should take notice. Where are the single-payer wonks? The political momentum on the Left for Medicare-for-All is gaining steam — but the policy is lagging behind. Medicare-for-all isn’t the solution for universal health care: The health-care debate is moving to the left — but if progressives don’t start sweating the details, we’re going to fail yet again. Nancy LeTourneau on single payer and the challenge of loss aversion. Meagan Day and Keith Brower Brown on how socialists can fight for single payer.

Trump’s phony populism rests on one big lie: The confusion of corporate liberty with individual liberty is the missing explanation for the president’s appeal to the white working class. Resentful white people propelled Trump to the White House — and he is rewarding their loyalty. “The financial people and military are both unleashed, free to manipulate the easily-gulled president”: Max B. Sawicky on the Sessions-Trump divide. Stephen Miller has always been the heart of Trumpism: While news headlines have focused on health care and Russia, the Trump administration has been implementing its anti-immigration agenda. Ed Rogers on Stephen Miller: A thinking person’s Donald Trump. The ugly history of Stephen Miller’s “cosmopolitan” epithet: Surprise, surprise — the insult has its roots in Soviet anti-Semitism.

Marion Fourcade (UC-Berkeley) and Kieran Healy (Duke): Seeing Like a Market. Venezuela is collapsing — could a civil war be next? Eyeing Russia, U.S. military shifts toward more global war games. A Vatican shot across the bow for hard-line U.S. Catholics. Sean McCann reviews The Perils of “Privilege”: Why Injustice Can’t Be Solved By Accusing Others of Advantage by Phoebe Maltz Bovy. Who killed the encyclopedia? The fast demise of the physical encyclopedia came about thanks to an upstart publisher, an indecisive giant, and the world’s biggest software company. Is being “unapologetic” the new patriotic — or a form of resistance? Terry Gross interviews Garrett M. Graff, author of Raven Rock: The Story of the U.S. Government’s Secret Plan to Save Itself — While the Rest of Us Die.

Kelly cracks down on West Wing back channels to Trump. John Kelly is a nightmare in a uniform: Despite the respect he has from both parties, Trump’s new chief of staff has a terrifying record. McMaster goes to war — against his White House enemies. Military figures are taking over Trump’s administration: Experts worry the presence of so many generals will affect how the president crafts policy.

The original Russia connection: Felix Sater has cut deals with the FBI, Russian oligarchs, and Donald Trump — he’s also quite a talker. One year into the FBI’s Russia investigation, Mueller is on the Trump money trail. The Trump-Russia investigation is headed to a grand jury — that’s huge. There’s now a bipartisan bill to protect Mueller’s investigation from Trump. Trump is mad at congressional Republicans for ruining his relationship with Russia. The last 4 paragraphs of Trump’s signing statement on Russia are an F-you to Congress. Hamilton 68 is a project tracking Putin’s propaganda push to America.

Deborah L. Brake (Pittsburgh): Back to Basics: Excavating the Sex Discrimination Roots of Campus Sexual Assault. Emily Robey-Phillips (Harvard): Federalism in Campus Sexual Violence: How States Can Protect Their Students When a Trump Administration Will Not. Trump’s administration wants to hide colleges that have problems with sexual assault. What should we do with sexual harassers in academe? Deborah L. Brake (Pittsburgh): The Trouble with “Bureaucracy”. Gagging the victims: Katie Gentile on accusation as the real crime in campus sexual assault. Caltech professor Christian Ott resigns following harassment investigation. Federal sex-assault investigations are being resolved more often — these 11 cases show how.

Gabriella Paiella on the best lines from the Trump foreign-call transcripts. Trump privately says border wall is “least important thing”, exposing fraudulent campaign rhetoric. Trump’s phone call with the Mexican president shows that he’s terrible at making deals. Australia’s prime minister slowly realizes Trump is a complete idiot. “Like teaching a 4-year-old to read”: Ana Navarro ridicules Trump’s policy ignorance in leaked transcripts. Why the leaked presidential transcripts are so frightening. Thread: “These leaks come at cost in several ways”. Why leaking transcripts of Trump’s calls is so dangerous: “Donald Trump has launched the executive branch into a cycle of self-destruction for which he bears ultimate blame — but whose ultimate cost will be borne by his successors and the American nation”. Somebody in the White House thought we needed to know this stuff — remember that.