From TPM, relegated to fringe platforms, white nationalists stuck in own echo chamber. 1 in 10 say it’s acceptable to hold neo-Nazi views, nearly 30 million Americans. Russ Feingold on how the Republican party quietly does the bidding of white supremacists. “They are trying to take away our history and our heritage”: “They” and “our” aren't a dog whistle — it’s a bullhorn. Steve Bannon’s nationalism is a click-scam disguised as a movement. Breitbart got caught in an email hoax, and it was revealing. Steve Bannon is not your friend: It’s entertaining to watch him skewer Trump’s advisers, but his tactics and his vision are irredeemably deplorable. Will Steve Bannon’s war tear apart the Republican party? McConnell, in private, doubts if Trump can save presidency.

After embracing orthodox Republicanism on all fronts, what’s the point of Trump? Trump has converted the GOP base to his ideology: Trump First. The president of blank sucking nullity: From a-hole to b-hole, Trump explained. President Trump’s list of false and misleading claims tops 1,000. The only thing less credible than Trump is everything else. Unspoken aim of Trump’s ire: His own aides’ advice. I have no more patience for Trump supporters: Last night in Arizona, Trump came right up to the edge of inciting you to riot and you rode along with him. Getting Trump impeached isn’t going to fix America — it’s too late and we’d better start facing that reality now.

Diana Carolina Sierra Becerra (Michigan): The First Black Miss Colombia and the Limits of Multiculturalism. Camilo Guzman Gomez (Sergio Arboleda): The Difficulties of Space Cooperation in Latin America: Perspectives and Solutions. Joao Carlos Amoroso Botelho (Brasilia) and Vinicius Silva Alves (UERJ): The Weight of Ideology on the Attitude of Latin American Countries toward the United States. Robin M. Wright (Florida): The State of the Arts of the Study of Indigenous Religious Traditions in South America. Ernani Contipelli (Unochapeco): What About Brazil? The Rise and Fall of an Emerging Global Actor. Open for business, not human rights: Lauren Carasik on Trump’s priorities in Central America.

Felipe Gonzalez (UC-Berkeley) and Mounu Prem (Rosario): Can Television Bring Down a Dictator? Evidence from Chile’s “No” Campaign. Marco Vinicio Mendez Coto (FLACSO): External Aggressions, Foreign Policy and Identity: A Comparative Study of Latin American Small States. George Ciccariello-Maher on black liberation: A hemispheric task. Julieta Lemaitre (Andes): The Problem of the Plaza: Religious Freedom, Disestablishment and the Catholic Church in Latin America’s Public Square. Sharae Deckard (UCD): “Open Veins”: Latin America in the World-Ecology. Cleuci de Oliveira on Brazil’s new problem with blackness.

Simon McCarthy-Jones (TCD): Is Shame Hallucinogenic? Portugal dominated Angola for centuries — now the roles are reversed. Nick Holdstock on China, Cambridge University Press, and “academic freedom”. Some people still need opioids: The crackdown on pain medication prescribing is intended to help the addiction crisis — but it’s leaving chronic pain patients in untenable situations. How a small magazine responded to its White House-shattering scoop: James Warren interviews Amy Lambrecht, publisher of The American Prospect. The Kardashian Decade: Leslie Bruce on how a sex tape led to a billion-dollar brand. Why do we ignore mass atrocities? Brian Resnick interviews Paul Slovic on the limits of human compassion.

From the Routledge Guidebook to the History of Sexuality, Chloe Taylor (Alberta): The History of Sexuality and Queer Theory. The difference between LGBT+ and queer has something to do with “normativity”, right? Mimi Marinucci explains. Rachel Elizabeth Fraser (Cambridge): The Epistemology of (Compulsory) Heterosexuality. From ZED Books, what might deheterosexualising the state look like? An excerpt from Translating the Queer by Hector Dominguez Ruvalcaba; and queering the postcolonial vs decolonizing the queer? From LARB, Homophobes without homophobia: Adrian Daub reviews Queer Theory: The French Response by Bruno Perreau; and Marcus Tran Degnan reviews Queer Game Studies by Bonnie Ruberg and Adrienne Shaw.

The America First president just announced he’s escalating the Afghanistan war — and Trump’s Afghanistan plan looks a lot like Obama’s. Trump’s bold new Afghanistan strategy: Neither bold, nor new, nor a strategy (and more and more). America is out of ideas in Afghanistan: Only one thing was clear after President Trump’s vague speech — nobody knows what to do. “It’s a hard problem”: Inside Trump’s decision to send more troops to Afghanistan. Kelly Magsamen on how Afghanistan is now Trump’s war. Why did Trump flip-flop on Afghanistan? It’s the policy ignorance, stupid. Trump’s Afghanistan war plan: Fight forever and call it “victory”. As long as it makes him look good, Trump doesn’t really care what we do in Afghanistan.

Trump’s Afghanistan strategy makes new demands on India. Pakistan on Trump’s Afghanistan plan: Nope. The war can’t be won: Sean Illing interviews Laurel Miller, former Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan. Donald Trump’s base furious over broken Afghanistan campaign promises. Bannon’s Breitbart tears into Trump after Afghanistan speech. This is why that famous picture of women in 1970s Kabul is being shared again.