From The Nation, is America becoming the Middle East? Our neo-imperial wars may be coming home to roost. How a factory deal Trump touted put the “con” in “Foxconn” — and how taxpayers will get taken. The government strikes back: Jon D. Michaels on Trump and the “deep state”. Today in “politics is a great investment”: Democracy is the single most profitable thing that rich people can buy. Stop giving Ivanka Trump a pass. Roger Berkowitz and Samantha Hill on Hannah Arendt, Charlottesville, and the crises of democracy. It’s not hysterical to recognize the threat Trump poses: Democracy, such as it is, really is in danger.

Amateur sleuths hunt for Trump bombshells: From San Francisco to Belfast, self-assigned Bob Muellers work long hours for no pay to unearth buried secrets. Emily Badger on the showdown over how we define fringe views in America. Tucker Carlson and the Daily Caller: Taking white nationalism mainstream. That Russian guy who attended the Trump Tower meeting is almost definitely a spy. What Germany can teach America about addressing white supremacism. With Bannon is out, what’s left? It’s just reverse Robin Hood with extra racism. What will Trump do to American workers? Pay less attention to taxing and spending, more to power.

White supremacists are running for office as Republicans — will the party stay silent? Steve Bannon’s “economic nationalism” is total nonsense: Trump recognizes exactly what a good con is worth. “Clinton treated USSS agents like friends. Bush treated them w great respect. Obama, like family. Trump treats them like servants”. The one GOP myth that the Trump administration has managed to discredit. Did a mole-who-must-not-be-named leak plot to elect Trump? A little bit of Bannonism is in almost every GOP voter — don’t expect Trump to suddenly become a different person. Republican committees have paid nearly $1.3 million to Trump-owned entities this year.

Trump ramping up for 2020 reelection: Rankled by reports that other Republicans are ready to jump in if he falters, the president and his allies are already actively preparing. Teresa Tomlinson on the conservative plan to rewrite the constitution, and yes, it’s a thing. The feel-good Hallmark Channel is booming in the age of Trump. The Trump ship may finally be sinking.

The new normal of U.S. politics: Why the voting booth matters less than the streets. The commons are rumbling: Maximillian Alvarez interviews Ben Becker, Jodi Dean, and Karina Garcia of the People’s Congress of Resistance. How to improve the primary process: Make it less democratic. The crowds in Boston shouted themselves hoarse — did anyone really hear them? No platform for fascism: An interview with Mark Bray, author of Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook (and more). Yoav Fromer on why the American Left gave up on political violence — and why the Right increasingly embraced it. Elizabeth Warren showed how Democrats can end their civil war.

The battle over identity politics, explained: Identity politics isn’t just a tool of the Left — the Right has used it again and again. The Left can’t rely on boycotts alone: Progressives are wielding their wallets to fight Trump — but there are limits and dangers to harnessing consumer activism for political change. An unlikely coalition of Trump voters, lefty activists, and indigenous people is trying to stop the construction of a power line in New Hampshire — what does it bode for the future of politics? Even in red states, liberal candidates are climbing into power in the nation’s cities.

From Persona Studies, Anastasia Salter (UCF) and Bridget Blodgett (Baltimore): Alt-Right: Ctrl+A; Del. From Boston Review, Aziz Rana on Kenya’s new electoral authoritarianism. Louis Menand on why Freud survives: He’s been debunked again and again — and yet we still can’t give him up. From the Salem Witch Trials to Desiree Fairooz: Maggie Hennefeld on the criminalization of female laughter. Why the ACLU is adjusting its approach to “free speech” after Charlottesville. Dean Baker on the case of Sinclair Broadcasting: The free market and having the government give money to rich people are not the same thing. “The eclipse is racist”: How one bad article sparked a conservative pile-on. “It finally happened: The one thing for which there is no tweet”.

From the New Yorker, who could have predicted the President’s latest outrage? Barack Obama and anyone, really. Trump keeps derailing his own agenda: Once again, the president’s efforts to talk about infrastructure collapsed under a mess of his own making. Is Trump a white nationalist or is he experiencing a second childhood? (and part 2) Like a giant, hateful toddler, Trump doesn’t like being told what to do. White House aides can’t stop talking about President Trump like he’s a toddler. Donald Trump is America’s most irredeemable man. Trump doesn’t seem to like being president — so why not quit?

From NYRB, Joshua Hammer reviews The Egyptians: A Radical History of Egypt’s Unfinished Revolution by Jack Shenker and Egypt and the Contradictions of Liberalism: Illiberal Intelligentsia and the Future of Egyptian Democracy, ed. Dalia F. Fahmy and Daanish Faruqi. Plight of an Arab intellectual: Jonathan Guyer interviews Sonallah Ibrahim on the “beautiful generation” of the Tahrir Square revolution and how the military saved Egypt from the Muslim Brotherhood. The Arab world has never recovered from the loss of 1967: Fifty years after the Six-Day War, the intellectualism that once lit up the Middle East has been all but extinguished by corrupt regimes and perverse religiosity. Amr Khalifa on Egypt’s age of intellectual fascism. Maged Mandour on the absence of Arab intellectuals: A class under siege.