William D. Araiza (Brooklyn): Samuel Alito: Populist. Neil Siegel (Duke): The Distinctive Role of Justice Samuel Alito: From a Politics of Restoration to a Politics of Dissent. Clarence Thomas has spent his career pushing a fringy, right-wing ideology — now, he has an army of acolytes who can make his vision a reality. Ian Millhiser on the not-at-all-subtle partisanship of Chief Justice Roberts. Joan Biskupic on Gorsuch v. Roberts: The rookie takes on the chief. How badly is Neil Gorsuch annoying the other Supreme Court justices? Jeffrey Toobin wonders. Is Gorsuch driving a wedge between conservatives on the Court? Why rumors of a Gorsuch–Kagan clash at the Supreme Court are such a bombshell.

Beverley Baines (Queen's): Women Judges and Constitutional Courts: Why Not Nine Women? Hannah Brenner (California Western) and Renee Newman Knake (Houston): Shortlisted (“Shortlisted tells the stories of nearly a dozen extraordinary women considered for the Court, but ultimately not nominated, before Justice Sandra Day O’Connor became the first in 1981”). The Democrats’ next Supreme Court nominee: Meet Patricia Millett, the hero of the Jane Doe abortion case and a worthy successor to Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

What happens to America if Justice Kennedy retires: Say goodbye to Roe, racial justice, voting rights, and any new progress on LGBT rights. Will he or won’t he? How Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement decision became a battle over the judiciary and the Trump presidency. Carl Reiner: Justice Kennedy, don’t retire.

Trump names Supreme Court candidates for a nonexistent vacancy.

The inaugural issue of Contango Journal is out, including Chris Cutrone (SAIC): The Crisis of Neoliberalism and Marxism in the Age of Trump. Saudi Arabia’s anti-corruption purge is all about life after oil. Trump is in deep with Saudi Arabia — that’s dangerous. Emily Holden on how the Bonn climate talks survived Trump. The Menendez trial revealed everything that’s gone wrong with US bribery law. From the New York Times, a special report on how politics and bad decisions starved New York’s subways. Peter Beinart: White men from fancy schools advanced quickly at the New Republic — asking how much of their success was due to race, gender, and class would have meant asking the same of myself. There’s a digital media crash — but no one will say it.

From the Atlantic, Megan Garber on Al Franken, that photo, and trusting the women: From Eve to Aristotle to Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a brief history of looking at half the population and assuming the worst. Kate Harding: I’m a feminist, I study rape culture, and I don’t want Al Franken to resign. Franken case sets off debate over line between abuse and a mistake. Thread: “The reason there’s a concern about disproportionate responses in the last month of sexual misconduct revelations is that we’ve utterly abandoned the rule of law in America”. The 4 redemption narratives we are currently using to minimize this sexual harassment hellscape.

Trump-loving pastor Mark Burns stuns Joy Reid by blurting “morality” is not a necessary qualification for leadership. As we rethink old harassers, let’s talk about Clarence Thomas. In chatlogs, celebrated hacker and activist confesses countless sexual assaults. Rape in the storage room, groping at the bar — why is the restaurant industry so terrible for women? Every six weeks for more than 36 years: When will sex abuse in Olympic sports end? The TED talks empire has been grappling with sexual harassment, interviews and internal emails show. “He was masturbating, I felt like crying”: What housekeepers endure to clean hotel rooms. Sarah Leonard on how to stop the predators who aren’t famous.

Lawyers call White House sexual harassment policy “useless”. After Al Franken and Roy Moore, we are dangerously close to botching the #MeToo moment. Should women’s rights be in the constitution? Equal Rights Amendments gets big push after Me Too movement.