White identity politics isn’t just about white supremacy — it’s much bigger. Seyward Darby on the rise of the valkyries: In the alt-right, women are the future, and the problem. “Sexualized fascism”: Tara Isabella Burton on how the taboo nature of Nazi imagery made the alt-right more powerful. Jesse Singal on the careful, pragmatic case against punching Nazis. Don’t call all American white supremacists “Nazis” — their ideology of hate is homegrown. The radicalization of white Americans: We need to talk about homegrown extremism too. Terrorist: Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah on the making of Dylann Roof. The road to hate: For six young men, Charlottesville is only the beginning. Police around the US are bracing for newly emboldened white supremacists.

White nationalists are feeling the squeeze after Charlottesville backlash. Annette Gordon-Reed on Charlottesville and why Jefferson matters. What white nationalism gets right about American history. Eric Foner on Confederate statues and “our” history. Worshiping the Confederacy is about white supremacy — even the Nazis thought so. Here’s what white supremacy looks and sounds like now (it’s not your grandfather’s KKK). White Americans have to make a choice: The fight over Confederate monuments is a fight over who this country is for — and only white Americans can end it. How much racism will white Americans tolerate? A battle for the racial soul of the U.S. must be waged among white Americans.

Sinisa Malesevic (UCD): Do National Identities Exist? Enrique Camacho (UNAM): Nationalism and Crisis. Netta Barak Corren and Noam Gidron (Harvard) and Yuval Feldman (Bar-Ilan): The Cultural Defense of Majorities and Discrimination Against Minorities. Clara Sandelind reviews The Strains of Commitment: The Political Sources of Solidarity in Diverse Societies, ed. Keith Banting and Will Kymlicka. What it takes to truly be “one of us”: In U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia and Japan, publics say language matters more to national identity than birthplace. Multiculturalism is unpopular with the majority — even though it makes for happier societies. “Multiculturalism — the root cause of slavery and genocide throughout history”.

Vikram Gautam (Delhi): Revisiting the Idea of Multiculturalism in India: Accommodating Muslims’ Religious Identity in Public Sphere. Qiang Li (NUS): Does Multiculturalism Work? Language, Friendship Homophily, and Well-Being of Immigrants in Canada. Michael C. Quinlan (Notre Dame Australia): Marriage, Tradition, Multiculturalism and the Accommodation of Difference in Australia. Merlin Schaeffer (Cologne): Can Competing Diversity Indices Inform Us about Why Ethnic Diversity Erodes Social Cohesion? A Test of Five Diversity Indices in Germany. The introduction to The Crisis of Multiculturalism in Europe: A History by Rita Chin.

Trump’s overt racism has put Corporate America in a bind: The GOP has long been an awkward coalition of business elites and social reactionaries — can it last? Nancy LeTourneau on how the corporate world takes on white nationalists and culture warriors. Are corporations becoming the new arbiters of public morality? After Charlottesville, CEOs have become our public conscience — here’s what that says about capitalism in America. CEOs’ condemnation of white supremacists isn’t the result of some newfound moral compass. It took the worst of Trump to bring out the best in Corporate America. The Flight of the CEOs: Corporate leaders abandoned Trump in the wake of Charlottesville — what does it mean for his presidency? Corporate America alone cannot save us from Trump: Activists must fight to ensure that all of our institutions are inclusive of all people.

Despite disavowals, leading tech companies help extremist sites monetize hate. Can Silicon Valley disrupt its neo-Nazi problem? Tech leaders still have no coherent vision for how to police hate speech without becoming tyrants, themselves. Can tech stand against white supremacy? The alt-Right relies on social media to spread hate, and Silicon Valley can stop them — will they? Silicon Valley now has its own populist pundit, Steve Hilton. Move cautiously and break nothing: The tech industry wants to stand up to Trump and sit down with him — will Silicon Valley ever truly join the resistance? How hate groups forced online platforms to reveal their true nature.

