John Stoehr on the perils of a paper tiger presidency. Trump’s generals can save the world from war — and stop the crazy. Yes, Trump is a threat to liberal democracy — and you should be worried. We just might be stuck with Donald Trump: His critics should prepare themselves for the possibility that Robert Mueller makes the case for impeachment and the Republicans do nothing. Robert Mueller may not be the savior the anti-Trump Internet is hoping for. Betsey Woodruff on Beryl Howell, the “no-nonsense” judge who could decide Trump’s fate. Don’t just impeach Trump — end the Imperial Presidency.

The search for a magical way to stop Trump: In their desire to end the chaos of this administration, some critics are arguing for a cure that is the same as the disease. Republicans must tell Trump to go — now history won’t judge them kindly if they stand by the president. A liberal case for President Pence: Mediocre and conservative beats vile and crazy. Art of the Deal co-author Tony Schwartz predicts Donald Trump is about to resign.

Matthew Rimmer (QUT): The Maker Movement: Copyright Law, Remix Culture and 3D Printing. Marijn Arend Bolhuis (Toronto): Soft Lands Breed Soft Men? The Climatic Roots of Risk Preferences. Can Trump make a deal with North Korea? From merely talking to transforming the North Korean economy — a close look at the options. Michael Moore: Trump is going to “get us killed”. “Best of” lists are the worst: The constant search for the elusive “best” is making us neurotic and stupid. Neil Gorsuch speech at Trump hotel raises ethical questions. This is Sinclair, “the most dangerous US company you've never heard of”. You can download the Handbook of Intercultural Discourse and Communication, ed. Christina Bratt Paulston, Scott F. Kiesling, and Elizabeth S. Rangel.

From ProPublica, here are the hate incidents against mosques and Islamic centers since 2013. Military commanders’ rebuke of Trump after Charlottesville points to a crisis for civilian control of the military. The alt-Right is drunk on bad readings of Nietzsche — the Nazis were too. The Republicans who want to legalize running over protesters. White nationalists are flocking to genetic ancestry tests — some don’t like what they find (and more). Lawrence Summers: Trump’s CEOs resigned — his Cabinet should do the same. What kind of monuments does President Trump value? He’s spoken in support of Confederate statues while threatening to undo as many as 40 conservation parks.

Only a handful of Republican members of Congress have explicitly criticized Trump after Tuesday’s wild press conference. Bob Bauer on Charlottesville and the problem of Donald Trump’s constitution. The ground is shifting under Trump: Americans are beginning to realize that there’s something very wrong going on in the White House. Steve Bannon’s fantasy, Donald Trump’s reality: Squint at Trump and see a class warrior; open your eyes and see race. Trump embraces culture war with call to preserve Confederate statues. Trump, the alt-right and the Kremlin: White supremacists’ Russia links are no secret. What Trump gets wrong about Antifa.

Karl Popper’s paradox of tolerance could be a key defense against white supremacists. The striking similarities between the KKK and Islamist jihadis. Sarah Tate Chambers is in search of data on white supremacist violent crime. Lee’s reputation can’t be redeemed. “67% Republicans approved of Trump’s response to Charlottesville, 68% say he was right ascribing blame to both sides”. Diana Moskovitz on the miserable familiarity of Nazis in America. Steve Bannon detonates his Trump survival plan, worrying allies. Julius Krein, founder and editor of American Affairs: “I voted for Trump. And I sorely regret it”.

How to make fun of Nazis: Don’t respond to fascists with violence — a German town offers some helpful tips. There is no non-deplorable rationale for continuing to defend this president, his rhetoric and his moral obtuseness.