FEMA has yet to authorize full disaster help for Puerto Rico. Federal disaster aid for Puerto Rico isn’t foreign aid — but Trump acts that way. Trump is wrong: Puerto Rico will take years to recover. The government’s response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico — and how Americans perceive it — perfectly illustrates how President Trump puts his administration on the defense by failing to tame his tweets. Trump’s capacity for cruelty will still amaze you: “I do not believe that any president ever has been so much of a colossal dick to his own citizens in word and deed as this president”. Which was worse for Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria or Hurricane Donald?

Tax-cutting House Republicans suddenly worry about the deficit when Puerto Rico needs help. Whatever the precise mix of motives, what’s happening in Puerto Rico is utterly shameful — and everyone who enables the regime perpetuating this shame shares part of the guilt.

From TNR, it’s the culture, stupid: Identity politics isn’t the problem for Democrats — it’s the solution. How can Democrats survive? They need to make a sharp, decisive left. Democrats’ biggest donor Tom Steyer demands candidates pledge to impeach Trump. Anti-monopoly candidates are testing a new politics in the midterms. How Elizabeth Warren became the soul of the Democratic Party. Can Bob Iger and the rest of America’s CEOs take their fawning media enablers and fuck off to Neverland, forever? Stop flogging CEOs for president. Democrats must embrace progressive candidates to win in Trump’s America. Brian Steinberg on how Joy Reid took on Trump and became MSNBC’s new star.

Hey, Democrats, stop complaining — you’re actually winning. Biden wants “compromise” — progressives don’t want to hear it. Bernie Sanders isn’t a Democrat — thank God. Preet Bharara is now in the Trump-opposition business. Trump has been great for the economy — the anti-Trump economy, that is. College lecturer Lars Maischak tweeted, “Trump must hang” — he doesn’t regret it. Clintonian Democrats are peddling myths to cling to power. Bernie Sanders isn’t winning local elections for the Left. “We should be unrelenting”: David Remnick on journalism in the era of Trump and the Internet. Democrats have a real chance to beat Roy Moore — they should take it.

The impeachment litmus test is dividing Democrats. What Democrats must do: The Democratic Party’s pursuit of well-off whites undermined its ability to deliver gains for all workers — going forward, it must place the multiracial working class at the center of its political vision.

Cass Sunstein (Harvard): Unleashed. Karolina Hansen, Michal Wypych, Mirosław Banko, and Michal Bilewicz (Warsaw): Psychological Determinants of Linguistic Purism: National Identification, Conservatism, and Attitudes to Loanwords. Meet Sebastian Kurz, the 31-year-old conservative poised to become Austria’s new chancellor. Why Austria’s election should worry liberals. Here’s what you should know about the bombing in Somalia. Catalonia wants independence from Spain, but modern history is littered with cautionary tales about the dangers of partition (and more). Is Donald Trump installing a mole in the Mueller probe? An ex St. Petersburg “troll” speaks out: Russian independent TV network interviews former troll at the Internet Research Agency.

Harvey Weinstein’s fall opens the floodgates in Hollywood. #MeToo: Survivors testify to the impossibility of preempting sexual assault. The movement of #MeToo: Sophie Gilbert on how a hashtag got its power. It’s time to weaponize the “whisper network”: Women have always whispered warnings to avoid certain men — but sexual harassment needs a better solution. The sexual revolution did not create Harvey Weinstein — patriarchy and capitalism did. On Weinstein coverage, Fox News summits the Everest of hypocrisy.

Sarah McRae (Alberta): “Get Off My Internets”: How Anti-Fans Deconstruct Lifestyle Bloggers’ Authenticity Work. The ascendance of the cat as the mascot of the Internet relied on an insider culture that saw the Internet as a snarky, alienated alternative to the mainstream. The rise of the Twitter thread: Virginia Heffernan on the compelling, incendiary literary form of the Trump era. Meet Poe’s Law, 2017’s most important Internet phenomenon. The human cost of monitoring the Internet: Thousands dredge through the worst of the web to protect those online from trauma-inducing content — but what happens to the workers?

Scott McLemee reviews The Ambivalent Internet: Mischief, Oddity and Antagonism Online by Whitney Phillips and Ryan M. Milner. An oasis of horror in an Internet of boredom: Angela Nagle on the online politics of transgression. Tumblr’s unclear future shows that there’s no money in Internet culture. Farhad Manjoo on how the Internet is saving culture, not killing it.