Ana Peraica (Danube): Culture of the Selfie: Self-Representation in Contemporary Visual Culture. Jihadist terrorists have long had Spain in their sights — here’s why. The rise of truck attacks, the terror tactic of today. Aldemaro Romero reviews The Glass Universe: How the Ladies of the Harvard Observatory Took the Measure of the Stars by Dava Sobel. Noam Chomsky: Antifa is a “major gift to the Right”. Raffi Khatchadourian on Julian Assange, a man without a country. Carl Icahn’s failed raid on Washington: Was President Trump’s richest adviser focussed on helping the country — or his own bottom line? Trump adviser Carl Icahn resigned ahead of negative magazine story (and more). Total eclipse of the White House: Zero Trump officials brave enough to appear on Sunday TV. RCP/LM as a “far Right” group: It’s about time that it was called out on this publicly, and not just by an obscure US Marxist magazine.

Short on friends, Trump’s White House councils start to unravel (and more). Donald and Melania Trump to skip Kennedy Center Honors (and more) Charities are pulling their events from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort. Secret Service depletes funds to pay agents because of Trump’s frequent travel, large family.

After Charlottesville, Republicans remain stymied over what to do about Trump (and more). After Charlottesville, Republicans must grapple with their history on race. The one thing Donald Trump gets right about race in the US: White supremacy is an American cultural value — not a fringe ideology. Jonathan Chait on Trump’s white nationalist house. Donald Trump has every reason to keep white people thinking about race (and more). Trump’s fan-service to his base is tearing America apart. Trump is driving a wedge between the GOP base and everyone else. A deal breaker for Trump’s supporters? Nope — not this time, either. Rush Limbaugh says white supremacists and the KKK “are not the problem”, warns of second civil war.

GOP fears damage done by Trump. GOP doubts and anxieties about Trump burst into the open. Republican senator Bob Corker: Trump hasn’t shown “stability” or “competence” for presidency. Ben Sasse doubts if Trump can calm the nation after more violence (and more and more). Here are all the racist things done by Republicans who now condemn racism. 7 things Republicans could do to check Trump without ditching conservative policy.

Why top White House officials won’t quit Trump. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin just put out a statement about why he hasn’t quit in disgust. Trump’s evangelical advisers stand by their man. History will remember the Republicans who appeased Trump: By not condemning him directly, they’re empowering his neo-Nazi followers.

Trump makes Caligula look pretty good: All one can say is God save America — because all indications are that the Republicans won’t. Mary Beard on Tacitus at the court of President Trump. The end of a political era: Movement conservatism gets real. Charlottesville was a preview of the future of the Republican Party. The long-term effects of Trump will be disastrous for the GOP.

Joao Victor Guedes Neto (Leuphana): Ideological Perception and Political Representation in Developing Democracies: The Case of Liberal Parties in Latin America. Sphere of influence: How American libertarians are remaking Latin American politics. Defending democracy in Latin America, but which democracy? It’s not just Venezuela: Elected governments don’t necessarily defend democracy or protect human rights. You can download Regional Organisations and Mechanisms for Democracy Protection in Latin America, the Caribbean and the European Union, ed. Carlos Closa Montero, Stefano Palestini Cespedes, and Pablo Castillo Ortiz (2016).

Why is neoliberalism back in Latin America? Francesco Bogliacino (UNAL) and Daniel Rojas Lozano (FLACSO): The Evolution of Inequality in Latin America in the 21st Century: Patterns, Drivers and Causal Hypotheses. You can download Has Latin American Inequality Changed Direction? Looking Over the Long Run by Luis Bertola and Jeffrey G. Williamson. You can download Better Neighbors: Toward a Renewal of Economic Integration in Latin America by Chad P. Bown, Daniel Lederman, Samuel Pienknagura, and Raymond Robertson.

From Politico, Josh Dawsey, Annie Karni, and Matthew Nussbaum go inside the rise and fall of Steve Bannon; and why Bannon lost and the globalists won: He talked a big game — but he got outmaneuvered and outsmarted by his enemies at nearly every turn. Bannon was set for a graceful exit — then came Charlottesville. Brain AWOL: On the end — and endurance — of the Bannon era (and more). Steve Bannon believed in Trumpism — Donald Trump doesn’t (and more and more and more). Bannon: “Trump presidency that we fought for, and won, is over” (and more). With Bannon out, will Breitbart News go to war with the Trump administration? Bannon is “going nuclear”.

Cancel your Steve Bannon victory dance. Bannon’s banishment changes nothing. Don’t celebrate Steve Bannon’s war on Trump. Bannon could be more dangerous outside than inside the White House (and more and more). Firing Bannon makes no political sense for Trump — assume the worst.