What Hillary Clinton’s candidacy meant for women: Disappointment is inevitable in a democracy — hope still matters. “We’ve never seen anything like this”: How Trump inspired women to run for office. Lucy Diavolo on how the Democratic Party has changed since the 2016 election. Democrats are not American — they are “Bolsheviks”, conservatives warn after election night losses. After Trump: Liberals ecstatic over this month’s election must not forget — even after this demagogue is finished, a new one will rise in his place. Rebuilding the Democratic Party from the ground up. Bernie Sanders on how to fix the Democratic Party: It’s time we come together to enact real reform — only then can we defeat Donald Trump and retake the country. Terrell Jermaine Starr on why Bernie Sanders is not a real progressive.

“Biggest issue facing Democrats in the 2018 midterms is voter suppression. Makes no difference how great your candidates are if people can't vote”.

Rebecca Traister on the post-Weinstein reckoning. Bill Clinton, a reckoning: Feminists saved the 42nd president of the United States in the 1990s — they were on the wrong side of history; is it finally time to make things right? The Weinstein moment and the Trump presidency: The producer and other powerful men are facing repercussions for their alleged abusive behavior — will the president? A quick jaunt through the many sexual misconduct allegations swarming state legislatures. Sexism on America’s front lines: Six top national security pros sound off about an adversary closer to home — piggish men. Stop trying to limit the way men and women work together — it’s illegal.

Louie and Roy: The hypocrisies of the Left and the Right fail women. Louis C.K., Harvey Weinstein, and many other men alleged to be abusers have something else in common: They were great at seeming to be good. Amanda Hess on how the myth of the artistic genius excuses the abuse of women. What’s the common denominator among sexual harassers? Too often, it’s money. Can Hollywood turn sex assault scandals into meaningful reform? Judd Apatow on how to end abuse cycle.

Laith Al-Shawaf (Colorado), David M.G. Lewis (Murdoch), and David M. Buss (Texas): Sex Differences in Disgust: Why Are Women More Easily Disgusted Than Men? The mysterious sudden resignation of Lebanon’s prime minister, explained. Why neo-fascists are making a shocking surge in Poland. Why Donald Trump’s foreign policy ambitions will always collapse. The Trump administration’s attack on family planning is an attack on women’s economic well-being. The Roy Moore allegations and the media’s crisis of trust. Michael Flynn’s legal problems are as dire as they sound. New investigative website Tarbell fights rich and powerful “who call the shots”. Gallup study confirms that 2017 really is worse than 2016.

All the dots, connected: A look at the networks connecting the various Russians attending Donald Trump, Jr.’s notorious meeting shows us just what the Russian state is — and what it wants. What is Putin’s endgame? Russiagate is causing more stress than glee for Putin, who always thought Hillary would win. Can Trump and Putin keep their bromance alive? Meg Kelly on all the known times the Trump campaign met with Russians. Why does Trump talk about Putin like Putin’s his boss? From the Atlantic, Julia Ioffe on the secret correspondence between Donald Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks. Russia’s election meddling was another U.S. intelligence failure.

Brian Beutler on Breitbart’s coming exploitation of the believe women movement. The ugly echo chamber of Hannity and Breitbart is why women wait so long to report abuse. For Roy Moore’s insistent defenders: Here’s why now. How religious teaching is turning Moore’s victim into a “bad girl”. Roy Moore’s alleged pursuit of a young girl is the symptom of a larger problem in evangelical circles. Yes, it’s an entire culture of sanctioned sexual abuse. The Republican Party’s Roy Moore catastrophe, explained. Jeet Heer on Roy Moore and the new Republican civil war. Democratic victories, Moore sex abuse reports spur right-wing rationalizations. Defending sexual assault is never worth it — really.