Lanny Thompson (UPR): Colonial Governmentality in Puerto Rico and the Philippines: Sovereign Force, Governmental Rationality, and Disciplinary Institutions under US Rule. Jon Lee Anderson on Hurricane Maria and Puerto Rico’s neo-colonial legacy. Why Washington should finally make Puerto Rico a state: As the hurricanes have made clear, all of America has a stake in the island’s success. Puerto Rico’s recovery is essential for our economy: Even if you ignore the obvious moral necessity for the government to assist Puerto Rico, the government should not ignore its economic and military necessity. Many Trump voters who got hurricane relief in Texas aren’t sure Puerto Ricans should.

As Puerto Rico faces $95 billion cleanup, expose reveals vulture firms who own its $74 billion debt. Laura Moscoso on the highest bidders in Puerto Rico’s bankruptcy. Ellen Brown on how to wipe out Puerto Rico’s debt without hurting bondholders. Zakaria proposes “grand bargain” on Puerto Rico’s debt. Puerto Rico has put itself in the running for Amazon’s HQ2.

Niger deaths prompt rare questions about U.S. mission. What the hell happened in Niger? Rumors are swirling over what took place in the final hours before four U.S. servicemen died — but a clear picture of what actually took place is only beginning to emerge. What really happened in Niger? Benghazi comparisons and conjecture threaten to overpower a serious assessment of what happened and why, experts and former military officers warn. This is not Trump’s Benghazi: The deaths of U.S. troops in Niger were a tragedy, but there’s no need for conspiracy theories. Republicans who obsessed over Benghazi silent on 4 US troops killed in Niger.

John A. Ferejohn (NYU) Financial Emergencies (“A study of the use of emergency powers to deal with financial emergencies in revolutionary France and Weimar”). The U.S. Air Force is preparing to put nuclear-armed bombers back on 24-hour ready alert, a status not seen since the Cold War ended in 1991. Spain moves to fire Catalonia’s leadership, strip region’s autonomy (and more). Czech president holds up machine gun marked “for journalists” during press conference, as a billionaire right-wing populist becomes the country's prime minister. The case of the undocumented teen who wants an abortion is a constitutional hellhole for Trump. How to be a know-it-all: Kathryn Schulz on what you learn from the Very Short Introduction series. “There’s always a tweet”.

Kate Webber Nunez (Nova Southeastern): Toxic Cultures Require a Stronger Cure: The Lessons of Fox News for Reforming Sexual Harassment Law. The latest sexual harassment claim against Bill O’Reilly, explained in under 500 words. Gretchen Carlson: “Horrifying” that Fox would let O’Reilly back on air (and more). Gretchen Carlson slams O’Reilly: “Nobody pays $32M for false allegations - nobody”. More than 30 women come forward to accuse director James Toback of sexual harassment. Harvey Weinstein and the impunity of powerful men: For women speaking up about their experiences with harassment and assault, being heard is one kind of power, and being free is another.

After Weinstein’s fall, Trump accusers wonder: Why not him? Americans think sexual harassment is a very serious problem — in Hollywood: There’s less agreement about the shadow it casts on the rest of the country. #ThemToo: Women who voted for Trump betrayed their gender. Women of the Senate share their #MeToo stories of harassment. Enough talk about sexual harassment: Instead of asking women to bare their souls yet again, we should be demanding that men take action.

Pentagon document contradicts Trump’s Gold Star claims. Donald Trump is rush-shipping condolences to military families. Grief and grievance: What a botched condolence call reveals about President Trump. Here are the four-star generals Donald Trump has publicly bashed. Army vet Richard Allen Smith on why Trump disrespects the military. Trump makes himself, John Kelly and everyone around them look rotten yet again. Ryan Lizza on John Kelly and the dangerous moral calculus of working for Trump. John Kelly has become a field commander in Trump’s culture war. “and this, America, is what’s wrong: that actual video and audio proof to the contrary exists, and yet the WHITE HOUSE stands by the story”.

Quinta Jurecic on John Kelly’s politics of grief in the public sphere. It didn’t just start now: John Kelly has always been a hard-right bully. The mythological past embraced by John Kelly: The worldview of folks like Kelly is not just toxic, it’s depressing. “John Kelly lamenting days when women were held sacred while launching an attack on an outspoken congresswoman really sums the whole thing up”. #IBelieveFrederica tweets that show the viral hashtag is about more than opposing Trump. “The tl;dr seems to be that Kelly stood up at the podium and lied about a member of congress in order to discredit a grieving widow’s story”. Calls intensify for John Kelly to apologize for lying.

I’m saying, “Oh, just fuck off” to John Kelly for a couple of reasons. “Tbh America should question its generals much more and faux deference suppressing valid criticism has caused a lot of problems”. The necessity of questioning the military: Honoring the sacrifice of servicemembers requires understanding why they were put at risk, and demanding that those who did so hold themselves to account.

Let’s not staff a White House with generals ever again. For some veterans, John Kelly’s remarks add to a worrying military-civilian divide. Masha Gessen on John Kelly and the language of the military coup. I used to think that a militarized United States government was impossible. John Kelly is a present danger to the Republic.