President Trump and the risks of nuclear war: How command and control works when the military wakes up the president vs. when the president wakes up the military. From the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, John Mecklin on reconsidering the nuclear demigod called Mr. President. “He is sovereign who decides”, in the words of the Nazi jurist Carl Schmitt, and the American president’s bomb power is one of the purest illustrations, at least on paper, of Schmitt’s argument. Should Congress take away Trump’s authority to pre-emptively launch a nuclear strike? Lawmakers fear President Trump’s authority to launch nuclear weapons. From the Congressional Research Service, a report on the North Korean nuclear challenge: Military options and issues for Congress. Take the president’s finger off the nuclear button: It’s an awesome responsibility no single person should have.

Trump can’t start a nuclear war by himself, but there's not much stopping him. Trump’s nuclear threats aren’t going over well with military officials. Guy in charge of all the nukes: Relax, I’m not gonna let Trump nuke just anything. Anthony J. Colangelo (SMU): The Duty to Disobey Illegal Nuclear Strike Orders. If Trump launches Armageddon, is that “illegal”? If Trump wants to use nuclear weapons, whether it’s “legal” won’t matter. Bruce Ackerman on how to stop Trump blowing it up. The real danger of Trump’s nuclear policy isn’t Armageddon: The president may not stumble into a nuclear war, but he's setting the stage for a new era of proliferation.

Sean Parker unloads on Facebook “exploiting” human psychology. Is Mark Zuckerberg Facebook’s last true believer? In Silicon Valley, a growing number early Facebook employees regret the world they created. The education of Mark Zuckerberg: The Facebook founder has discussed “community” more than 150 times in public — a close reading reveals his road map for the platform’s future. Do we really want Mark Zuckerberg to run the world? The Facebook chief executive doesn’t need to become US president — he is already way too powerful for that. Sandy Parakilas on why we can’t trust Facebook to regulate itself. Mark Zuckerberg, it’s time for an act of radical transparency.

Michele Paolini Paoletti (Macerata): There Could be a Light That Never Goes Out: The Metaphysical Possibility of Disembodied Existence. From Konkret Media, an interview with Domenico Losurdo on anti-colonialism, US foreign policy and Hegel. How Peter Thiel and the Stanford Review built a Silicon Valley empire. It’s war, and the Washington Post knows it: In the Trump era, pacifism is not an option. Terrell Jermaine Starr interviews Jayda Fransen, Donald Trump’s new favorite British xenophobe. After an attack that killed more than 300 people gathered for prayers, Egyptians are grappling with their new reality as the army, ISIS, and other radicals battle in the Sinai Peninsula.

North Korea’s latest missile test went more than 10 times higher than the space station. New missile test shows North Korea capable of hitting all of US mainland. Heather Hulburt on 7 big questions about North Korea’s latest — and longest — missile test. 8 million people could die in a nuclear war with North Korea.

Hands off: More than 180 women have reported sexual assaults at Massage Envy. Michigan State hasn’t faced consequences for enabling the biggest sex abuse scandal in U.S. sports. 223 women working in national security sign open letter on sexual harassment. “If wealthy, highly visible women in news and entertainment are sexually harassed, assaulted and raped — what do we think is happening to women in retail, food service and domestic work?” Farmworkers say “Us Too,” demanding freedom from sexual violence. Wall Street may have found a way to profit off addressing workplace sexual harassment.

“We never thought we’d be believed”: Chloe Ann-King goes inside the decade-long fight to expose Morgan Marquis-Boire. Megan Garber on Garrison Keillor, settler of a fallen frontier. A Republican woman just called out Fox News for enabling sexual assault — on Fox News. Kick against the pricks: Laura Kipnis reviews Be Fierce: Stop Harassment and Take Your Power Back by Gretchen Carlson. The Today show pushed out talented women — it kept Matt Lauer around for years. “Ailes. O'Reilly. Halperin. Rose. Lauer. These were among the most influential, best paid figures in TV news”. “The story of 2016 is becoming a bunch of sexual harassers and rapists shaped the narrative of Hillary’s run for President. So that’s fun”.

As the sexual assault scandal grows, Congress must clean its own house. Democrats have a sexual harassment problem. Resign right now: As Donald Trump embraces Roy Moore, Democrats should take a zero tolerance stance against sexual harassment. For evangelicals, sin is redeemable — but can that allow sex offenders to dodge their actions? Many of Roy Moore’s evangelical supporters see alleged “sins of the past” as no longer relevant. What on earth do you have to do to be kicked out of politics? “New poll: Democrats think both parties have a sexual harassment problem. Republicans think Dems do”. Trump skates, but it’s not the press’s fault: “If the constituency doesn’t care, the accused will be fine”.

Trump continues to cultivate the Republican Party’s alliance with fascism. Donald Trump’s racist retweets alienate even Twitter’s worst. It’s not an act: It’s no longer possible to pretend that President Trump is simply playing at bigotry, hypocrisy, and detachment from reality. President Trump is the single biggest threat to Muslims after sharing Islamophobic videos on Twitter. Trump corroborates reports that he’s a conspiracy theorist by tweeting conspiracy theories. Trump’s belief in conspiracy theories paints a picture of a president in chaos. Donald Trump sucks at making deals, even easy ones. Is Trump incompetent, delusional or unhinged? Trump’s obvious social and mental disabilities are not really the important thing, because he’s only carrying out the sabotage of others, and not thinking up any of this himself.