From Vox, 20 of America’'s top political scientists gathered to discuss our democracy — they’re scared; and four political scientists are tracking whether Trump is damaging American democracy: So far, the story of Trump’s presidency is dysfunction, not authoritarianism. Trump, the hypocritical imperial president, is on pace to double Obama’s number of executive orders (and more). Daniel Drezner on Donald Trump and the (hopefully) temporary evisceration of political norms. Trump’s attacks on the press: Telling escalation from empty threats. Donald Trump’s impeachable offense: The commander in chief’s calls to abridge freedoms of speech and the press represent attacks on the Constitution he swore to protect and defend.

The Founding Fathers designed impeachment for someone exactly like Donald Trump. Will Trump be impeached, removed via the 25th Amendment or resign? Don’t rely on Trump to self-sabotage: Magical thinking isn’t going to get us out of this mess. The danger of President Pence: Trump’s critics yearn for his exit — but Mike Pence, the corporate right’s inside man, poses his own risks. Want to deepen our democracy? Those concerned about the current political environment need to use their time in the opposition wisely.

Here’s everything you need to know about the antifa network that’s trying to solidify a Nazi-punching movement. Diana Johnstone on antifa in theory and in practice. “Antifa isn’t a hobby or a fad”: Sarah Jones interviews Mark Bray, author of Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook. In month after Charlottesville, papers spent as much time condemning anti-Nazis as Nazis. White nationalists are trying to “dox” every antifa activist they can. Antifa has a rapid response team that targets alt-Right organizers. GOP candidate Michael Snyder says Vegas shooting was probably an antifa attack on Trump supporters (and more).

From the Platypus Review, Mark Kazanski, Bernard Sampson, Gloria Rubac, Gus Breslauer on anti-fascism in the age of Trump. Is nonviolence — or fighting back — the answer to far-Right thuggery? As Trump incites violence, the Left needs a counter-strategy. We have an ethical obligation to stand against fascism and racism — but we also have an ethical obligation to do so in a way that doesn’t help the fascists and racists more than it hurts them.

From Public Seminar, Andreas Huyssen on Breitbart, Bannon, Trump, and the Frankfurt School: A strange meeting of minds. Steve Bannon is a Swiss-cheese philosopher. Steve Bannon’s nationalism isn’t about the economy, stupid: If Bannon cared about his economic agenda, he would want Trump to work with Democrats — but he doesn’t, because he only cares about immigration. There is seemingly nothing Breitbart executive chair and GOP insurrectionist Steve Bannon enjoys more than declaring war. Faster, Steve Bannon, kill, kill. Steve Bannon’s insurrection might also be an anti-impeachment strategy. Bannon: Trump ended insurer subsidies to “blow up” Obamacare. Don’t be afraid of Steve Bannon.

Rosemary Lyster (Sydney) and Robert R. M. Verchick (Loyola): Protecting the Power Grid from Climate Disasters. After Trump travel ban, Chad pulls troops from Boko Haram fight in Niger. UNESCO gets first Jewish director, day after U.S. leaves over “anti-Israel” bias. Obamacare subsidies may continue despite Trump’s worst efforts. The opioid epidemic: How Congress and drug company lobbyists worked to neutralize the DEA. Despite clear risks, Santa Rosa neighborhood that burned down was exempt from fire regulations. This year’s latest major hurricane, Ophelia, is headed for Ireland. Trump given a subpoena for all documents relating to assault allegations. “Used to think it was an exaggeration, but there really is one for everything”.

Violence, threats, begging: Monica Hesse and Dan Zak on Harvey Weinstein’s 30-year pattern of abuse in Hollywood. Sarah Polley on the men you meet making movies. An empire unto himself: When it comes to sexual assault, Harvey Weinstein is old-school — but Trump has changed the rules of the game. Watching Harvey Weinstein fall, Trump’s accusers feel frustrated. It’s not just the powerful: Privilege lets predatory men get away with a lot, be they rich and famous or not. Hollywood’s inequality enabled Harvey Weinstein: Abuse flourishes in hierarchical milieus like the film industry — only democratic counter-institutions can stop it. Want to stop sexual predators like Weinstein? Stand up to bullies. Study finds 75 percent of workplace harassment victims experienced retaliation when they spoke up.

Trump is letting Congress determine the Iran deal’s fate — here’s what it can do. Trump loves to hate the Iran deal, despite not knowing what it is. Certifiable nonsense: Trump’s speech on the Iran deal might be his most dishonest, and also his most damaging. Trump just started a nuclear crisis with Iran. Trump’s Iran announcement backfires. Trump alienates America’s allies and hands Iran a victory. Iran: We will stick to nuclear deal if Europe does. EU will stand by Iran nuclear deal: Diplomats say there is strong consensus in EU not to be swayed by Donald Trump. From the International Crisis Group, a statement on saving the Iran nuclear deal, despite Trump’s decertification. Don’t believe the hype: Trump is not “decertifying” the Iran deal (and more).