From Salvage, from reform to resistance: George Souvlis interviews Jeffery Webber on the contradictions in the contemporary Latin American Left (and part 2). What have we learned from the Pink Tide’s years in power? A symposium with Sean Purdy, Mike Gonzalez, Kristin Ciupa, and Benjamin Fogel. Rubrick Biegon on Latin America in the twilight of the Pink Tide. Linda Farthing and Thea N. Riofrancos on the state of the Left in Latin America: Ecuador and Bolivia after the Pink Tide. Ecuador’s left-wing success story: It doesn’t fit with neoliberal orthodoxy, but President Rafael Correa has made remarkable progress. Ecuador after Correa: Thea Riofrancos on contradictions and dilemmas of left populism in Latin America.

Gabriel Hetland and George Ciccariello-Maher on the state of the Left in Latin America: A disillusioned revolution in Venezuela. Greg Grandin reviews Chavez: My First Life by Hugo Chavez and Ignacio Ramonet. Unfinished business: The Bolivarian Revolution went too far for capitalism but not far enough for socialism. Trump’s threat against Maduro unites Latin America, against U.S.

Trump gives white supremacists an unequivocal boost. Donald Trump has a very clear attitude about morality: He doesn't believe in it. Charlottesville is a big test for Justice Department under Sessions. Jeet Heer on Trump’s racism and the myth of “cultural Marxism”. “You will not replace us”: French philosopher Renaud Camus explains the Charlottesville chant. Why Trump’s Jewish backers love the alt-Right: The shocking mainstreaming of anti-Semitism reinforces the Jewish right’s worldview and its support of Israel’s hard-right fringe. After Charlottesville, white pastors are asking: are we complicit?

“Barack Obama is to blame”: 13 Alabama conservatives on Charlottesville. Advice for white men when talking about racism and sexism. Psychologists surveyed hundreds of alt-Right supporters; he results are unsettling. Doxxing white supremacists is making them terrified. Anonymous declares war on the alt-right in new video. Trump asks, “what about the alt-Left?” Here’s an answer. A letter to my liberal friends: Laurie Penny on how the road to fascism is paved with good intentions. Charlottesville gives tech companies an opportunity to finally take a stand. Companies are amoral machines and CEOs just polish the gears.

The battle for memory and forgetting started immediately. What Trump gets wrong about Confederate statues, in one chart. The conservative National Review is calling for the removal of Confederate monuments from public spaces. Why slippery slope arguments should not stop us from removing Confederate monuments. Josephine Livingstone on racism, medievalism, and the white supremacists of Charlottesville. The book that explains Charlottesville: Marshall Steinbaum reviews Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America by Nancy MacLean (and more). Samuel Hammond on explaining white nationalism’s anti-statist bedfellows.

Lauren Duca on how “nice white people” benefit from Charlottesville and white supremacy: Stop furrowing your brow over “the partisan divide”, and loudly declare your position in this fight against hatred. Well-educated elites are no strangers to white supremacy. To tackle neo-Nazis, we must treat its “thinkers” like thugs. White House wonders if it’s safe to fire Steve Bannon. Firing Steve Bannon won’t change Donald Trump. GOP chairmen resist hearings on white supremacy. Republicans have enabled Trump’s white supremacy every step of the way (and more and more). Bill Kristol: “They started by rationalizing Trump. They ended by rationalizing slavery”. What will Republicans do now? Every Trump official with a conscience must resign.

Today marked the beginning of the end of Trump: After his performance today, no one can pooh-pooh away the possibility of the president empowering people who want a race war. Is America headed for a new kind of civil war? Gary Shteyngart: “Will Trump lead us into a civil war or nuclear holocaust first? Anyone taking bets?” “Always a tweet”.

Louise Hecht (Palacky): Between Toleration and Emancipation: The Self-Empowerment of Jewish Intellectuals in the Habsburg Monarchy. Charlotte Shane on how Rebecca Solnit became essential feminist reading. Peter Derk on William Powell and The Anarchist Cookbook: A Defense. The first chapter from Mate Choice: The Evolution of Sexual Decision Making from Microbes to Humans by Gil G. Rosenthal. Congress is playing chicken with a debt-limit increase — and it could be the end of the filibuster. The introduction to Max Weber and German Social Democracy: A Study on the Relationship between the Liberal Bourgeoisie and the Labor Movement in Imperial Germany (1882-1899) by Victor Strazzeri.

Michael J. Thompson (William Patterson): The Common Good as a Principle of Social Justice. Dorina Patrunsu (Bucharest): Justice as Fair Maximal Utility: Rationality vs. Reasonability in the Political Democratic Institutions. Samuli Seppanen (CUHK): Rawls Rejected, Ignored and Radicalised: Debating Procedural Justice in China. Simon Caney (Oxford): The Right to Resist Global Injustice. Lior Erez (EUI): Anti-Cosmopolitanism and the Motivational Preconditions for Social Justice. Marta Soniewicka (Jagiellonian): The Necessary Condition of the Emergence of Just Normative Orders: Non-Domination vs. Simple Equality.

Albion Butters (Turku): Changing Faces of Change: Metanarratives in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. Chickenhawk in Chief: The president believed someone should be over in Vietnam fighting — so long as it wasn’t him. Fact-checking of Trump falling on deaf ears? Far from it. Trump TV is so disturbing that even GOP media outlets are getting nervous. Media scholar on Trump TV: “This is Orwellian, and it’s happening right now, right here”. Study: Trump’s actions are directly responsible for rising health care premiums. On Trump approval, asking “Why?” reveals differences by education, within GOP. Bob Dreyfus on Sebastian Gorka, the West Wing’s phony foreign-policy guru.

Hershey H. Friedman (CUNY): The Dangers of Overconfidence and Absolute Certainty in the Age of Post-Truth, Junk Science, and Arrogance. If Trump’s McConnell bashing is a strategy, it’s a dumb one. Trump’s weakness against Putin is on display — again. Combative Trump pulls his punches for one man: Putin (and more). Morning Joe asks what Putin has on Trump: “It must be extraordinary”. Kelly revamping Trump’s policy operation after string of failures. The fringe at the wheel: Josh Marshall goes inside the Cernovich/McMaster derp war. Jeet Heer‏: “Inspired by @CherylRofer, I have a few thoughts on ‘Cultural Marxism,’ Marcuse, John Wayne, the John Birch Society & anti-Semitism”.

Why does the Trump administration have such terrible spelling? Rich CEOs are the big winners of Trump’s race war: Trump is devastating racial minorities while distracting his base from a plutocratic agenda. Jeremy McCarter on Randolph Bourne, the critic who refuted Trump’s world view — in 1916. Welcome to the third nuclear era: Sarah Kendzior on Trump and the point of no return. “We knew this, but still”.