Politicians, promises, and getting real: How much does clarity about policy matter? Republicans, trapped by their flimflam: Fraud keeps catching up with the fraudsters, first on their health plans, now on taxes. Trump’s bold declarations don’t always lead to the results he promises. Trump abandoned his infrastructure plan — so what now? Trump wants to restrict trade and immigration — here’s why he can’t do both. Gregory Krieg on Donald Trump’s art of undoing the deal. There’s no such thing as a purely natural disaster anymore: Trump’s policies seem scientifically engineered to put as many people in harm’s way as possible.

The federal agency that few Americans have heard of and which we all need to know: The Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs wields enormous power and is key to President Trump’s deregulatory agenda. Donald Trump’s Obamacare sabotage is starting to piss off Republicans (and more). The Trump administration’s case against birth control is a stunning distortion of science. Scott Pruitt announces attempt to repeal Obama’s Clean Power Plan. EPA chief: I’d “do away with” wind, solar tax credits. There’s more to Scott Pruitt’s attack on Obama’s climate reg than meets the eye. Trump hasn’t dismantled Obama’s legacy yet — and may not ever.

For Republican leaders in Congress, the headaches keep mounting. Will the Republican Party break apart? The Republican Party isn’t cracking up — it’s getting even stronger: Roy Moore and other Bannonite extremists won’t doom the GOP. The GOP is no longer a “conservative” party: They’ve become radical, and they want to remake America. Bannon: “We’re declaring war on the Republican establishment”. Ed Kilgore on Steve Bannon’s dubious plan to purge Senate Republicans. Will Republicans cede their party to the insurgents? It’s Steve Bannon’s party now. Nancy LeTourneau on the Mercers: Taking the GOP beyond “peak extremism”.

Angry GOP donors close their wallets: “I’m sick and tired of nothing happening”, one contributor says of the party’s legislative failures. Trump supporters eager to “drain the swamp” help fill Republican Party coffers. Michele Lamont, Bo Yun Park, and Elena Ayala-Hurtado (Harvard): Trump’s Electoral Speeches and His Appeal to the American White Working Class. Masha Gessen on diagnosing Donald Trump, and his voters. If your political base is irrational, get a new base. Trump’s rural base is drifting away. Trump is failing, and the White House is covering it up with lies.

Carolyn Pedwell (Kent): Habit and the Politics of Social Change: A Comparison of Nudge Theory and Pragmatist Philosophy. Trump may visit demilitarized zone during trip to South Korea. Jimmy Carter wants to discuss peace with Kim Jong Un. Catalonia will remain a part of Spain — for now. Can Podemos and its allies save Spanish democracy? Neal Ascherson on referendums: Yes or no? Rich Cohen on how Jared Kushner is dismantling a family empire. “The ethical slut”: America’s growing acceptance of polyamory. From invading Afghanistan to dismantling Confederate monuments, George Orwell has been pressed into the service of all sorts of causes — but the real Orwell remains unknown.

Danielle Tcholakian on how Jemele Hill was doing her job. ESPN is terrified of Jemele Hill’s honesty on racism. Jemele Hill and the perils of a for-profit fourth estate: ESPN’s suspension of Hill is a reminder that for-profit news outlets can’t be trusted to put the public interest above their bottom line. The real reason Donald Trump is targeting NFL owners rather than protesting players. NFL looks ready to capitulate to Trump on anthem protests. Sports were already politicized — and sports culture is deeply conservative. “American football, for example, is the clearest example of a dictatorship in sport”.

From the New Yorker, from aggressive overtures to sexual assault: Harvey Weinstein’s accusers tell their stories. No justice for bad men: Why the Harvey Weinstein story took so long to come out. This is how the media helped Weinstein keep his predatory behavior under wraps. A crucial part of the Harvey Weinstein story: His alleged enablers. Sarah Jones on how Hollywood’s superficial politics enabled Harvey Weinstein. Harvey Weinstein isn’t the only big donor who deserves repudiation: The Hollywood producer’s history of sexual assault should make him toxic, but the same applies to the Mercer family’s support of racism.

There’s an important political lesson buried in the Harvey Weinstein story. Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. may have helped the Trump siblings and Harvey Weinstein avoid charges. (and more). Tina Brown on what Harvey and Trump have in common.

Stop using “as a father of daughters” to denounce Weinstein: You don’t need a daughter to feel guilty about working with a man who preys on young women, or about not acting to stop him — you just need a conscience.

From NYRB, James Mann on the adults in the room. How Tillerson is trying to save the Iran deal from his boss. Rex Tillerson at the breaking point: Will Donald Trump let the Secretary of State do his job? “Cause non-morons do stuff like that” (and more and more). Peter Beinart on what Bob Corker really fears: Why does the Republican chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee see the specter of World War III? Republicans irked at Corker’s myopic obsession with preventing catastrophe. Corker was channeling most Republican senators — you wouldn’t know it from their silence. The bizarre situation where only retiring Republicans will talk about Trump’s fitness for office.

White House insiders paint a grim picture of Trump’s increasingly volatile behavior. The latest White House leaks showcase Trump’s art of the tantrum. President Trump’s temper tantrums are coming at an accelerating pace. White House aides lean on delays and distraction to manage Trump. Amid a widening rift, John Kelly has a Mar-a-Lago strategy to contain Trump. Trump Implosion Watch: Adult day-care center edition. CNN’s Bernstein: “The wheels are coming off the presidency”.